Caught In The Moment-Season 2 Episode 11


What is it?”
Jeremy seems he noticed my expression..I waved it off immediately and tried my possible best to act normal..he hugged me and breathe down..
“I was so happy he explained everything, I couldn’t bear the thought of him having you”
You know that awkward situation when you don’t even know how that person assumes you both are dating..and you yourself can’t do anything about it..
I couldn’t sleep that night, I stood up and went to madam Clara..I sat by her side, I didn’t know when a tear escaped from my eyes..I quickly cleaned it off..I couldn’t tell if she was sleeping or not, I moved closer to check her pause countless times till morning..
I barely slept..what’s wrong with me self, how can I deny myself this pleasant gift called sleep for someone that is not even bothered if I was hurt, or in pain..
I decided to take a stroll, after I made sure madam Clara had eaten something and had her bath..the maid assigned to take care of her was most grateful, but me I just felt she wouldn’t take better care of madam Clara like I would..
Oh, I met vodka, its really been a while..but I was not in the mood to just have our normal elephant tackles..I attempted to walk past her..but you know vodka nah
“I hope you are prepared for the competition, it starts next week”
Huh? Next week? I thought it was on hold for now..
“I can’t wait to see that look on your face..when you find out you lost”
I just ignored abeg..I am not in the mood, I was getting cold, but not the weather’s fault heart was cold..
“Jeremy, the competition continues next week?”
I asked Jeremy when I got back to madam Clara’s flat, he was there already with flowers..
He nodded, and whispered in my ears
“Mum insisted it continues.. I couldnt stop her”
David entered with Joanne, he ignored me and went straight to madam Clara..
Joanne hugged me as usual..I was too hurt to offer a genuine smile tho..but I feigned one..
“Bukky, our promised ladies gist”
I made that flaunting excuse again
I was spying at David to see if he would at least give me a glance..he didn’t.. I couldn’t bear this anymore..later that night I went to him..he was closing for the day when I met him in his office
“You are getting married next month?”
Was I supposed to greet first?..but that was the first thought that came to my mind
“He nodded his head”
A tear dropped from my eyes
“So what am I to you? A puppet?..huh David?.
” bukky..I love you”
He got me yet again