Blood And Water Episode 16 Final


I could hear doors close as Sofia and her men entered the car .I prayed for a moment and tried to move my hands but the man did a good job tieing me up . I couldn’t move an inch , my phone rang and I panicked .

I tried moving to lay on my right side where my pocket was but the tone was still audible . The car had started moving and with every move my hope of being rescued was dimishing .

After moving for about 10 minutes, I heard the car come to a halt , a door opened and clossed again. I was dying to know what was going on out there. I heard Sofia talking on the phone .

“I have no idea what you are talking about?” she said ,

” what the hell? Are you mad ?” she said sounding upset ,

“am at a friend’s party, since when do you give a damn where I go . Please don’t involve me in your stupid issues. ” I heard her shout as she hang up , she went back in the car and talked to the men ,

” let’s hurry” she said ,

” we are running out of time.”

The vehicle started moving and I was sure that was my end . I thought of granny , Joe , Chile and dad . I will miss them I cried .

Sad that l just met dad and now I was going to die . I decide to think of happy moments. I ought to die happy I thought, and like Sofia said if at all I was meeting mom I had to smile.

I was carried away by thoughts I didn’t hear the vehicle stop .

One of sofias men came and opened the door to the trunk. He untied my hands .

“Get down” , he ordered me . I moaned a bit as I stretched my hands. l felt pain where the rope was tied . The man was standing waiting for me to go down Suddenly his phone rang . He bent his head to his pocket and as he grabbed his phone I saw an opportunity to escape .

I kicked him hard on his manhood, He fall to the ground holding his himself in pain and I jumped out running like hell , I could hear Sofia shout behind me

” Hey come back here ! You fools catch her! how can you let her escape ? ”

I ran with everything I got, I could hear them ran behind me . without even knowing where I was going I kept running as much as my feet could take me. It was dark I could barely see .

I saw vehicle lights coming from behind me and I ran even faster. I realised running on the clear read wasn’t helping so I decided to turn and ran in the bushes . I stopped for a while to look behind . “I lost them” I thought as I leaned on the small tree to catch my breath.

after a few minutes I started running again came to another wide road , a thought told me to stop and wait for a vehicle so I ask for a lift but then I thought of Sofia. I couldn’t risk it . I crossed the big road and my legs couldn’t go any further . I felt so tired my chest was burning .

Finding small tree a few meters in front, i decided to sit down in the bushes.

Looking up i saw some lights at a distance . I knew there where some houses near by but I was so tired my legs were heavy. I gave up and decided to rest .

Some minutes later I heard a vehicle stop by the wide road I just crossed .

“Sofia” I thought but then two other cars stopped and I heard voices ,

“search around this area” a man’s voice shouted . I saw touch lights pointing in my direction . Hiding behind the small bush so I first see who it was then two men passed me. Looking closely, they were not Sofias men . Then a third man emerged,

“Dad !” I called out ranning to him . “Here!” dad shouted ,

“we found her!” He ran and hugged me so tight .

” Joy are you okey ?” dad asked .

“Am so scared dad” i cried out.

“Thank God I found you , that woman will pay for this . How can she think of doing such a thing ? She has no limits .”

“She wanted to kill me, she said she will make it look like a suicide , ” i sniffed on as he led me out of the bushe.

“she’s crazy ”

we walked to the vehicles, a group of men standing by 3 of them where in police uniform.

“How did you find me ?” l asked dad .

” You did well to call me . I picked the call and I could hear everything . I called the police and gave them my phone to track you but because of what happened last time l didn’t trust they will do a good job so a friend of mine helped me hire these other guys to help me search for you . Thank God their equipment worked faster and we started tracking you , we were almost catching up and your phone went off. Luckily we caught Sofia by the road side , she was pacing around and I knew you had escaped” he explained.

” Have they caught her ? ” I inquired .

“Yes they did and there’s no escaping this time since the police heard and recorded everything , you are clever my child ” dad looked at me smilling I could see his face as the vehicle lights shined in our faces.

“Thank God you are a strong and courageous girl. God knows what Sofia could have done to you”

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I was taken to the hospital for check up, my feet were swollen I didn’t even realise I lost my shoes as I ran away from Sofia .The Doctor recommended I spent the night at the hospital they observe me . Dad stayed with me ,

“thank God it’s over now” he said sitting next to me .

Sofia was charged with murder together with the two men as her accomplices , infact they charged her for fraud at the company and kidnapping . She was given 60 years Imprisonment with hard Labour .

Weeks later, Joe and I moved in with dad and we both completed out secondary school after some yers.

Chile opened a fruits and vegetable shop at a large shopping mall . Dad helped her with a large sum of capital . He said it was just right that he helped them since they had contributed a great deal in my life and sacrificed a lot for me.

Granny would always visit us but stayed at her farm. She always did missed me but was happy I was safe and happy with my father. There was no day I felt unloved by the people around me. I was happy and all the days at high school were great.

4 years after completing a master’s degree in economics from the UK I came back to Zambia to ran two more companies Dad opened. Joe was the new CEO of the old company and was doing so well . He made his own investments too and was a big boy .

One day, we sat outside my house in the evening with Joe. He had grown into a stunning handsome man.

” Hey little one! so when are we getting married ?” He asked cutting the conversation he were having.

I sat up and looked at him suprised , “what do you mean big boy ?” I asked laughing not taking him serious.

“Am serious” he moved closer . “you know I love you and I have waited for this moment my whole life . I want you to be my wife Mwazi , I love you and can’t wait to start a family with you .”

I looked at him and saw he was being sincere . I know I cared so much for him but wasn’t he supposed to be my brother ?

“Okay Joe you are playing me around again right ?” I chuckled.

He came closer and kissed me, to my own suprise I kissed him back and it felt so right .

I had one or two boyfriends in the UK but with Joe it felt so much special .

“I love you my little one . will you marry me?” he proposed with so much love and calmness in his deep voice . I knew at that moment I had loved him the entire time. We fought so many times but were in love too.

“yes” I said without hesitation .

” I will marry you big boy” I said holding his hands .

Dad who stood behind us clapped ,

“well done my son you couldn’t have choosen any better.” I looked at him.

“Dad ! You knew ? ” I asked him . lt seemed he was fully aware of Joes plans .

“Yes, he knows” Joe answered

“I asked him first you silly ” he chuckled .

“Oh, you two are bad” I teased kissing him.

Two months later, I walked to the aisle and Joe stood in front looking so handsome and smart . I glanced at dad holding my hand walking me to him .

“Thank you dad” I smiled

” You are welcome baby. You deserve this happiness Joe is a good man and he loves you. I pray the two of you will live happily from now on. ”

” you have made me a proud father.” He added.

Granny and Chile sat in the front row , they looked so happy . I smilled at my husband to be and he held my hand ,

“thank you ” he smiled ,

“my little bundle of Joy . You fought with blood and water to realise this prescious moment. Am glad am part of it all and I will love you forever and always.”

“I love you too, Joe” I whispered to him..

The priest cleared his throat ,

“we may now begin the ceremony , in the name of the Father , the Son and the Holy spirit”

we looked at each other again,

“amen !” we both answered smilling.

……………….THE END………………

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