Diary Of A Broke Playboy Episode 25


Blood is thicker than water, even Akamu. I appreciated that saying at my dad’s office.

So I and Willie popped into his place of work around 12 pm the next day after Willie have treated me to Nico and Vinc’s “That’s how you know you fucked up” in mom’s car.
We were blocked by his secretary. She wanted to call him before we can go in. Imagine, our own father. We relaxed shaa, we didn’t want to start the day with more fuck ups, knowing the sensitivity of our mission.

“He said you should wait a while before coming in.”
She still had the phone to her ear when she passed us the message.
“What do you mean?” Willie protested.
“But he is our father!” I added.

“And so what? My friend wait there!”
That was my father shouting over the phone. We heard him Loud and clear. So we just mellowed and waited. We took a seat facing the secretary.

“So you mean shape wasn’t a virgin?”
Willie nodded and winked at me.
“Jesus, so I had something like that under my nose and you just came and took it away?”
“You are still learning naa, how can you expect a girl like that to be a virgin.”
I nodded and shook my head at the same time.
“Willie you are an Idiot.”
He eyed me and laughed. The secretary eyed us and I was forced to look at her. My right eye observed her face on which she placed reading glasses like she actually knows anything. It reminded me of when I loved to watch women on glasses porn, they are always good looking.
Meanwhile, my left eyes was placed on my favorite part of the female body, not the boobs, the the other side.
She wore panties but the dark shade didn’t let me know the exact color and her laps were thick. That allowed me estimate the size of her booty and I was wowed by my findings.

“I swear he is fucking this one, that’s why she wore short skirt and pant instead of tights, to allow her pull off fast fast,” Willie whispered into my ears.
“Who is fucking her?” I whispered back.
“Popsy naa.”
I eyed him.
“Guy are you sure?”
“Dey there, you don’t know your father.”

Our gossips were still on when the door opened and her royal thickness walked out of his office. She was grabbing some files which she pinned to her inflated boobs. She was beautiful too. I just watched her catwalk to where we sat and I bet Willie too was watching. She beamed us a smile and we smiled back, I bet I showed my 32.
“Williams and his brother, how are you guys?”
“Fine fine,” Willie answered for us two.
We exchanged pleasantries and she left. Then the secretary ushered us into the office.

“Is he fucking this one too?” I asked. “I like her.”
“Don’t you know Aunty Grace?”
I shook my head.
“After momsy, na her.”
“So popsy bad like that.”

Shaa we walked into the office and met our father. He observed us through the rims of his spectacles as we walked in. We pulled Seats and relaxed.
“Daddy good morning,” we greeted.
“Eh, goodnight.”
“Sorry, good afternoon,” we corrected immediately. He sized me up and asked about school. I said fine, he nodded and switched to Willie.
“You, when are you guys resuming?”
“Ar ar, daddy we just closed naa.”
“Are you sure they have not pursue you from school because David’s daughter is not yet back.”
“Which David’s daughter?” Willie asked.
“That Yellow one, Mary Cynthia.”
“So Mary is in my school?”
“Yes of course, don’t you see her?”
“Dad how can I see her in a school as big as that?”
“Ok shaa, it’s almost 1, come and buy something for.”
He was pulling out his wallet when Willie coughed.
“O gini?” he asked.
“Dad we didn’t come buy something for you, we came because something happened.”
He looked at the two of us one after the other.
“What happened, have they suspended you from school?”
He was asking me. I shook my head.
“Are you in a cult?” I shook my head again.
“Did you impregnate a girl?”
Nothing from me, before he could ask any question again, Willie came to my rescue. God bless that boy for me.

“Dad, see what happened, shey you know Chinaza?”
“Who is Chinaza?”
“Erm, Uncle Laz’s daughter, that fair one.”
He nodded slowly. “His girlfriend?” he said pointing at me.
How did he even know she was my girlfriend. Daddy daddy.
We both nodded.
“Ehe, did you impregnate her?” he was asking Willie. Lol.
“Noo, see what happened.”

He started spicing the story the same way I have told it to him the first time. From Chinaza falling sick to her going for test and all.

“Oho, I said it!” My father said as Willie finished.
We both stared at him as he tapped on his table. Shooting his eyes at the two of us. I didn’t know if it was sweat or urine but my buttocks was all wet.

“So you went to school, instead of reading your books and coming out of there, instead, you got a girl pregnant. Did I tell you that I needed a baby from you?”
I shook my head, staring at the floor.
“My friend, look at me when I am talking to you.”
I obeyed and he continued.
Willie threw his head to the ground, it’s not that he was scared, he was only trying not to laugh and me too, I was trying my best to appear remorseful. My father has this way of yelling at you that instead of you feeling bad, you will end up laughing.

“I told you to go to school and get me good grades, you say it is a baby that you want, if I wanted a baby from you, I would have married a girl for you, and I even though you were better than this baby bush.”
He was referring to Williams. Now the laughter was threatening to break out.

“All he knows how to do is grow beards and do make up…..”
The tongue lashing shifted to Willie and if my sisters were there too, they would have gotten their own portion.

“Where is she?” he asked after he was done and had taken some breaths.
“Back at his lodge,” Willie answered.
“Wait,” he removed his eye glass and dropped it on the table. “This baby, is it a joint something, are the two of you responsible for it?”
“Noooo!” Willie shouted.
“Then why are you answering for him?”
“She is in my room at school,” I shot in.
“You even live together at school?”
“No, she came from her school.”
“I think you will have to start going to school from the house,” he said.
“That’s far!” Willie exclamation.
“What is far, this one, he will be using public transport, back then, I trekked 20 kilometers to primary school everyday.”
Even the look on his face showed that he too was shocked by what he just said. 20km gini.
“Daddy daddy, 20 km kwa?” Willie said, winking at him.
“You don’t believe me? You can ask your mom, we walked to school everyday.”
“So you were already mingling with mom as early as primary school.”
I was already Fearing for Willie’s safety when he asked this question but my father played it cool.
“My friend that is none of your business, but then, we trekked big time, you people of nowadays are just lucky.”

That was how Chinaza’s pregnancy was concluded and my father’s primary school history took over. I didn’t make much noise shaa, before he will come and notice me again.

“Ehe, come and buy me lunch at that restaurant across the street.”
He pulled out 1k from his wallet and handed it over to Willie. We both stood up.
“Buy yours too, shey you will eat?”
He didn’t need to ask.
“And call me that lady outside,” he said, putting back his glasses.
“There are two girls,” Willie informed.
“Call the one with the biggest breast.”

Jeez, Why won’t I impregnate a girl when I have a father like that. It runs in the family.

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Meanwhile house was agog with the news of my coming baby. I felt older all of a sudden. My sisters will hail me “papa junior” at the slightest chance, Willie automatically changed my name to C. Ronaldo while my mother never stopped asking when the baby would come, underage or overage, she couldn’t wait to carry her child’s child. Sometimes I wonder the type of family I was born into. Anyways, it made things easier for me.

Naza’s parents weren’t so easy or so hard to talk to. We were family friends and that made things milder. Her father and mine settled it over 2 bottles of Heineken and old time jokes about their girlfriends when they were my age.

As for me, I just wished Naza would remain pregnant for the rest of her life. Her belly wasn’t showing the signs of it but her skin developed this kind of glow that made me want to take her to bed each time.

Our school had gone for Easter break so we were all at home. Naza spent more time in our house than she did in theirs. She did that because of Amara, lol. She didn’t want us overplaying our brotherly love, if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile, I was getting too uncomfortable staying around my hood. I mean like all of a sudden, the whole place started booming with fresh chics. Nobody knew where or how they managed to find their way into our area. The worst is while I am contemplating on hitting on one today, the next day, another will show up and I will just focus on her again. Confusion everywhere. And just when I thought that Chinaza was pregnant already, so we can fuck anyhow without fear of pregnancy or period. She decided she was always too tired or not in the mood and worst still she won’t leave me so I can find go and find a remedy to my problem.

“So Naza, why are you always tired?” I was asking her the day the something was trying to destroy me, after series of turning and upturning on my bed which didn’t solve my problem.
She just rubbed my head and smiled, a beautiful smile that annoyed me in this time of my need.
“Neche I want to drink tea,” she replied, rubbing my back like she was begging. The both of us knew it was an order more like “Neche go and make me tea.”

The tea showed up in no time, anything that will make her drop the honey pot for me.
“The tea is still hot,” she said and dropped the cup on the table.
“So what were you saying?” she asked me.
“I was trying to say that I need you.”
“Yes, am I not here?”
“No, that is not the type of need I am talking about.”
“Which type kwa?”
She definitely knew what I meant, I was sure but Naza was just being herself. How do I even explain myself to her without looking stupid?
“I mean, that thing we did that made you pregnant, I want to do it again.”
I believe that was better. She shaa laughed and nearly poured the cup of tea away. I wasn’t finding it funny, not when it’s one week gone and I haven’t even kissed anyone talk more of doing the other one.

“So right now, that is all you want?” she asked and I nodded.
“Well, I am pregnant, wait till I deliver!”
That was it. I was plain angry.

“What does that mean?” I asked, raising my voice small small.
“Don’t shout, Your mom will hear your voice now and will start asking what is wrong, what will you then tell her?”
“Let her hear, why are you mean like this… Bla bla bla bla… ”
I was really frustrated and I didn’t hide it. She just sat there, staring at me as I vented my frustration on her.
After much ranting, she just sighed and fanned her tea with her hand. Nobody told me to calm down.

” See Naza, you know you are my only girl and I love you.”
“Just this once, eh nne?”
“Neche no.”
Her reply was cold and final.
“I think I will just go out there and find myself a new girl,” I complained, expecting her to change her demeanor or get jealous. She just blew air into the cup of tea.
“Please do if that will make you leave me alone,” she said.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yes, but before you go, just make Pap for me, I don’t want tea again.”

Is that how pregnant people use to do?