Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 7


The police van halted just before Rodelio’s house. They were urged in by the gateman. Rodelio accousted them in the compound, he was expecting them anyway. But he had to pretend and act as confident as he could. That is the number one key in decieving people of the law. 
Rodelio: how may i help you, officers? They showed him their respect I.D 
police: i’m inspector clement, we are from the state CID (criminal investigation department).
 Rodelio: yes?
 Clement: you’d like to ask you some questions. 
Rodelio: lets go in please. 
 Rodelio: inspectors don’t tell me am a suspect here? 
Clement: like i said, we’d only ask you a few questions, your answer determines whether or not you are a suspect. 
Rodelio: hmmmm
 Clement: do you know any Ella lagdemio?
 Rodelio: yes i do, she use to be my girlfriend. 
Clement: you mean you broke up with her? 
Rodelio: yes officer….know why? She called it quit her self. 
Clement: do you still love her? 
Rodelio: isn’t that meant to be a personal thing? Besides i just said we broke off long ago, what makes you think i haven’t moved on? 
Clement: okay? Were you aware of her wedding? 
Rodelio: these questions are getting too much, you said ‘a few questions’ 
Clement: Mr. Rodelio, i advice you answer all the questions thrown to you ‘coz we have substantial evidence that can nail you down!!!! 
Rodelio: hahahahaha nail me down for what i know nothing about?…..yes i was aware of her wedding ceremony, i got a late invite, i was in dubai at that time so i couldn’t attend, satisfied?
 Clement: dubai? we have prove that you were in Manila at that time!! 
Rodelio: misinformation, misinformation inspectors!!! I was in dubai, and i have passport proves, my business partners are my witnesses. 
Clement: lets see the passport and where are your witnesses? Rodelio went in and returned with a fake passport that looked so real, it was single handedly faked by a corrupt passport issuer. His friend cort was to assume the position of his businesr partner.
 Rodelio: here are the passport papers, cort here is my business partner. Clement scanned through the papers before him. He was no expert in that field, he only checked the date and other minute things. The inspectors were satisfied with what they saw. 
Clement: what were you doing in dubai? 
Rodelio: strictly business! We had a wine transfer deal. Clement knew Rodelio had a wine making company, no need asking further questions. 
Inspector Brayne: thanks for your corperation, we’d get back at you when the need arises, we’d have to leave for now. 
Clement: i advice you don’t leave the country just yet…. 
Rodelio: thats fine by me, if there’s any development i’d like to know about it. 
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 Ella laid on the bed, thinking about no one but Isaiah. She missed him so much! She yerned to see him again. Just then she thought of escaping, she wasn’t tied and the door isn’t locked. She tiptoed to the door and opened it slowly, making sure it doesn’t make creaking sounds. The house looked so big and magnificient, it should be nothing less of a mansion. She continued tiptoeing until she saw the back view of an armed man. She reached for the flower base beside her, breaking it on his head, he slumped almost immediately. She reached for his submachine gun and made to leave the house. She wished she had the blueprint of the house ‘coz its rooms were much. She wandered into another guard, she dropped her gun and round her lil arm round his neck, in a swift turn he gave her a hard kick, she fell to the floor but got up immediately. She reached for her gun, the man was also pointing his gun to her chest….
 😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉