Befriending A Ghost – Episode 24


Sasha Alfredo
Days turns into week , weeks into months and before I knew it , the school calendar came to an end ……

Wow! See how times flies , it still seems like yesterday you left my side Daphne and now I am officially a high school graduate….. Smiles

Oh Daphne! I really miss you ! how I wish … no, I just want you to be happy wherever you are ….

When I was done writing, I closed my diary and kept it under my pillow

Glancing at the wall clock , it was 21:00pm, Oops! Declan will soon be here …. I got off the bed and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up and on returning to the room, I towelled off and hurriedly dressed up in a blank slanted gown with silver edges…..

It was a prom night and I had to look my best, I matted my long hair into a loosed bun and then applied makeup which made me to look a bit different

Staring at my reflection in the mirror, I smiled, The gown brought out all of my shape and yes, my cute boyfriend won’t be able to resist me on this … Just then , the door to my room creaked opened and I quickly turned to see Kamara standing at the entrance……

Don’t tell me you ain’t ready when Declan is already here to pick you up . She queried and my skin tingled in excitement

Declan! when did he get here? has it been long? I asked in a rush and being the stubborn kid I know her to be , she just rolled her eyes and ran out of the room

Crazy kid! I muttered

hastily , I wore a silver shoe to match , grabbed my silver purse and then dashed out of the room

And just like Kamara said, Declan was already waiting for me, he was seated on the sofa beside my mom and jeeez! he looked so hot in his blazers jacket and slim fitted pant trousers

On seeing me , he stood up with his hands in his pocket and moved closer to me, his eyes raked down my body and back up ,he didn’t even try to subtle it, I just stood there playing with my hands shyly

You look so beautiful! he remarked and I shifted uneasily knowing my mom was watching us ..

Thanks. I muttered and he smiled lightly, Taking my hands into his , he faced my mum.

We will be going now ma. he announced and a sigh escape from my mom lips

Alright Dec! and pleaaaase make sure you take care of Sasha. She said stretching the please and I rolled my eyes

Really mum! What do you think I… I tried to say but Declan butted in

I will do just that ma! he told my mum who just nodded, And we both walked out of the house still holding hands………….

But to my surprise, immediately we got outside, he pinned me to his car and then kissed me hard and deep

Declaaan! I moaned into his mouth and tried to pull out of the kiss but just couldn’t…his lips was just too soft and tempting and without thinking, I kissed him back deeper and harder … he chuckled softly and then pulled out from the kiss…

You are running me crazy Sasha. he said , cupping my cheeks and I smiled nervously

My entire body felt like it has been ignited and I have never felt like this before…

Can’t we just skip the prom night? he asked fixing his gaze on me and I swallowed hard

But why? I asked trying not to sound nervous

Isn’t it obvious; I want to spend the whole night with you . he answered

Yes! Yes! Yes! My subconsciousness screamed but I knew I had to act tough so I faked a frown

But you know we can’t do that , This is the last party we are gonna have as a high schooler and we really need to be there. I said hoping he would wave my reason off but he didn’t , instead he nodded and smiled

opening the car door , he gestured me to get in and when I did , he bang the door shut , turned around and then hopped into the driver seat….

Are you alright? he asked and I exhaled deeply before nodding…..

Good! starting the car , he zoomed off……….
We arrived at the club and the parking lot was full of cars

Jeez! I never knew most of my class mate had cars…Music blared out from the two giant loudspeakers in front of the club and I wriggled my body in excitement without minding Declan who was still trying to park out properly… This is gonna to be so much fun. I squealed in delight and he chuckled

Is this your first time clubbing? he asked and I nodded

Oh! I see!!! We both alighted from the car and on Entering , I was shocked to see the place so crowded

Dang it! I should have listened to Declan and just stayed at his place, I felt Declan hands in mine and I immediately felt safe …

Are you alright? he asked to be sure and I nodded , looking around

Then what is with the weird face? he continued and I sighed

I am just surprised, I never knew clubs were like this . I answered truthfully and he smirked

Let’s go sit down.

We walked over to a table occupied by Cory , Amanda and two of Declan friends, There was still enough space for two so we joined them, I sat down in between Cory and Amanda while Declan sat down directly opposite me, We all exchange pleasantries and Cory shifted closer to me

Why were you late? She asked with a loud voice

Was I? I asked with the same loud voice and she nodded

Or did Declan delay you with erm you know ? She asked with a wink and I hit her playfully

After in what feels like forever, the party ended and I must admit , I had so much fun … I walked out of the club with Cory, She has been my only friend ever since Daphne left and guess what?she and Sinclair just started a relationship… bading her goodnight , I ran all the way to Declan who was already seated in the car. I opened the car door and got in beside him, How will she get home? he asked referring to Cory

Sinclair will come pick her . I answered and he exclaimed softly

If that is the case , she will be fine . having said that , he started the car and drove off to his home

After about 30 mins, we got to Declan home and he parked out in front …We alighted from the car and with my hands in his , we headed straight upstairs to his room ..I was so damn tired! Entering his room, I collapsed on his big bed and he chuckled

Aren’t you gonna change into something comfy? he asked ,walking into the bathroom

I will. I answered with a tiny voice without minding he will hear me or not … he soon returned to the room wearing only his briefs and my eyes almost popped out on seeing the tiny markings on his chest ……

Did you get a tattoo? I asked, he looked at his chest and then back at me …

Don’t you like it? he threw a question back at me and I swallowed hard

Of course why won’t I! but why did you do it? I mean why did you ink my name on your chest ? I asked , sitting up on the bed

That is because I wanted to do it . he answered as he joined me on the bed …….

Can I touch it? I asked foolishly and he nodded, I stared at wordings of my name on his chest before touching it …..

It is so beautiful! I remarked

Just like you. he retorted and I shifted my gaze to his face ….his blue eyes! his pointed nose! and then to his sexy lips ….

Go and freshen up. I heard him say but his voice sounded so distant, I was lost staring at his cute face and I could feel a sensation burning through me…And without thinking, I placed my lips on his and kissed him, I needed to pour it out or else I will explode

f**k! he breathe into my mouth as he kissed me back harder, I was in cloud nine and never wanted this to stop, Rolling me over, he kept on kissing me and I hugged him so tightly, he pulled out of the kiss and started sucking on my neck, My breathing became more louder and my skin also tingled in pleasure

I am ready! I am ready! I am ready! My subconsciousness kept on screaming and as if reading my mind, he asked

Are you ready?

Am I ? I asked myself and then nodded giving him a go ahead, And without saying anything, he grab a hold of my hair to keep my head just above as he continued kissing my neck …

Declaaaan! I moaned loudly and he stopped to stare at my face ….

What! I mouthed at him

Pull off your gown. he instructed and I did hastily
I was left in my undies ….he unclasp the bra and flung it to the floor…Taking one of my breast into his mouth, he suckled on it while pinching on the second one …….

I want more! I want more! I want more! I wriggled my body in pleasure and he laughed

What is so funny? I asked with a rapt breathe but he did not answer, instead he waved a finger in front of me, I gave him a confused look and was about asking him what he meant when he shifted my pant a little and inserted the finger into my pu**¥…

Ooouch! I gasped as he moved the finger in and out of me …..

Deeeeeeeec! I moaned loudly

I will add another finger. he said in whispers and before I could Object, he did it …

You are beautiful Sasha. he whispered into my ears as he fingered me hard and deep

And before I knew it , he went down on me and started eating me out

Where did he learn all this from? I wondered, throwing my head back in pleasure as I moaned loudly…….

Are you ready? he suddenly asked and I frowned, Why is he spoiling the fun with a silly question? I thought within

Are you? he repeated and I nodded

It will hurt the first time. he said softly and I gulped down hard

Hurt! What is he saying!

I can stop if you don’t ….. he tried to say but I cut him off


And without saying anything more , he pulled down his boxers exposing his D*** and that was when I understood the meaning of the hurt …..:

Will this go into me? I asked with a cracked voice and he nodded

Just rest your nerves, I will be gentle. he assured and I exhaled deeply, Raising my two legs on his shoulders, he penetrated Into me and that was it , I could not take it any longer, I screamed out my lungs hoping he would stop but he didn’t , he kept on penetrating into me and when he fully entered he started thrusting in and out of me … I pushed and trashed out my legs but it was no use as he had me under his control

Declan! Please! Please! I pleaded with a muffled breathe but he did not budge…….: was hurting, my body felt numb and I was in great pain

Hold me tightly baby. he begged, moaning deeply into my ears …

No Dec! I am in pains. I said shaking my head and he leaned in to kiss me, But to my surprise, he increased his pace and kept on thrusting harder and faster…

I am cumming! I am cumming! he screamed vibrating and then pulled out of me , releasing some whitish fluid …We stayed like that for a while breathing hard against each other and then he rolled off me….Staring at the blood stained bed sheet , I tried closing my legs but couldn’t, My whole body was hurting…

I am sorry baby. Declan apologised and I smiled shyly, He got off the bed and walked over to his reading table, he opened the drawer and brought out a small box ;then returned to the bed ….He laid beside me and then made me lean on his chest

here. he handed me the box which I quickly opened….

There was a golden necklace in it and I brought it out …..I smiled, It was Daphne necklace

When did you fix it? I asked softly and he shrugged

Not quite long; should I help you with it? he asked and I nodded sheepishly, he took it from me and unhooked it

If I ask you to spend the rest of your life with me , will you? he asked as he wore the necklace around my neck…….:My heart skipped a bit , is he trying to propose to me?

Of course I will . I said softly and he smiled….

I want to spend my forever with you and will take you to the alter immediately after college. he promised and I grinned from ear to ear…

Thanks baby. I said but he shook his head, I should be the one thanking you , thanks for coming to my life. he said and kissed my lips briefly…..I smiled sheepishly

Let’s go to bed , it is already late . he said and before I could say anything, he wrapped his hands around me tightly …I touched the chain on my neck and smiled

Daphne! Can you see this ? I mumbled and my heart raced faster …….

Yes, she is still in my heart..:.
The End
Befriending a ghost has finally come to an end …
Thanks for reading