Crime And Adventure Episode 21 Final


“Can I use the bathroom?” She asked after we were done having wild S£x.
“Of course.” I replied and she left for the bathroom.
This was the opportunity I had been waiting for me. It will take her minimum of 120seconds to finish whatever she wanted to do at the bathroom. It will give me the needed time to offload the cash inside the carton and fill the carton with my briefs, pants, singlets and any other thing I could lay my hand on.
I moved fast; reached for the nylon bag, opened it and brought out the carton. I rushed to the wardrobe and brought out two singlets, I couldn’t see my briefs so I used my friend’s boxers and few other things my hands could reach. I placed them on the bed beside the carton.
There was no sign of her coming out so I took my time. Took a deep breath and relaxed.
Moment of truth. I felt my heart beat faster. I was really excited. I could easily think about a whole lot of things to do with half a million naira. I marveled at my exploits. Adventure is fun; adventure with a bit of crime is the big deal. I smiled at myself and assured myself I was going to write a story about this. I could imagine lots of people reading and smiling at the adventure and exploits. It would make a good read. I thought about the title I could give it; I could title it Adventures at Hotel Presidential; or PH Adventure; I decided that whatever the title would be, it will be a great read. But it needed an ending, and the ending was inside the carton on top of the bed. Half a million naira waiting to be opened.
Then I proceeded to open it.
I loosened the ends and opened the cap of the carton. Inside the dimly light room, I overturned the carton, emptying all its contents ontop of the bed.
What I saw gave me the shock of the year!
I kept staring at it like it was hard to believe. Of course it was not hard to believe; I had seen those contents before. I was still in a state of shock and unbelief.
What happened?
Why this?
What went wrong?
A lot of questions rushed through my mind of which the answers I couldn’t tell. Only one person has the answers to the question.
The sound from the toilet indicated it was just flushed. I moved my gaze from the bed and its unsatisfactory contents towards the toilet door, waiting for it to open. My answers are definitely going to come from Eve. She has a lot of explaining to do.
“Are you ready?” she asked as she walked into the room.
She maintained her stare at me while I looked away and focused at the contents on the bed.
“Are those…did you just bring those out from the carton?” she asked almost exclaiming. I took some time to study her face; it showed sign of genuine surprise. Was she faking it? Was she totally ignorant?
“Did you make me steal these from the hotel room and have me carry it all day?” she asked again, with a look of disappointment written all over her face.
I was tempted to believe her but decided not to be naïve. Girls can be deceptive; who knows if she was feigning it all.
“This was not what I asked you to bring!” I said firmly, trying so hard to control the anger and disappointment brewing inside me.
“What!” she asked.
“What do you mean?” She asked again.
I stared at her face for some more seconds then slumped on the bed.
“Is this what you brought out from the bathroom?” I asked, hoping to hear a different response but knowing deep down in my hear that the answer will not change.
Scattered all over my bed, were the contents of a hotel issued toiletry; 2 pieces of tissue paper, tubes of cream, liquid soap, shower-cap, face-towel, light-sponge…