Blood And Water Episode 11


Granny explained everything to my father .

“So like I said Ackim, if you had been more considerate you could have known what was going on with your wife . She died because of loving you and wanting the two of you raise your daughter together. Now see where that got her, leaving this poor child so young and broken.”

Dad was so quite his head bowed down .

“I know the woman at home is not a good person, but I had no idea she went as far as killing the only woman I loved , my life has been a misery since I started staying with her . We are not even married . She practically forced herself on me and moved in without my approval . I wonder why I tolerate her so much. when am away I really get to my senses and plan to do the right thing but I don’t know, when ever she’s around its like she has this power over my life .

She controls me so much and l don’t do a thing . Now she’s practically running things at my company ,bossing around and intimidating the workers . I noticed how bad things are becoming and so I decided to invest more in my outside businesses . The past two years I spend most of my time outside the country just to ran away from her , thank God she has no idea I have other businesses there . I just tell her I go for studies .

ln fact if not for the welfare of my faithful workers I could have gone to stay in the UK by now but I want the company here in Zambia to continue running so that my workers are not left Jobless.

I barely knew my father but after saying all that l couldn’t help feel bad for him . He really looked sad and I was positive he was suffering deep inside his heart .

“So now that you know your wife is a murderer what are you going to do?” Inquired granny .

“l will personally make her pay. Justice has to prevail and my wife deserves more than justice for the person that killed her.” he spoke gazing at me .

” lf l had any slightest feeling of care for that woman in my house now it’s all gone . I will not live with a murderer , now that you have said. I think lots of people tried telling me but for some reason I didn’t get what they implied .” He sunk back in his chair.

“How are you going to do it Sir ?” I asked challenging him .

“lt’s dad Mwazi” granny spoke up .

“No it’s fine she’s not used to that , give her time” dad said looking at me .

“I don’t know yet” he said

“.We need proof otherwise the police won’t open a case without evidence,” he shook his head.

” you know what dad, if your wife has killed before am sure she has done far much more bad things in her life . I swear if not for granny I could have come for her myself ” I spoke angrily.

Dad smilled ,” you trully are my daughter . You have the strength of a lion . I used to be like that as well but well , I guess am all finished God knows what happened to me” He smiled exposing his teeth.

” by the way Sir, Oh dad..” i said almost forgetting the dad thing.

“If we have to put her in jail we need to work together , do you know that l was the witness to mom’s murder ? I know her face and I can easily recognise her . The thing is l have re-lived that moment most of my life in my dreams, so yeah I can testify”

Dad shook his head ,

” am sorry you had to experience all that my baby. I know I can’t turn back time to correct my mistakes but please if there’s anything I can do to help you get passed your sadness and misery I will do it . I love you and I need you , my life ended when your mom was taken from me but I feel God has given me another reason to live and be happy , will you forgive me ?” he asked getting down on his knees .

At that point I felt really bad for him . lmagine him all dressed up in an expensive suit kneeling before me a nobody ,

“give me a chance to get to know you better baby” he pleaded tears falling from his eyes

” Please” he went on..

I just sat there speachless right then, I knew I loved my father . I actually wanted to hug him but I couldn’t I was motionless.

” listen to him Mwazi” granny encouraged.

“Whatever happened is in the past let’s move forward and live on , we can not bring back your mom but we can live for one another now . You only have me and your father here .” She softly spoke.

I was so arrogant .

“No granny” I interrupted

” l have Chile and Joe too , they are part of me now .” I answered looking away.

” I know ” chuckled granny, ” but we are your blood mwanangu ,nothing beats that. Those two are a big part of your life so is your father.”

I knew deep down my heart I had forgiven him already .I was just being stubborn , finally I held his hands .

“lt’s ok dad ” he stood up and pulled me into hug.

“I love you my baby ” he smiled, “thank you .”

He looked at granny .

” Thank you mam for raising her . I don’t know how to repay you”

” you don’t have to” smiled back at him

“She’s my blood too . lt was my duty to raise her, unfortunately she has lived part of her life among strangers, we owe that girl and her brother a great deal. They are the ones who needs our appreciation .”

Granny told my father everything about how I came to Lusaka and got to live with Chile and Joe .

Later that evening we had our dinner , which I barely ate , as usual I didn’t have enough apetite , worse still after all that drama

” lf you don’t like your food I can order something else for you” dad chuckled after seeing how I was nibbling my food .

Granny giggled too, ” Oh, get used to it , your daughter barely eats . I tried all I can to get her to eat but it seems she always looses her apetite .”

” But she used to eat a lot as a baby , ” he responded .

“Hmm, I gues she doesn’t now ” responded granny.

“Since she recovered from that trauma she’s been like this , it’s like her apetite was never recovered .”

“Oh that woman”, dad cursed,

“I swear she will go to jail for this .” He scoffed angry.

Dad insisted that l ate something , he even asked me what I really wanted unfortunately there was nothing l really desired . Just to please him I said pizza , the only time l could remember eating pizza was when I was still young so I liked the idea of trying it out again . He ordered pizza and I regretted making him . I only managed to eat a piece and I was full . I really wanted to show I liked it and eat more but i just couldn’t.

“I will eat at home” I said just to make him feel better.

” It’s alright baby, l understand” he said patting my hand .

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Later in the evening he offered to drive us home. His vehicle was so big and extra nice inside , the seats felt so comfortable and dad wouldn’t leave my side . He told me to sit in front with him . I saw the concerned look on his face as we drove through the compound .

Yeah , l gues he was wondering why his only daughter had such a miserable life when he was living in his rich life .

He asked granny if it was safe for us to live there .

“lt is ” i answered on behalf of granny ,

“I have lived here for 5 years now and nothing happened to me” I could see granny wasn’t so happy with my answer .

” It is don’t worry” she added giving me a warning look.

“Let me pick her out tomorrow?” dad asked looking at granny

“I need to spend time with my baby please”

” Of course” granny shrugged , “she’s all yours .”

” Can you stop talking and planning my life as though am not around” I interrupted.

Granny laughed

” you are stubborn little one , don’t worry about a thing she’s a good girl only too stubborn for nothing ”

she told dad.” I knew someone like that” dad smiled laughing too. “Okay fine, I will go with you tomorrow” I said getting down from the car.

” Good night” I indicated to dad . “Good night baby” he answered back ,

“See you tomorrow morning” . Granny remained behind and they talked for a while before she came into the house .

“What were you two talking about ? ” I asked her before she could get in the room.

” None of your businessrooms she answered pulling my ears .

” lf you two are busy planning my life behind my back then it’s my business ” i argued.

“you talk too much go to bed .” She laughed pushing my shoulder a little bit.

I decided to sit outside with Joe and narrated the whole dinner meeting .

“He’s a good man after all” shrugged Joe . .

“Whatever” I said carelessly ,

“As long as he is still with that murderer he will not have my peace” i burst out.

Joe chuckled , “seriously you are a child.” He shook his head.

“I’m not,” I argued as we went back Inside.

…to be continued