Broken Seal Season 2~Episode 2


To my surprise, Adrian and his cohorts never tried attacking me, thats a pinch of relieve to me. I sat alone in my cell, reading a novel while my cellmates where chatting and laughing as usual. A prison gaurd interrupted, saying i had a visitor. Not a new thing to me ‘coz no single day passes without me having atleast three visitors, hahahaha prison celebrity. 
Mum: oh my! Are they taking care of you here at all? 
Me: you won’t believe how much am suffering here mum…..any news on Ella?
 Kate: the more reason why we came. 
Me: (with a streak of excitement) have she been found? Wh…..where is she? 
Mum: calm down son, she isn’t found yet.
 Kate: do you know of anyone who might have abducted her?
 Me: Its no other than Rodelio! 
Mum: Rodelio? 
Kate: her ex? 
Me: yes ma’am, he told me to my face that he was the mastermind behind the kidnap. 
Mum: he and Nikky are allies? 
Me: yes mum, speaking of Nikky is she out of ICU yet? 
Mum: last i checked, her condition was still critical.
 Me: oh my God, my fate rest on her shoulders…… 
Kate: she’d be fine, don’t think too much okay? I was given a plate of my fave food with lot of chicken which i devored without mercy, mum kept smiling at my new found eating habbit. They kept me company for some minutes before leaving. 
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 Rodelio: hahahahaha you’ar weak at aiming, just watch as i display my talent! 
Cort: Talent indeed, i’d nail you with multiple defeats, watch out for cort the greatest shooter in Manila! 
Rodelio: you…..
 *door opens* 
worker: Sir…sir…. 
Rodelio: speak up and stop panting! You didn’t interrupt to pant did you?
 Worker: sir i just recieved a phone call from the ‘agents’ outskirts. The cops are on their way!!!! 
Cort: that doesn’t call for alarm.
 Rodelio: you can go…. The worker walked out then Rodelio tapped the micro earpiece in his ear…. 
Rodelio: the boys in blue are paying us a visit, get your guns kept in a more descreet place and be on the look out. He said that refering to all the guards around the house. His guards were all camouflaged as domestic workers, ranging from cleaners to drivers, making it hard for even the best detective to be suspicious. 
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 Angelo sat alone on a swirvel chair in his office, toying unconsciously with his sophisticated pen, when suddenly his phone made a beep sound, his private phone was ringing, amazingly, a strange number was calling. No one except his family had access to this line. Which made him refuse to pick up but whoever was on the other end wasn’t willing to give up, he finally picked the call on the third entry. 
Angelo: who am i speaking with?
 Caller: doctor smart on the line, am i speaking with Mr. Angelo?
 Angelo: yes, what do you want. 
Caller: sir, your patient is now hale and hearty…… 
Angelo: are you sure? 
Caller: very sure sir. 
Angelo:(more than excited) thats great news…. i’d be there in a while. 
😉 😉 To be continued 😉 😉