Befriending A Ghost – Episode 3


Waking up the next morning, I stretched and sat up on the bed

I looked around the room for ghostie but she was nowhere to be found……

Where could she be? I wondered, I dragged myself up from the bed , pulled off my clothes and headed to the bathroom to freshen up……:
Returning to the room, I ran back to the bathroom when I saw ghostie standing beside the bed ….When did she come…. oh! I almost forgot that she was ghost ..

I wrapped my towel around my naked body and returned back to the room……

Good morning Sasha! she greeted with a smile……

Morning! I grunted and walked over to the corner of the room…..

Aren’t you gonna ask me where I am coming from? She asked but I ignored her…

I took a stroll round the house and I must admit your house is so beautiful! she continued and I huffed …….

opening my bags , I searched through and brought out two gowns ……. ..

One was red while the other was blue ….
Which one should I go for? I thought aloud…

The blue gown will be better ! Ghostie suggested and I scoffed

I didn’t ask for your opinion. I retorted still staring at both gowns …….

But why! I thought we were friends. She asked and I looked in her direction

Friends! don’t get any silly ideas, I am only helping you because I got no choice. I said in a huff  and she smiled lightly……

I tossed the red gown on the box and went over to the bed holding the blue gown..

I unzipped the blue gown and hurriedly dressed up in it, I pulled out a black boot from underneath the bed and wore it while standing……

I told you the blue gown will be perfect! she boasted but I ignored her

I parked my hair into a loosed ponytail and applied a little makeup…

You are beautiful Sasha! She remarked

I know . I answered dryly

So where are we going to start from? She suddenly asked

I don’t know. I shrug

What do you mean you don’t know? She asked with a frown , you promised to help me….

I know but I am still so confused

Confused! she repeated and I nodded

I am confused about the necklace , I am confused about the house , I am confused about you , I am also confused about me, in fact I am confused about everything. I said in frustration and she sighed

What if we ask from someone? She suggested and I rolled my eyes

Incase you don’t know , I am new in this town and …… wait a minute! what if someone from my new school knows you! I mean since your chain was found in my house ,your family might be living close by or what do you think? I asked and she nodded slowly…..

Good! I will start by making new friends…

But what about me, will I follow you to school? She asked and I shook my head negatively

I can’t risk my parent seeing  you. I answered and she chuckled softly

No one can see me except you .she assured and i bit my lips ….

If that is the case , you can come with me since we are in this together. I said after giving it some thought and she smiled …….

And one more thing , do not talk to me in class. I warned and she nodded sheepishly
Oh yeah! I wouldn’t want to be seen as crazy!

I picked my backpack from the floor and headed downstairs with ghostie following behind me……….I met my mom and kamara in the dinning having breakfast….

Good morning mom! I greeted and sat down beside Kamara

Good morning baby! how was your night? She asked and Kamara scoffed

I bet she didn’t sleep last night . She said dryly
What do you mean by that? My mom asked with an arched eyebrow

I over heard her mom, she was talking to someone. She answered and I froze….Did she know something about ghostie? I thought within

You are so funny Kamara! My mum remarked

But I am serious mum , have you forgotten my room is close to hers. She insisted  while staring at me weirdly

Stop it Kamara! My mum cautioned her, Why can’t you just tell your family about me? Ghostie who was standing beside me asked and I scoffed

Shut up! I barked at her  and my mom gasped softly

Who are you talking to? She asked fixing her gaze on me

I erm talking to erm Kamara. I stuttered

Liar! you are not talking to me . Kamara retorted angrily …

And who else would I be talking to! I defended and she smirked

Your self . She answered and then faced my mum..

Can’t you see Sasha is getting crazy, can’t you ….. she tried to say but my mom cut her off …

Eat your food Kamara or else it will get cold and you Sasha it is normal to think aloud but do not let it affect your……….. Who gave you the necklace around your neck? She suddenly asked  and I froze

Who gave it to you? She repeated

It was a parting gift from Jayden. I lied …

Jayden! She repeated and I nodded
But I thought he was just your childhood crush or did you both take it to the next level? She asked

Can we please not talk about this mother? I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes and she sighed

Do you love him that much? She asked but I ignored her

I am already running late from school! I informed

But baby you have not touched your food. She said staring at the untouched food

I lost my appetite. I said and stood up in a huff
Can we go now? I asked and she nodded, She stood up and picked up the car keys

Make sure you go to your room after eating. She instructed  Kamara

Alright mum! Kamara responded with a smile …

Crazy kid! I muttered……

I shifted my gaze to ghostie and met hers , she had been watching my family quietly …
Let us go. I mouthed at her and we both followed behind my mom …….

Getting into the passenger seat of the car , I looked through the rear mirror for ghostie but she was not in the car…Where could she be?or do ghost not ride in cars also? I wondered…..

I sighed

Are you alright? My mum asked and I nodded
Good! She started and drove off heading to my new school…..

I leaned back on the seat and prayed silently , I prayed for everything to be fine!…..

We soon got to the school and I stared in awe at how big the school was…my mum parked in the big compound  and we both alighted from the car …

I read the sign boldly written in front of the school as we walked in

..Diamond High School

I smiled, I was loving the school already …. We walked through a long passage to the principal office…My mom knocked on the door and a croaky voice answered

Come in!

She pushed the door opened and we walked in to see a fat man seated behind the huge desk ..

Good morning sir! My mum greeted him, he looked up at her and then at me.

You must be the transfer student right? he asked and I nodded, Good! have a seat madam . he offered my mum and she sat.

Your name? he asked

I was about answering when I felt another presence..

Looking around the room, I saw ghostie standing beside the door, I sighed softly , she is so weird!

Sasha! My mum called softly and I looked in her direction….Are you alright? She asked and I nodded, Then answer the principal. She said in a huff, I shifted my gaze to the principal and met his angry gaze

Are you sure you are alright miss? he asked tapping his pen on the table

I nodded sheepishly

I don’t think you are , because if you are truly alright you won’t be looking around my office like a lost puppy . he retorted angrily

I am sorry sir. I apologised and he scoffed

What is your name? he repeated

Sasha Alfredo. I answered trying not to meet my mom curious gaze ….

he wrote some things into a file and pulled out a paper from another file

here. he handed the paper to me…That is a map that will help you get to your class. he informed and I nodded, You are in Grade 12A.he added, I stared at the paper and nodded slowly.

Can I go to my class? I asked to be sure and he nodded…

I waved at my mom and walked out of the office with ghostie following behind me ……

following the direction of the map, we walked through a long passage…..

I am sorry for everything. ghostie apologised and I huffed

And how did you find me? I asked

The chain. She answered…..

But I was …..I wanted to say but she cut me off

That is your class . She said pointing to the class adjacent to us…..

I looked at the class and then at the map ….

You are right!

I walked towards the class and read the inscription boldly written at the top” Grade 12A, Taking a deep breathe, I entered the class….The noisy class suddenly became quiet as everyone stopped what they were doing to look at the new girl….:

I was so nervous

What am I going to do? I wondered as I played with my hands shyly….::

Follow me! Ghostie said

What! I asked in whispers

I said follow me! She repeated and walked towards a seat at the back ..

I looked around the class before following behind her and the whole class just stared on at me….

Crazy! I muttered….

On getting to the back seat , ghostie instructed me to sit on it ….

I looked at her and then the seat, The seat looked abandoned and it was so dusty….

Sit . She repeated and I signed, It is at least better than standing like a fool in front of the class….
I opened my bag to bring out a little towel. I dusted the seat with the towel and sat down on it …
The class became noisy as everyone were talking in whispers… What is wrong? I wondered….. I shifted my gaze to ghostie, she was staring blankly into space

What is wrong with everyone?

Just then , two beautiful girls walked into the class . One was walking in front like a Princess while the second was coming behind her holding two bags…..

I scoffed

Is she the maid to the Princess!

The first one stopped and looked around the class and when her gaze met mine , she signalled to her “maid” and they both walked up to me …..

hi! She greeted with a bright smile and I must admit, she was really beautiful…..

hi! I responded dryly….

You must be new here right? she said and I rolled my eyes

Isn’t it obvious. I answered and she chuckled softly

I like you already , My name is Racheal and this is my bestie Cory . She said pointing to “her maid “behind her…

hi Cory! I greeted and she smiled shyly….

But if I may ask , why are you seated on this seat? Racheal probed on

Is there anything wrong with the seat? I asked and Cory gasped softly

Are you alright? Racheal asked her and she nodded..

Are you sure! I repeated with my gaze fixed on her and she nodded slowly

I am not feeling too well. She said with a trembling voice and sat down in the seat in front of me…..

I smiled and shifted my gaze to Racheal….

Is there anything wrong with the seat? I repeated and she shook her head negatively

There is nothing wrong, so what is your name? she asked

I am Sasha Alfredo. I answered and she smiled

It is nice meeting you Sasha.she said and I nodded

She was about to say something when the class became noisy again…

Oh Declan is here! She informed

Who is Decl…. i tried to ask but stopped when a pretty boy walked into the class….

Oh! I guess this is the class hottie, he is way cuter than Jayden….Damn! why must I think of Jayden again!

I watched the cute boy walked over to a seat at the corner of the class…he looked around the class and when his gaze met mine, he widened his eyes in surprise……he stared at me for a while before looking away …….

he is so handsome! ghostie remarked, I looked at her and was surprised to see her drooling… I smirked, I never knew ghost drool!

A teacher soon entered the class and the whole class became quiet …. She looked around the class and when her gaze met mine , she smiled
You must be Sasha Alfredo right? she asked and I nodded shyly……

You are welcome to Diamond high school . she said and I smiled lightly

But ma, she really needs to change her seat. A girl at the front said and the whole class turned back to look at me..::

And why should she do that! the teacher retorted , I can see you all are still dwelling in a superstitious belief.

but ma. the girl tried to say but the teacher cut her off ….

One more word from you , and you will be out of my class. the teacher threatened and the girl immediately kept mute…

Good! She remarked and started teaching…… But what is wrong about the seat? I wondered…….

The class became noisy again after the teacher left the class….:

What a class! I muttered

Sasha! ghostie called and I nodded without looking at her…………

Aren’t you gonna ask about the chain? she answered and I looked around the class to make sure no one was looking before answering her…..

And who do you expect me to ask?

Cory. She answered and I smiled, I was planning on asking her also.

hi! I leaned over to tap her gently……..she turned back to look at me

hi newbie! Can I help you? She asked and I scoffed

I am Sasha . I corrected

Oh! So Sasha, how can I help you? she repeated

I need your help with something. I started

Something like what? she asked with an arched eyebrow

I brought the chain out of my shirt and showed her the words on it …

Oh my gawd! She exclaimed softly…

Do you know anything about it? I asked

D2! how did you get this? she asked looking around the class…

Do you know anything about it? I repeated but she shook her head

No. She retorted shaking in fear…..

Cory! I called softly but she kept on looking at the chain….Cory! I called again and she looked up at me ….

I don’t know how you go this but please don’t ever show this to anybody . She warned

But why! Do you know the owner! I asked in a rush …..

I don’t know . She said with a trembling voice and then looked away……..

I shifted my gaze to ghostie and she smiled lightly….

I scoffed …..

I really don’t understand what is going on but I was sure of one thing , whatever happened to ghostie began from this class……..