Befriending A Ghost – Episode 4


I glanced at the large clock on the class wall and sighed, It was lunch hour but the maths teacher was still in class…….This is really frustrating! I was  damn hungry and my stomach was already rumbling…….

So we will continue in the next class. I heard the teacher say and I sighed in relief…..

At last ! I muttered……..

The teacher soon left the class  and as expected, most of my classmates rushed out of the class…….
Ghostie! I called in whispers but there was no response….

I glanced beside me but she wasn’t there ……
Looking around the almost empty class, I huffed when I saw her standing right in front of the  cute guy ….what is his name again?.. erm Dec.. yes Declan…..

She was staring into his face with dreamy eyes…
Is she for real! And without thinking, I stood up in a huff and walked up to her…

Ghostie! I called in whispers and she looked up at me…..What are you doing here? I asked with a frown but instead of answering, she looked at Declan and at me again….What is wrong……I wanted to say but stopped when I got what she was trying to tell me……

Damm! What did I just do? Did I just talk to ghostie in front of the hottie! I bit my lips and swallowed hard, turning sideways to look at the hottie , i met his puzzled gaze ….

I am sorry. I apologised and  he huffed

Are you crazy! who were you talking to! who the hell is ghostie! he asked in a rush

I erm erm . I stuttered not knowing what to say
Just tell him it is D2. Ghostie said and I felt like squeezing those invisible mouth of hers…..

Who is ghostie! he repeated

You have got to ask him Sasha , he might have a clue to it . ghostie urged on

Shut up! I barked at her and Declan scoffed ….
It is obvious you are crazy. he retorted in a huff, he stood up from his chair and walked past me
Please ask him . ghostie pleaded and I sighed

Do you know who is D2? I asked and he stopped, he tilted his head a little before turning back to face me……

What did you just say? he asked with a calm voice……

D2! I repeated and his countenance changed to that of anger……

Who are you! he barked

Erm I am Sasha. I answered with a trembling voice and he scoffed

I didn’t ask for your name , who the hell are you? he repeated but I just stared blankly at him……I can see you are not only crazy , you are also stupid just like her…..

What! I exclaimed in shock and he eyed me coldly ……he walked over to his seat , picked up his backpack and stormed out of the class in anger………

What the hell just happened?

I looked around the class and met the curious stares of the few persons in the class….. I felt so embarrassed and wished for the ground to open up and swallow me……

I am very sorry Sasha! ghostie apologised but her voice sounded so distant ….

Am I really stupid! Am I really crazy! I wondered as tears rolled down my eyes …….

Stop crying Sasha! I heard ghostie say , her voice was hoarse ….

I looked at her and saw her tears, she was crying also……..Please don’t cry. she pleaded and I nodded slowly, Wiping off the tears with my palm , i walked over to my seat ……I sat down and placed my head on the table, my stomach was still rumbling but I felt so abashed to leave the class…..

Newbie! a voice called and I looked up to meet the angry gaze of a chubby girl….Why is she here! Did she also see me talking to ghostie! I wondered

What did you do to our Declan? she asked with a harsh voice and I sighed in relief …..she is just here to ask about the rude boy !…..

And who are you? I frowned and she scoffed

Do you think you can seduce our Declan because you are beautiful! she continued….

What are you saying? I asked in confusion……

Quit pretending! I saw you seduce him, you even told him to shut up. she retorted angrily and I smirked…..

Is that why you are here?

She tried to say something but stopped when Racheal walked into the class in a huff ……

Who the hell made Declan angry! she yelled to no one in particular…..

It is the newbie. the chubby girl answered and I huffed …

Why are they all work up because of a guy! I wondered…..

I stared blankly at Racheal as she walked up to me……..

Sasha! Is she saying the truth! Were you the one who made Declan angry? she asked and I nodded slowly

I guess I am the one ….

But why! she continued

I didn’t mean to, i was just asking him a question but he flared up. I explained

She stared at me for a while and chuckled….

That is the way he is , he is so rude! she remarked and I smiled lightly…

But why are you in class, aren’t you hungry? she asked

I am hungry but I don’t know the way to the cafe . I answered

Oh dear! I am sorry for not checking on you before going. She apologised and I smiled lightly
Come on , let us go . she said

I stood up from my seat and she took my hands into hers as we walked to the cafe …….and I smiled knowing ghostie was following behind me…..

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I stared in awe at the cafe , it was so classic and beautiful

I will get the orders , go and sit with Cory  . She said pointing to a table at the corner of the cafe …

I dipped my hand into my pocket to bring out some few dollars but she stopped me…

The bill is on me . She assured with a smile
but it is …. I tried to say but she cut me off
Pleaaaassse, Just for today . She pleaded and I sighed..

Fine! I agreed

I walked up to the table and sat down beside Cory ….

hi Cory! I greeted

hi! She responded trying not to meet my gaze

Is this about the necklace!I asked but she ignored me ……..

I smirked….

But what is so special about the necklace? why did Declan flare up when I asked him about
D2! why did he say I was stupid just like her! I wondered…..

I turned sideways to look at ghostie, her gaze was fixed on Cory’s lunch….

I smiled

Don’t worry D2, I won’t stop till I find out what happened to you …….

Declan Davies

After leaving the class, I walked hurriedly through the long hallway as tears rolled down my eyes ……… I  just wanted to be alone , I just wanted to go home ….

Declan! a familiar voice called but I ignored her and kept on walking till I got to the taxi- station…..I flagged down a taxi and got into it

Petra estate. I called and the driver nodded before driving off……

I leaned on the car seat and my mind drifted off to what happened in class…..

D2! how did she know about her! Who the hell is she ! Why did she even have to remind me of that pathetic looser! She is so strange!… I mean what kind of girl talks to herself, only a strange and crazy one!…..

The driver soon stopped in front of my house and I paid him before alighting…I walked towards the front door and pushed it opened, Entering the sitting room, I met my mum sprawled up on the floor….There were bottles of liquor scattered all around her …I bit my lips in anger….. Opening my backpack, I brought out my phone ….I dial her therapist number and she picked it on the second ring ….

hi Declan . She greeted and I huffed

What happened! Why did you leave my mother all by herself! I asked with a rash voice….

I am sorry Declan but I had something important to take care of . She apologised and I scoffed

Do you  mean my mother is not important ?i asked  in a huff

No Declan you need …. she tried to say but I ended the call……

Damn her and her therapy! I cursed
I moved closer to mother and bend to hold her
Mom! I called gently but she just mumbled some words

I smiled sadly

I carried her up in a bridal style and headed upstairs to her room….On getting to her room, I used my legs to push the door opened……I walked in  and placed her gently on her bed……..
She stirred a little and I smiled…..

I miss you mom. I muttered

I pulled up her covers and leaned over to peck her before walking out of her room……Closing her room door gently, I walked towards my room
Entering the room, I sat down on the scattered bed…I was feeling weak and unhappy at the Same time….

I picked up the pack of cigarettes and a lighter from the table beside me…. I pulled out a stick of cigarette and lit it up, I inhaled the smoke and pull a little of the smoke in my mouth ,removing the cigarette from my mouth, I blew the smoke out …..I kept on smoking but I was still feeling frustrated and empty… I pulled out my pot starch from under the bed…..Opening it, I brought out a rolled up marijuana and lit it up….
Inhaling just little of the stuff brought me all the happiness that I wanted….I inhaled more of the stuffs and smiled when the image of a  girl with black hair flashed through my mind…..Daphne! I muttered before drifting off to sleep………::