Boy With Luv Episode 4



I wore my janitors’ uniform. It was a blue overall outfit. I tied my hair in a tight bun and took a bucket and mop.
I was to clean the stairs leading to the VIP section upstairs. Eliza was in the kitchen wiping plates and she was wearing a white overall with a long white hat. She looked so funny and with the way she glared at me, she knew I was secretly laughing at her.

I went to the bottom of the staircase and kept a sign board that said WET STAIRS USE ELEVATOR

I began to clean them. It’s not that people even use the stairs, they always use the elevator. But sometimes when the elevator is faulty, they have to use the stairs. That’s what Eliza told me

As I cleaned on, I looked behind to see if I was cleaning well. From afar, I saw a brown speck on the second stair

“you tried to escape and you thought you succeeded. Too bad, detective Gold doesn’t leave a single grain of sand when she’s cleaning” I said to myself and gently walked down to the third step.

“I’m sorry but I’ll have to eliminate you” I said to it like it could listen. I gently lifted the wet mop and began to lower it to the brown potion of the white floor

I turned my voice into that of Spongebob Squarepants

“OH no! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me”
But I still killed it by cleaning it off. I raised the mop and smiled, sparkling white.

As I climbed up the stairs, I saw two guys headed towards the elevator. With my Super girl vision I saw the face of the two of them. They looked really familiar.
I shrugged and continued cleaning and playing pretense.
One thing I’ve noticed is that I work faster and better when I’m playing pretense. I pretend to be a detective arresting criminals who are the dirt. When I do this, I slip into a happy mood even though my auntie must have given me bruises before giving me a hard task

After I finished with the stairs, I took my bucket to the sewage system and threw it off. Then I rinsed it from the water in the water tanks
I wiped them with a small towel and dropped them in the janitors’ closet.

I still had to clean the hallway leading to the VIP section. From the elevator to the entrance but that had to be in the afternoon.
So right now I’m just going to go about, looking for anything else I could help with.

I went outside the restaurant and looked at the fleet of expensive cars. No doubt the people here are the rich. I used to come here with some of my friends and the bills were high. No ordinary person with a weightless pocket can eat here.
I know the chicken here should be around 1000p. With that money, I’ll buy two diploma forms for Eliza and I.

“hey, you over there. Come clean this mess up” someone beckoned from the balcony.
I took the short stairs there and it was a bottle of wine that fell. I looked at the man’s face then looked at the broken pieces of the bottle.
The man must be a guest who enjoyed staying by the balcony. He was with a beautiful lady with bright red lipstick and long hair.

“I’ll just go and get a vacuum cleaner sir” I said and bowed. I left in a hurry to one of the janitors’ closet, the nearest one. I took a vacuum cleaner and hurried there. I was also with a towel to clean up the liquid.

I finished with what I was asked to do

“it’s done sir” I said and bowed then turned to go

“what’s your name?” the lady asked, smiling.

“Marigold” I replied
“take this. It’s your tip” she handed me a peso bill
“thanks ma’am” I appreciated and left

I dropped the cleaner and removed my uniform. I looked at the money. It was two hundred peso.

“wow” I exclaimed
I was surprised. So she just gave it to me like that? Why didn’t I start working here earlier


“so you want us to go and track down the phone?” Eduardo asked looking at his phone, probably on instagram. He hasn’t been paying much attention to me

“sometimes I wonder if you see me as a priority” I spoke out cause I felt bad he didn’t care about the issue as much as I did

He chuckled and continued to swipe through pictures

“Eduardo” I called out and he looked up

“why is the shares important to you? You don’t need it. Don’t bother yourself over it” he said and went back to his phone

“at least, help me track the phone. If it doesn’t work then we’d forget about it” I pleaded. He just chuckled

“you should learn how to do some things for yourself. I’m not here to worship you”

Okay, that hurt a bit. Why would he say that? I know I’m not the type that knows how to do computer and internet stuff and I always tell him to do it. Like he was the one who created a website for me and the rest of the things. It’s not my fault I was timid and reserved when I was supposed to be learning all those things as a teenager.

I sighed and looked at my watch
“ I’m going to get some chicken. Wanna tag along?” I asked, diverting from the subject of my phone

“KFC” I replied and stood up. We were at his place and were on the deck

“sure. I’ll pay” he said and stood up
“why? You usually make me pay the bills”
“you just lost a whole lot of money. Let me pity you and reserve the one in your pocket” he said and smirked then walked into his room through the French door. I shook my head, Eduardo always puts everyone under his feet. He could even make the President of the United States feel inferior with just little words from him. He’s a psychopath

I walked into his room and he had gone to the shower. I went downstairs and I got a call from Winifred on my new phone. If not that she was my sister, I wouldnt have given her my new number

?hello, how did it go? Have you guys tracked it?

I placed my palm on my forehead and sighed out
?no we haven’t. And I don’t think Eduardo is willing to help

?that bas***d. He’s just something I wanna punch

I chuckled
?everybody wants to punch him
?everybody but you
?I S o want to punch him sometimes

She chuckled
?so what are you going to do now?
?I don’t know
?why don’t you come with me to Jay’s place, she could do it you know?
?I’ll just go to the computer firm instead. Thank you
?okay. Take care

She hung up and I rested my hand on the cushion. I waited few more minutes for Eduardo. When he came out, we headed for KFC.

After I cleaned the hallway, I had no more cleaning to do till late in the evening when the restaurant closes. I was going to take the stairs when I saw those two boys approaching. I stood behind the wall of the stairs to see where I recognized them from. They got to the elevator and stopped. My eyes widened in remembrance. Thank God I’m not Eliza, these two would have gotten the tightest hug of their lives.
These are the Wilbur and Eduardo. Gosh, Wilbur is more good looking in person. His face is really ladylike and those brows look like the one drawn from makeup, or maybe I’m exaggerating.

The Eduardo too is handsome and too tall. He’s muscular and more manly than the Wilbur.

I smiled as they entered the elevator. They were talking but I wasn’t listening.

As I climbed down the stairs, I remembered the phone. It was Wilbur’s picture that was on it. And since it’s expensive it might be his. Or his sister’s. I have to find out.

I hurried down the stairs and looked at the elevator. It was closing. It means they’re out. I looked at the two of them walking towards the door.
I quickly went through the back, dropped the bucket and mop and ran to the front. I saw them opening the doors of a flashy green car. Wow. Nice car

I ran to them before Wilbur could close his door

“wait! Wait! Please!” I yelled out. They looked towards me and weren’t sure if I was referring to them.
Wilbur closed his door and Eduardo started the car

“please wait” I reached the car and tapped on it gently.
Wilbur winded his window up and the car reversed and zoomed off. I stood with my hands crossed.

I don’t blame them. Why would celebs wait when a janitor asks them to?
It’s not like I’m even a fan. I wouldn’t have known them if not for Eliza.
I huffed and walked back inside before a guard ask me questions.

I went inside the kitchen after a senior janitor told me some soapy water had spilled on the floor. I went there in the hopes of seeing Eliza.

Well, Eliza was the one who spilled a whole big bowl of soapy water. She was supposed to pour it in the sink but it tumbled and poured on her and on the floor

I chuckled as I cleaned the floor

“is that chuckle for me?” she asked cause she was standing beside the counter
“who else?” I replied and looked at her

“it’s your first day of work and you already messed up” she rolled her eyes and puffed her cheeks.

“this job is so hard. I haven’t rested for even a minute. Plates keep pouring in” she muttered loud enough for me to hear

“are you the only dish washer?” I asked, cleaning the top of the counter with a towel

“of course not. If I was the only one, I would have died” she said and I laughed. I finished up and waved at her then left.

I didn’t have anything else to do till evening. I signed out for the morning and afternoon then I was offered something to eat from our chief.
We are to be fed, that’s if we wish, afternoons only.
I was eating in the smaller building that was just like a restaurant, it was where the workers had their meal.
An idea came to my mind about that phone. I didn’t want to keep it any longer than the first night it already spent with me. I decided to take it to the police station and report it. Surely they’ll be able to find the owner

I finished up with the food and took a bus home. A bus was way cheaper than a taxi.

I entered inside and smiled. It was empty. No witchy aunt

I walked to the kitchen and drank water then went to my room. I looked under my clothes and brought out the phone. I stared at the picture and smiled. Some people are born as angels. While some of us are not. I’m not saying I’m not beautiful. I am beautiful but not very beautiful. I’m just a girl with a good face. I can’t be classified amongst the pretty
Even Eliza is way ahead of me in beauty. That’s why she gets most of the attention from both men and women

As I stared at the picture blankly, the phone began to ring. I gasped, not knowing what to do. I was scared of picking it, because I didn’t know who was calling. But on the other hand, I can tell the person that the phone has been misplaced and I’m looking for the owner

I picked the call and I heard a gasp from the caller

?who are you and how did you get my phone? Can you please just return it?

I wrinkled my face out of disgust. His tone was too demanding like I stole his phone

?excuse me mister, you should be grateful I took this phone. You would have lost it for good


I rolled my eyes

?are you the owner of this phone?
?yes and you’re the person who took it
?yes and I want to return it. It’s been here since yesterday and I’m not comfortable with it. Where can I find you and give you?

?how I’m I sure you’re not a blackmailer who’s just trying to trap me

I sighed. I was getting bored

?bring as many policemen and soldiers you can bring to KFC tonight by 7pm.

?and why does it have to be by 7pm?

?because that’s when I’ll be leaving my house. And I work there. Just meet me there and take your phone and your wristwatch okay? Bye!

I hung up the call and dropped the phone. I don’t like the sound of that guy.

I stood up and entered the kitchen. I took a knife and went to our yard to cut a bunch of unripe plantains. I need to make something for me to eat when I get back


I stood beside my car and waited for the mysterious girl to come over. It’s quite windy tonight and I seriously need to get some warmth.

I actually came alone. I didn’t want to be tagged as a lady as they always tagged me. They would say I’m scared coming to see an ordinary girl while Winifred was the man who would come alone. I didn’t want any of that so I just came alone. Since it’s actually inside the fence that we would meet, I don’t think anything could happen. Security guards are walking around

I looked at my wristwatch and blew out air. It’s really cold and I hate cold.

I looked up and saw a janitor walking towards me. That’s the same janitor that approached us this afternoon.
She walked and stood in front of me

“I’m sorry I took time before coming, my chief gave me an extra cleaning to do and I couldn’t refuse” she said immediately she came

“it’s okay. My phone please” I said in desperation. I really need to hold that phone and thank God for bringing it back

“you look like a girl. I even thought it was a girl’s phone” she said and brought it out then handed it to me with the wristwatch

“thank you so much. Thanks for returning this” I said with a smile. Then it occurred to me that she was going to tell me about it earlier when she ran to us.

“it’s okay. Take care” then she turned round and ran a few steps before I stopped her

“wait!” she stopped and looked back


I walked to her and brought out my card

“here, you can call me tomorrow. I want to reward you for your good deed” I said
She chuckled

“don’t worry. God would reward me.” she bowed her head and brought it up immediately then ran off before I could say anything else.

I looked at the card in my hand
“wow” I muttered then looked at the direction she ran to.
So she really brought my phone and wristwatch back in one piece and still didn’t want to be rewarded.

I need to tell Winifred that I finally saw the opposite of her
To Be Continued