Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 12


I was trying to figure out what to feel..should I be happy he still loves me? Does it matter?
“But we can’t be together because….”
I held up my hands to interrupt him..I have heard enough..I couldn’t fight the tears from dropping..
“Alright David, I’ve heard you..I wish you the very best”
I counted my steps towards the door, expecting him to at least call me back..he didn’t..
I bumped into Joanne as she made her way in..
“Bukky..are you OK?”
I tried to hide my face and quickly wiped my tears
“Yes, yes..I am..I just went to pass a message to David”
I had to explain since she saw me coming out of David’s office
“I just have this strong cold..catarrh and cough”
God I knew my lies were not convincing her, she kept nodding her head to my lies like one agama lizard..
She said, smiling at me..I excused myself..I felt her eyes on me till I was safely out of sight..I sighed in relief..
I went in to madam Clara..she was asleep..I drew a stool close to her bed and sat, within minutes I was lost..
It was Jeremy, he handed me a white handkerchief to wipe my tears..he didn’t ask why I was crying, I guess he didn’t care to know
“Come here”
He pulled me into his arms and hugged me..and for the first time, it felt comforting
“It’s going to OK bukky, it will”
I believed him..
“You’ve had something to eat?”
I shook my head to his question, he insisted on cooking me something, it was funny actually, to imagine Jeremy cooking..for me? I remembered David again..back then he had to buy a cook guide to prepare a meal for was ridiculous but he tried sha..there I go again, thinking about David..I waved it off..
Madam Clara touched my hands..I turned to her immediately..
“What’s wrong my child? don’t look happy”
She asked..maybe I should tell her about it, but I should not include the fact that it’s her son David.
“Let him go, if he is meant for you, one way or the other you would both end up together”
Her words made me realise David was not worth my tears..
“Dinner is served..”
I laughed, was really delicious..
The next day I prepared for the competition, I wore a backless light blue gown with an ankle strap heels..i was to take the portrait with Jeremy..
We got to the studio, he wore a zoot suit and laced up leather shoe..
“You are beautiful”
I smiled and held him for the photographer but he kissed me instead..
I heard a thud, it was David..the glass of wine he was holding was spilled on the floor..