Befriending A Ghost – Episode 22


Declan Davies
With tears rolling down my eyes , I scurried out of the house with Cory ignoring my mom call……

Declan ! Declan! Declan! She kept on calling but I was in no mood to answer her as my heart was filled with pain ….. yes pain …..All I wanted to do right now is cry out my pain and scream and let it out because it is killing me inside.

Daphne skull was cracked opened with a mallet!…oh God! her death was so gruesome… Running as fast as I could to the taxi station, I kept on beating my chest in grief, The thought of also loosing Sasha sent shivers to my spine, No I can’t let that happen! I can’t allow that beast hurt my Sasha !

All of a sudden , a loud thud coming from behind me distracted me from my thought and I quickly turned to see Cory on the floor ….

Ouch! It hurts! She muttered, trying to get back on her feet but I guess she was finding it hard , because she fell back to the floor….

Are you alright? I asked but she shook her head

No Dec! I think my ankle got sprained . She said with a grimacing face , I could tell she was in pain, And without saying anything, I moved closer , reaching down to help her to her feet.

Thanks . She muttered

Standing closely beside her , I held her waist as we both walked slowly to the taxi station …

It was already pitch dark when we got to the taxi station and I lowered her carefully to sit on a bench …

Who are we waiting for? She asked

A friend. I grunted , biting my lips. I brought out my phone from my Pocket and was about dialling Sinclair number when I spotted a car coming from a distance

Is that your friend car? Cory asked , wiping her tears with her palm and I shrugged

I think so . I said with a straight face

Just then , her phone beeped signifying a text message and she immediately brought it out from her purse …..her hands shook as she read the message..

What is it? I asked , looking at her shaky hands and then back at her …,,,

Racheal has Sasha. She answered with a trembling voice and I clutched my fist in anger… I was about to say something when the same car pulled up in front of us…

Get in! a familiar voice instructed, winding down the window and as expected it was Sinclair …He was not alone, there was another cop officer with him sitting beside him in the passenger seat
opening the back door , I helped Cory get in before hopping in beside her. And without wasting time , Sinclair who was behind the wheel drove off ….

Sasha Alfredo

Panic stricken , I kept on pleading with the lanky man as he held my hands dragging me into an abandoned building……..

Please sir ! Please sir! Please sir! I screamed in fear but he did not budge , instead he seized me roughly by my hair and dragged me along like a dog …My head was spinning, my hands shaking , my breathing heavy ……I.was so damn scared, What will happen to me now! Where is the fool even taking me too! I tried struggling out of his tight grip but he held my hair more tightly so I had no other choice but to bite him hard on his hand, he groaned in pain and immediately let go of me… Looking around the dark room, I made for the entrance but it was of no use as the man caught up with me.

And where do you think you are going? he asked and before I could say anything, he gave me a thunderous slap ….I winced in pain

Please sir let me go , I don’t want to die . I pleaded and he seized me up , smacking his lips seductively

I wonder why Racheal wants a beautiful girl like you dead . he muttered and I froze

What do you mean sir? I stuttered and he chuckled softly

It seems you really don’t know the kind of person Racheal is! he retorted with a dim smiled and I shivered in fear

Please sir let me go , I don’t want to die. I pleaded as tears rolled down my eyes and he sighed

I am sorry girly but a deal is a deal ….

But sir I …. I tried to say but he cut me off ….

Keep your f****ng mouth shut or else I will blow off your head. he barked and I recoiled in fear Holding my hands tightly, he led me to a smaller room …….

Standing at the entrance of the room , he searched my pocket thoroughly and then brought out the “pen recorder” My heart skipped a beat

What is this? he asked staring at the ” pen” intently and I exhaled deeply

It is a pen. I answered with a tiny voice, he looked at the pen and then back at me

I can see you are the studious one . he said, handing the ” pen” back to me and without waiting for my response, he pushed me roughly into the room and then shut the door , locking it from outside….

That was close! I muttered , sighing in relief, But what will happen to me! Why did Racheal bring me here! Or did she want the man to…….oh no! It can’t be !

With the help of the moon light , I looked around the tiny room and shivered in fright …..The room was dusty with cobwebs, the walls were cracked …… the room looked so creepy ….Just then , I felt a presence in the room and I looked behind me to see Daphne

Daphne! I called excitedly but just stared blankly into space

Daphne! I called again and she slowly shifted her gaze to me

How did you find me? I asked and she pointed to my neck

Oh! the necklace? I asked to be sure and she nodded slowly, I could tell she was very scared …… I mean who wouldn’t be scared, I was also so f****ng scared but I was just trying to appear calm…….

Sasha! I think Amanda was right . She said , looking around the room

Amanda! Who the hell is Amanda? I asked with an arched eyebrow

The “class gossip” . She answered and I exclaimed softly

And what was she right about?

The fact about my seat being cursed , she said anyone who sits on it will share the same fate as me , remember? She asked and I nodded slowly, I think it is about happening now . She added and my heart skipped a bit

What are you trying to say? I asked with a trembling voice and she broke down in tears

Can’t you see Sasha ! I got killed because I caught Racheal and Cory making out and you also …Caught them in the same act . I completed and she nodded

I held the ” old looking” wall to stop myself from falling….My instinct had been right all along , Racheal wants me to dead also!

Oh God! Is this how my life will end! Why did I not listen to Daphne! Why didn’t I tell Declan about it! Speaking about Declan , I am sure he would be so worried… If anything should happen to me , how will my family react! How will Declan react! I am sure they would all run crazy,

Oh Sasha! f**k You for being so stubborn! I muttered as tears rolled down my eyes, Raising my head , I was about saying something when the door suddenly flung opened and Racheal walked in with the lanky man following behind her

b***h! I cursed , rushing to punch her but the man pushed me away

I told you Rachel, she is so fiesty. the lanky man remarked and Racheal chuckled

Let see about that , Tie her up. She barked and the man grinned widely , exposing his green teeth

Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd! What are we going to do now? I heard Daphne asked, She rushed to the man and tried hitting him but as expected, her hands passed through him ……:

Sasha you are not a coward, you really got to fight in your own way . I thought within,staring at the ” pen recorder” I was holding … Pressing the thrust device of the pen , I tossed it to a corner of the room and then rushed towards the man like a mad woman…If I die , i will die fighting

I directed all the anger in me to the man and kept on punching him as hard as I could but it seems my punch was doing nothing to him because he kept on laughing……

Can you see what your friend is doing? he asked facing Racheal and in a flash , he caught both of my hands and twisted it

Arrrrrgh. I screamed in pain but being the devil he is , he just laughed and shoved me roughly to the floor

I love teaching b***hes like you a lesson. the man retorted and then brought out a rope from a bag at the entrance of the room …..he moved closer and squatted beside me.I was too weak so without struggling, I let him tie me up …he stared at me for a while and then let his eyes roam all over my body

bas***d! I cursed weakly and he smiled lightly, Standing up , he faced Racheal who was typing into her phone wearing a wide smile …..

Racheal! Can I f**k the girl before you kill her? he asked and Racheal raised her head to look at him, She shifted her gaze to me and then tilted her head a little

hmmmmh I would have love to but we have got no time , Cory just messaged me that she is on her way . She explained and I froze

Cory! Is she aware of it also ? I shifted my gaze to Daphne and met her gaze, She shook her head as the tears rolled down her eyes, I looked away and sighed, I guess there is no way to escape death but I need to make Racheal confess , you know someone else might see the “pen recorder “and might choose to help Daphne and I get Justice just like the way I helped Daphne, Bracing up, I shifted my gaze to the witch

Murderer! I cursed at her, She looked startled for a moment and then quickly composed her self …..

Kelvin! She called facing the lanky guy , can you please excuse us? She pleaded and the guy leaned to whisper something to her before leaving the room …I laughed bitterly

Why did you send him out ! Are you scared of him knowing who you really are . I retorted angrily and she smirked ….

And why should I be ! I just want us to have a heart to heart discussion before I kill you . She said with a smile and I shivered in fear….You see Sasha, I am really sorry for doing this but love is not meant to be shared…..

Pathetic b***h! I cursed and she laughed loudly

Who! Me! No Sasha you are the one that is pathetic. She paused to type something into her phone before she continued…..I loved Declan since we were in junior high school and do you think I will fold my hands and watch you take him away from me? She asked, fixing a cold gaze on me but I shook my head

No, I don’t think you love him at all , because if you really do , you wouldn’t kill his sister? I said trying to get to her and I guessed it worked because her hands began trembling… I didn’t mean to kill Daphne , I mean why would I plan on killing the twin sister to my boyfriend. She said trying to reason with me and I smirked

But you did . I drawled

Yes! that is because she erm saw something she shouldn’t have seen . She stuttered and I smirked, I turned sideways to look at the “pen recorder” and on seeing the dim red light, I smiled knowing It was recording……

And do you think Declan will forgive you if he finds out what you did? I asked , trying to get her to say more ….

And how will he know! Who will tell him ! My dad took care of it well , he even bribed the chief of police to seal the case as a Suicide . She answered foolishly

Oh! Suicide! So you mean all the story about Daphne lover were all fake? I asked and she chuckled softly

Of course! Daphne was a bookworm who doesn’t care the hell about a boyfriend , too bad she got in my way ….. you see Sasha , I still remember that fateful night, Declan being the snub he was hitting on a girl right under my nose, I got angry and scolded at him but what did he do? He told me bluntly in front of his friends, that I was nothing but a friend . I was so pained and without knowing what to do , I picked up the bottle of wine I was drinking from the table and then rushed up the stairs….I was so mad , I just wanted to be alone so I sat down on the bare floor crying my eyes out and when Cory came in to console me , I told her to get down on me . She said and I shook my head in disgust….

You are not only a murderer, you are also an animal . I cursed expecting her to flare up but she just smiled

I didn’t ask Cory to be born poor . She drawled and I scoffed

How I wish she was here to hear this!how I wish the whole class knows you for who you really are! how I wish Declan knows you are a beast! I am sure he is gonna regret it for the rest of his life . I fired at her and she shot me an angry glare

Declan won’t regret it because he loves me . She insisted and I laughed bitterly

You know what Racheal , you are nothing but a delusional fool and that is why Declan will never love you . I said in a huff and in a flash, she brought out a bottle from the big bag at the entrance and rushed to hit my head with it …..

The bottle broke into two and she laughed loudly

Arrrrrrrrrgh! I grunted in pain as blood flowed freely from my head but there was nothing I could do since my hands were tied up …

Sasha! Daphne screamed loudly and I smiled faintly….I guess we will both become ghost !

This is to teach you not to mess with me ! She retorted angrily and I swear, I saw a beast in place of Racheal …

Do your worst, I won’t beg! I half yelled she smirked evilly, She was about hitting me again when we heard gunshots…..She froze and then dropped the half bottle on the floor , making it to give a clunking sound……

What is with the gunshot! Did anyone inform the police! She threw her question to no one in particular…I watched her behave like a crazy person and my heart became a little bit lighter…

Did someone come for me! Will I be save! …..
Just then the door to room got wider and I heard her call Declan …
Declan Davies

All through the drive to the abandoned school, I kept on urging Sinclair to drive faster …Not that he wasn’t fast enough, I was just worried that Racheal will harm Sasha before we get there ..

Though she assured Cory that she will wait for her but as you know , a murderer is not to be trusted… My phone suddenly rang , I brought it out from my pocket and as expected, it was my mom, I switched it off and then kept in back inside my pocket… I will explain everything to her only if all goes well …….

We soon got to the abandoned school and Sinclair drove roughly into the bushy compound….I guess his actions alerted whosever was guiding the house because we sighted a lone figure trying to escape  by scaling up the fence …
And without wasting time , The second cops alighted from the car, brought out a pistol from his pocket and shot twice at the figure, And with a loud thud, the figure fell to the ground like a log of wood …..

Stay in the car . Sinclair instructed Cory and I but I shook my head ….

And without waiting for him to say anything further, I alighted from my own end and rushed towards the figure…Thanks to the moonlight, we were able to see clearly ….It was a tall lanky man , he was grunting in pain , holding his hands while trying to put pressure on the bullet wound
as soon as he saw the officer and I , he tried to Stand up but the officer shot at his leg …

Arggh! he groaned in pain and the officer bent to squat beside him …..

Where is Sasha? the officer asked, The man looked at him , at me and then shifted his gaze to someone behind me and without turning to look ,I knew it was Sinclair….

Where is Sasha? The officer repeated and the man grinned slowly, exposing his green teeth…

Yuck!  I looked away in disgust

Do you mean the sexy girl with a big ass?he asked and I grit my teeth in anger

Yes, where is she? I asked coldly and he sighed

If you want to save her , you have to go now or else Racheal will crack open her skull

And without thinking, I ran like a mad man towards the house but was soon caught up by Sinclair

What do you think you are doing? he asked , panting

Trying to save my girlfriend. I answered in a huff, he stared at me for a while and then sighed

Fine! Follow my lead …

Following behind him , we walked slowly to a room that was slightly ajar and when he pushed it opened, we came face to face with the witch, Racheal….

Declan! She called I shock , what erm are you doing here? she stuttered,whimpering, And without answering her, I shoved her away and walked into the room fully and what I saw made me speechless, Sasha was tied up like an animal and was bleeding profusely from her head

Declan! She called with a weak smile and I rushed towards her ….

Hey baby! What happened! Did the witch do this to you? I asked rushingly , loosing the rope around her body

I am sorry Declan for not picking your calls . She apologise weakly and I bit my lips in anger, turning to face Racheal

You witch! I will make sure you rot in prison. I threatened, She was quiet for a while and then laughed out loudly

My dad will surely help me. She said boldly and Sasha chuckled

And how will he help you when he will be also rotting in prison! She retorted and Racheal froze

What do you mean by that?

There.Sasha said weakly, pointing to a corner of the room …I quickly turned in the direction to see what she meant , the” pen recorder was laying at a corner with a dim red light” And in a rush , Sinclair went over to pick it ..He dusted the sand off its body and playing it , it was Racheal’s confession…

No it can’t be, it can’t be. Racheal yelled and I smirked

Of course it can’t be , a confession directly from the murderer’s mouth….She tried to run but was blocked by the second officer who was just coming in , dragging the lanky man along ….

One more step from you and I will blow of your head. He threatened, cocking his gun and the witch went stiff …She was immediately handcuffed together with the lanky man and they  were both dragged out of the room by the officer…I shifted my gaze to Sasha and held her more tightly…..

Is she alright? Sinclair asked but I shook my head

Please call the ambulance. I pleaded and he did….

I did it right . She said weakly and I nodded, trying to blink back the tears from falling…
Please stop talking baby . I pleaded but being the stubborn person she is , she didn’t budge instead she turned sideways.

I did it Daphne  and now you will be able to get Justice…having said that , she clutched unto my clothes tightly and started breathing faster … She is having a seizures. Sinclair screamed and in a rush , I carried her up in a bridal style and dashed out of the room … Stay with me Sasha , please stay with me …