Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 37


“The House Of Earl would March out again”
What? I cleaned my tears, did I just hear well? There is no way I can March out again..
“Can you?”
Vodka asked, although she clearly knew I really can’t
“Yes, she can”
It was David..a sudden rush of courage filled me..he was the strength I needed..he bent down, unwrapped my leg and gently used his hand to figure where the bone had dislocated..he was going to far with it that I winched in pain
“Close your eyes”
I did but as soon as he touched the leg again my eyes went wide open
“Bukky, remember the first day I kissed you?.you didn’t even know how to kiss self”
What?.what an insult..I laughed
“What about you? Did you? You that were..”
He didn’t let me finish, he snapped the bones back in place
He laughed, got up and extended his hand to me..
“Wego out there together, let’s get this done once and for would just be like marching out on our wedding day”
My whole system brimmed with enthusiasm.. I took his hands and he led me out, we took the front as I marched out..I made sure everyone marched out in different attire, some wore our Nigerian native attire, some gowns, others sport wears..David wore a slit Gold jacket, an Italian Gold canvas with a black Jean..he supported me with those muscular arms..I was leaning on them but no one hardly noticed..
And then we were done, but that Spanish witch would not go like that
“Vodka, pass this record to the judges please..”
We were called out, the last Five Fashion houses..
“Spiral Fashion house scored 75 points”
They took third position.. I was sweating all over and held David hands so tight
“House Of Earl Fashion house 130 points, comes second”
I shut my eyes, I didn’t know what to feel..
The MC stopped at the signal of one of the judges..
Spanish lady and her house made faces at us..well I smiled when I could read what was actually going on now..the MC walked to the DJ with my phone in his hands..and within minutes Spanish lady voice played, should I say miraculously..
She and her house were arrested immediately..Well as God would have it
The House Of Earl took the position!
I forgot for a minute that I had a sprained ankle..if not David maybe I wouldnt be walking for a month or two..he caught me when I jumped in joy..
I couldn’t believe it, before David could say another word I kissed him..hugged Vodka, hugged Jovita! Pecked Viktor! I fulfilled my promise to madam Clara..