Blood And Water Episode 6


The following morning we were awakened by a loud knock on the door ,we all rushed to see who it was . A short and old man was by the door , he just extended his hands towards Chile .

“nipaseni (give me) ” i looked at Chile and Joe.

“What does he want ?” I asked suprised at his arrogance

He didn’t even greet us. Joe pulled me back in the house and whispered.

” iwe Mwazi that’s the landlord , he wants his money we haven’t paid him for 4 months now”

” Hey you are wasting my time” the man yelled at Chile .

“You can’t be staying in my house for free. So today if I don’t get my money you are all out of here” he warned, I could see Chile fidgeting .

“Ok, let me give you for two months l will finish paying you by the end of the week, business has just been hard” she pleaded .

“Look , give me all my money or leave my house. Its been four months of stories. Ehee you think this house is for charity?” landlord raised his voice.

I pulled Chile in the house seeing how much she was in trouble.

” How much is it ? ” I asked her .

“Mwazi stop asking questions just stay here, I solve this alone please” she sighed

“I want to help” i told her. “Look , I got some money from home.” I showed her the half I had out in the side pocket .

“Where did you find all that money ? ” she questioned shocked at how much I had .

” I took it from home , remember I was going to help granny.” I told her .

“Okay let me see then ” she counted it .

“Are you sure you won’t want to use the money? Going home maybe ? ” she asked looking at me with concern .

” No I answered. I’m staying here if you allow me, I have nowhere else to go, how much is rent ?” I asked again .

” K100 per month and we owe him for 4 months.” She responded. “Give him that then” I pointed at the money I gave her.

“Thank you Mwazi” she sighed in relief and counted some notes handing them to the landlord. He got the money counted it and left without a word .

“He’s so rude” I said looking at Joe. He smilled,

“So you have a big mouth too” he shook his head with a laugh.

3 months later…..

I insisted I follow them to town .

“I want to help do business too” I told Chile and Joe but they didn’t allow me . According to Chile mine was to help clean the house and cook .

” We don’t have to struggle to prepare food any more,” Chile added .

” I hate staying alone the whole day ” I complained.

“Stop complaining already little girl!” Joe shouted. “Let the big people find money.”

lt was pointless arguing with them . Chile was so nice to me she treated me like her young sister. During the weekend on saturday when she was back early, we would spend the whole afternoon either at the saloon by the road side where she had her best friend. She would braid my hair or style it , she loved playing with my long hair for sure.

Sometimes she would call me to town for salaula shopping , she really liked clothes . Sad she had no money otherwise she would wear designer clothings. She was good at selecting second hand clothes though .

Everytime we would go shopping she would choose nice leggins , body tops and jeans for me. She rarely bought me skirts or dresses unless it was real nice and atleast short . lt would be above or up to my knees , she would compliment my looks.

“Girl you will soon start driving men crazy” she would say. “Look at those hips coming up.”

“No way” I would laugh.

“You have the best shape ever!” and we would giggle like small girls. Really, Chile had a nicely shapped body. A flat stomach and nice hips , her facial figures weren’t so beautiful though ,that’s the area I’m sure I beat her 100% .

Chile’s body attracted a lot of suitors for sure , though she only had eyes for George.

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George was her boyfriend, in my opinion I thought he didn’t deserve her . He was so rude and pompous , I actually had a bad feeling about him . lt could be he was involved in some shady business too.

One Sunday when Chile sent me to buy vegetables and bread at the market I saw him holding a woman in an awkward way at a tarven , he saw me and called me too.

“Mwazi come here!” he handed me 3 coins, “Don’t say anything to Chileshe okay? ” He asked, more of a warning though.

I refused to get his bribe. “I won’t,” I said running home. I didn’t say anything, because I knew Chile loved George so much even though he was far much older than her.

Days later, I sat at the door as usual after cleaning the house . A boy came were I sat in a school uniform.

“Hey I always see you when I pass here” he started

” what’s your name ?” he asked.

“I’m Mwazi , why do you ask ? ” I said looking at his story book in his hands . I had been seeing him pass by everyday and really admired him. I wish l would go to school too, were my thoughts every time I saw him.

“Oh, I just see you here and thought of saying hi” he smiled.

“Okay if you want to be my friend teach me what you learn at school I told him.” I offered bravely.

” What ? How ?” He asked .

“It’s easyI” I said “Just tell me what you learn everytime you pass here,” i smiled standing up.

“Deal” the boy said smiling .

From that day he became my teacher. He would even leave me homework his teacher would give them at school . He was from a private school so he had homework 3 times in a week. I would answer all the questions correctly every time even doing better than him .

Joe wasn’t for the idea of me hanging out with the teacher boy. He said he doesn’t like him maybe his parents are thieves or murderers he would say.

“Why do they live in that big house and a wall fence?” he added seriously.

“The father is a mechanic Joe and mind you we live in a big house too but my grand mother was not a thief, ” l would defend him.

“I don’t care. People in town are not as innocent as you think.” Joe said acting like a jealous brother.

…to be continued

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