Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 29


​POW! I heard a gunshot from  behind, the shooter was  officer Murdock, he disarmed Rodelio with a perfect aim at the nozzle to the pistol Rodelio held. Rodelio dropped the gun and took to his heels. 
Murdock: stop right there! Move an inch i blow up your brain cells!!!! Rodelio knew he can’t possibly escape this, he ran behind the wall where it saved him sometime to take a dose of perimfaintine, a pill that would cause a temporal seize in the functions of his vitals, thereby rendering him ‘dead’ know one would care to bury someone like him, they would only dump him and he would gain his freedom one more time, he smiled as the whole plan played in his head. Murdock ran towards the direction Rodelio went, he found him on the ground lifeless, he felt Rodelio’s pulse but Rodelio was ‘dead’ already. Isaiah, Ella, sam and Mark also came to the scene. 
Me: whats wrong officer? 
Murdock: he seem dead. 
Mark: a minute ago he was hale and hearty, even his injured abdomen was treated……i think the doctors need to comfirm this! 
Murdock: they sure do. They took Rodelio’s lifeless body away, leaving only Ella and I. 
Me: about Nenita, i don’t know what you might have heard, but the truth is she isn’t my daughter.
 Ella: oh! And why should i believe you! 
Me: Nikky told me herself. 
Ella: so who is the father? 
Me: Rodelio killed her the day she was about telling me! 
Ella: Rodelio? 
Me: yes that båstard!…..i miss you so much my cinderella. 
Ella:you have no idea how much i’ve longed for this day, a day we would be together again. 
Me: together forever. 
*kisses* *hugs* 
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They were all awed at the voice and words, they turned to see Guidotti and his wife at the doorpost. 
Guidotti: we came to pay our condolences for the lost of your daughter. 
Angelo: thats so thoughtful of you….ple….please seat. 
Mrs Guidotti: thanks….. 
Guidotti: about the incidence years ago, Matt actually planned the whole thing, he only told me when the plan was already implemented. 
Angelo: sorry i miss interpreted the whole thing. 
Guidotti: its okay, i know what it feels to be in that situation (smile) 
Angelo: we’ar good now? 
Guidotti: why not buddy! They stood up and hugged each other, to the amazement of the others with them.
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We thanked the woman who took Ella in before leaving for the city of manila. We went to Ella’s home, ma’am Kate wasn’t there, she told us on the phone that she was in Cebu with Ella’s dad. 
Me: i guess we would leave for cebu first thing tomorrow. 
Ella: you can’t be serious, did you hear what mum said? My dad….i mean my long lost dad is with her! 
Me: i understand how much you’ve missed him over this years…..what do you say we do? 
Ella: still asking? You want me to smash your face huh? (holding me by the hand) we are going to Cebu right away!
 Me: okay okay fine you win, but first we go to my house get the car before kicking off, is that okay with you? 
Ella: yep! We took the car and soon arrived cebu after hours of driving. Only Isabella was at home, she told us mum, dad and ma’am kate were in Angelo’s home. Ella recognized her dad the moment she saw him. I read the joy in her smile. 
Me: Isabella told me about the burial…… i’m so sorry about your loss. 
Carolyne: (in tears) i still can’t believe Nikky is gone forever!!!!!