Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 14


“Bukky what is he talking about?”
It was Jeremy’s turn to ask now..I felt like running to David but No..instead I did something he didn’t expect
“Jeremy let’s go, I need to take care of that”
I took Jeremy with me..David couldn’t move from where he stood, he remained there till I was out of sight..I felt bad, I knew he must be hurt but hey! I was hurt too, he should know how it feels
“Yes we both have an history”
I had to explain to Jeremy who never stopped asking..but I left out the Part where we kissed in the church..I didn’t want to make him feel insecure
“ you love me?”
My heart was beating fast, it always does that when I am thinking of a perfect lie to use
“A love like ours takes some time right?”
He smiled and held my hand as I tried to massage his cheek..that uncomfortable Moment as he starred deep into my eyes and made an attempt to Kiss me again..what is it nah? Na food?..I hit him a little where I knew it would hurt
“Behave yourself”
We both laughed..funny wasn’t to me sha, but trust me..I am very good at laughing even if I dont want to..
Joanne had travelled, I didn’t know when, she didn’t even tell me..where did she even travel to?. Well we were not that close sha, so she wouldn’t tell me..
The day came where I had to present my portrait..I had successfully avoided David for a week, I missed him tho but Jeremy was there to make sure there was no dull moment..I wouldn’t deny..I began to like the guy..David was there to, he had his eyes on me, Jeremy never left my side. I felt bad, so I am the cause for their enmity. Madam Clara must not even find out. So I planned to bring them back together before the issue goes overboard..
I spied at vodka’s portrait, hmm..she took the shot with David, a sudden rush of jealousy filled me and I knew fully well that she noticed when she had that her devilish smile..
“Bukky bring your portrait forward”
This was it, I prayed so hard in my heart that I made it to the next was the picture where myself and Jeremy kissed..
And I got there
“Bukky comes second..
That was all vodka needed to hear as she bounced out of the hall..wetin concern me?
But it will soon, because later on as I went to visit madam Clara, to my greatest shock sat with her..I took my steps slowly to make sure it was really did she get here?
Oh no, what as she done? Madam Clara had tears in her eyes..
” bukky? What have you done to my sons?”