Belina(Tender Beauty) Episode 23


Badmus tried to look through his blood shut eyes but couldn’t. he had just been given the greatest level of beating he had ever received. He had looked up at d hooligans hovering over him after he was thrown to the cell & knew that he was in deep trouble.

They muttered something about welcoming him to d house & he thought it would be a simple handshake but what he got was a boxing session. They all tested their fists on him like he was d latest punching bag in town.

He tried to stand but could not muster enough strength to pull up a leg so he just lay there on d floor. He swore in his heart to get even & make Belina wish she had never been born for all he had passed through d past few days.

“if I can get out of this place, be prepared Belina”, he thought before he dozed off, giving in to sleep as a consolation.


Before I knew it, I was on my way home. I had attended to two patients b4 leaving & I had been enjoying myself immensely when I noticed that it was past five. I left d hospital feeling very happy & when I got home, I found d house open.

My new mom has a very large supermarket & I was surprised that she was home already. I entered & greeted her lovingly. She was very interested in what happened on my first day at work & I relayed everything neglecting one very aspect, obviously.

She also relayed her day at d supermarket to me, Prisca walked in and everything became livelier. I reverted back to d bedroom with Prisca. Her dad wasn’t back from work yet.

“So, how was work today baby girl?” she started & I started wondering just how far I was going to tell her. I repeated everything I told mum also leaving out d most fascinating part of it all.

Trust prisca, she read in between d lines & noticed some loop holes & fired back; I did not have any other choice but to open up to her.

“Well, I met someone that looked so… I don’t know. I originally thought he was a statue, then while I was admiring him, he moved & I almost swallowed my tongue in shock & wonder. He is so good looking”, I ended my sermon when I noticed that I had gone too far

“uhn, I can practically see stars running around in ur eyes, tell me, what is his name” she asked smiling stylishly.

“What stars? Well I don’t know his name & I am happy I don’t. I don’t want a man in my life. They have all been a huge disappointment. Look, I am happy u have a good & loving dad & also Tony but men are good to u but sis, not me. They have made my life miserable. Everyone of them”. She shook her head,

“sweetheart, don’t be like this”

“Really? Do u know what it is like to have d type of father I have? Well no. what of Kelvin’s betrayal? I felt like dying that day Pric,u don’t know what it is like to be face to face with ur boyfriend & have him throw trash in ur face. That left me totally broken. What of Tunji? He practically made my life a living hell & u want me to think about a guy? No. I don’t have them in my dictionary. I would only treat patients as patients & live my life as a single lady besides, God did not make it compulsory for us to get married”. I said & wiped d tears that were already flowing from my eyes.

This was d first time that I was letting out my feelings since last week & Prisca held on to me as I cried & whispered words of encouragements

After I had composed myself, I remembered that I had not even checked how much I would be paid as salary & I told prisca who laughed wondering if she could forget such a thing. I brought out d envelope in my bag & opened it. I read d letter & when I got to d place where my salary was stated, I opened my eyes & mouth in shock.


Richard went home with Tony. He really needed d company cos he had been trying to get belina out of his mind & everything he tried did not seem to work. They got to the house & they both collapsed on d chair. They had both eaten at the hospital’s restaurant so hunger was out of the question.

They had both been pre-occupied towards the tail end of the day & they started wondering why people did not come throughout until around four.

They got to Tony’s house around 8 and after about 10 mins rest, Tony put on the TV and the first thing that was displayed was news and from the speaker, he was able to grasp that they were talking about the murder case.

“Oh my God, Richy, I forgot to tell you; the guy that abducted Belina was murdered on Saturday” Richard did not like the fact that Belina was the topic again when he was trying to forget her but what he said captured him.

“Yeah, I saw the murder case but who’s the guy who abducted her?” he asked alarmed.

“uhn, wait” He increased the volume and when a certain picture was placed on screen, his eyes almost popped out of its socket.

“No, it can’t be true”, he gasped, “it can’t be”

“What can’t be” Richard asked very confused and worried now.

“That man there is… is Belina’s Father”, he dropped

The blood in Richard’s face drained instantly.

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To be continued