Befriending A Ghost – Episode 21


Declan Davies

Sasha refused to talk to me all through in class and I must admit , I was very worried. I never expected her to have reacted angrily , but how did she even know I lied? It is not like I showed my emotions facially or…… wait a minute! Did she have Daphne spy on me? If yes , she is really so impossible! I turned sideways to her and caught at staring at me, She quickly looked away and I sighed, I guess I will have to apologise to her after school hours……

But to my surprise, immediately the school bell rang signalling the end of school day , she sling her backpack across her shoulders, stood up in a huff and then walked out of the class, Is she for real? I thought within

Grabbing my back pack , I got off my seat and then ran after her …

Sasha! I called loudly but she did not answer and I kept on running till I caught up with her …

What is wrong with you? I asked her but she didn’t respond, instead she tried to walk past me..Catching her by her arm, I pulled her close to me…

Let go of me Declan ! She said , trying to struggle out of my grip but I held her more tightly…

No, I won’t do that until you tell me what exactly is wrong with you. I snapped back at her and she scoffed

I just want to be on my own , can you please let me be? She pleaded and I sniggered

Of course I will , if you can tell me the reason why? I said staring into her face

Are you really asking me that! Fine! Since you want to hear it from me then I will tell you , I want to be alone because I can’t stand a liar like you .she half yelled, I caught my breathe , surprised by her word ….

Can you pleaaaasee let me go now ? She asked stretching the word “please” and I sighed

C’mon Sasha I did that because I don’t want you to be caught up in the middle . I explained and she rolled her eyes

You see Declan you are just a spoilt proud brat who does not care about others feelings. She accused, And without saying, I let go of her and bit my lips as I watched her run off … She is just too stubborn!

Having a couple fight? a voice asked

I looked in the direction and met the gaze of the “class gossip” Amanda

What a looser! i mumbled and then walked slowly to my car … Sasha just ruined my mood!

Sasha Alfredo

Pushing the door opened with my legs , I walked in holding a huge tray containing a plate of hot waffles with chicken and a bottled water… the aroma of the food was already making me salivate and I really couldn’t just wait to devour it … I placed the tray gently on the bed and then sat down with my legs folded under as if practicing yoga …. And in a rush , I started munching on the food hungrily

Glutton! Daphne cursed at me and I paused to stare at her.

Are you talking to me? I asked in surprise and she scoffed

I didn’t talk to you , I cursed at you. She corrected and I smiled knowing she was tired of ignoring me , yes ignoring me……She scolded at me for being harsh on Declan and when I refused listening to her, she gave me the silent treatment…..

My phone suddenly rang and on checking the caller , it was Declan, I rolled my eyes, Can’t he just leave me alone? I said aloud as I hanged up the call

Are you really gonna continue with that? Daphne queried and I nodded, You are crazy! Declan has called more than a dozen time and yet you kept on banging his calls , what exactly is your problem?she retorted angrily and I grinned

Let us just say I am trying to make him see my worth. I answered with a wider grin and she rolled her eyes

Oh yeah! and I also pray you don’t loose him this way . She drawled ….

What! Loose! No way! I blurted out and she laughed

Then let go of your pride and call him. She advised, Shrugging, I paused to drink from the bottled water before answering her

I will do call him when I am back from the bus station…

Really Sasha! Are you gonna meet Racheal all alone? She asked , widening her eyes in surprise

Sure! I answered and then continued munching away …

After eating, I put the tray away on the floor and then rested my head on the pillow .Glancing at the wall clock , it was 18:00pm, I guess I need to be on my way! I got off the bed and went over to the wardrobe…I pulled off the red top I was wearing and changed it to a pink one …

Are you going somewhere? Daphne asked and I nodded without looking at her

And where is that? She continued

To the bus station. I answered and she scoffed
But she asked to meet by 19:00, then why going now. She queried

That is because my mom won’t allow me to go out once it is past 19:00. I explained and she exclaimed softly

I will wait for Racheal. I quickly added …..
having explained to her , I brought out the “pen recorder” out from my back pack and then   kept it in the front pocket of my jean trouser…Picking a text book from the table , I faced Daphne

Are you coming with me or not ? I asked , knowing she would say yes and I was not disappointed

Let us go . I said and we both headed down the stairs…

On getting downstairs, I met my mom and Kamara watching television in the sitting room

Mum! I called and she shifted her attention to me

Erm I need to return this text book to Declan. I lied, She looked at the textbook and then look at me

Can’t you do that tomorrow? I mean it is already getting late . She said , glancing at her wristwatch

No mom! he will be needing it this night . I insisted and she sighed

Fine! So when will you be back home or will you be spending the night there? She asked and I gasped in surprise

Can I really do that? I asked to be sure, She was quiet for a moment and then she nodded slowly.

I trust you won’t do anything foolish ….

Sure mom!

So will  you be spending the night there? She repeated and this time I nodded sheepishly……

Alright then ! Run along before it gets  too dark . She told me

Okay mum! Good night . I bade and rushed out of the house , excitedly

Are you really going to spend the night with Declan? Daphne asked as we walked to the taxi station

Yes. I answered with a large smile , i will call at his place after listening to what Racheal have to say ……

Oh! If that is the case , I think you need to let him know. She continued

Sure!, I searched my pockets for my phone but couldn’t find it

Damn! I left it at home . I said aloud  and Daphne huffed

How could you! You should know that your Phone is so important right now. She retorted and I sighed in frustration

I know!but going home is not an option, I will just go to his home without calling …….

We soon got to the station and I flagged down a taxi…..

I will Join you at the bus station. Daphne said in whispers and I nodded without looking at her, Opening the car door, I got in

Where miss? The driver asked

The bus station closer to diamond high. I answered and without asking any more question, he drove off ………

Cory Abel

With a heavy heart, I kept on rolling on my bed, The look on Racheal face when Sasha caught us was alarming , it was the same way she looked at Daphne on that fateful night …

I shivered in fear as the memory of what happened that night flashed on……..

Damn! Racheal is such a beast ……. but wait a minute! What if she try to harm Sasha also?
No it can’t happen ! I can’t let that happen , I really need to do something about it ….And in a rush , I got off the bed , put on my slippers , grabbed my purse and then dashed out of the room…Luckily for me , my mom was in the kitchen so I tiptoed to the door , opened it gently , trying not to make a sound and then ran out of the house ………

Cory! Is that you? I heard my mom asked but I ignored her ……I have to do what is right! I mumbled softly as I took a short cut to Declan’s home …..

Declan Davies

I dialled Sasha number for the umpteenth time but she was still not picking, I sighed in frustration, What is wrong with her? Is she trying to run me crazy with worry!

Fine! I know I wronged her but why is she taking this too far? Just then , my mom called me from the sitting room

Declan! And without answering her , I got off the bed and headed down the stairs to the sitting room, She was setting the table for dinner so I went over to assist her

Let me do it . I said , collecting the napkin from her to wipe the plates

Thanks baby . She said with a smile and then opened the pot ready to serve dinner….

I noticed you have been skipping meals so I prepared your favourite. She said with a smile and I nodded absentmindedly, My mind was with Sasha and I was really worried about her!

Baby! What are you thinking about, you have been wiping that plates for more than 5 mins. My mum queried, bringing me out of my thoughts and I quickly composed myself

Oh! I am sorry , what were you saying? I asked and she smirked

Just sit and let us eat …..

Sitting down , She dished a large helping of macaroni cheese into my plate and I stared at her in awe

Eat all of it baby. She said with a straight face and I scoffed

Do you want to kill me with food!

No, I just want to help you gain some weight. She corrected with an eye roll

Whatever! I muttered and she huffed

Use that tone with me again and you will be grounded for two weeks . She threatened and I raised my hands in defeat

You win!

Using the fork , I was about taking a piece of cheese into my mouth when the door bell rang … I exchanged looks with my mom

Are you expecting someone? I asked but she shook her head

Neither am I . I drawled without making a move to stand up …..

I will go get it . She announced, standing and then made for the door

Cory! I heard her call and I quickly look towards the door in disbelief…She opened the door wider and my heart skipped a bit when Cory walked in

Cory! What is she doing here? Is she here to tell what she knows! I thought within

hello ma! She greeted my mum who was still staring at her in surprise and then faced me

Hi Dec! I came over to borrow your biology note. She said staring intently at me, I tilted my head slowly trying to figure out what she was trying to tell me…….

Note! Is that a kind of clue or……….. dang it! She is trying to ask for privacy ….Covering my food with a plate cover, i stood up in a huff and then faced mother

I will be going upstair with Cory . I told her
She looked at Cory and then back at me ….

Then what about your food? She asked and I faked a chuckle

I won’t be long . I assured her, She stared at me for a while and then sighed

Alright then! She agreed

I shifted my gaze to Cory and signalled her to follow me as I climbed up the stairs to my room…….

I pushed the door opened and we both walked in…bolting the door , I faced her

What is wrong? I asked and she broke down in tears

Racheal might harm Sasha. She said in between sobs and I became alarmed

Harm Sasha! And why would she do that! Did Sasha offend her in anyway? I asked in a rush but she shook her head negatively

Then why the hell will she harm Sasha! I half yelled and she whimpered, sniffing

That is because! Erm that is because erm Sasha erm caught both of us together.she stuttered and I gave her a confused look

Caught you both with what! I asked still not understanding what she meant

Kissing. She said in whispers and I froze

Kissing! And why would you both be kissing! Are you both lesbians? I asked and her countenance changed to that of sadness….

No way! You must be joking ! Racheal is my ex and you know , she doesn’t seem like a lesbian . I said still finding it hard to believe and she took a deep breathe….

You turned her that way Declan , all she wanted was for you to love but what did you do instead, you played with her f****ng feelings. She paused to wipe her tears before she continued

I was always her shoulder to cry on , I will listen attentively to her when she tells me how much she love you but all that changed when she asked me a question which ruined my entire life, Cory! Will you help me quench my burning desire ? I was taken aback by this question and was contemplating on the answers to give her when she suddenly kissed me deeply and that was it , I became her “burning quencher” ever since then. She half yelled

Cory! I called softly

I satisfy her whenever the needs arise and She became a thorn in my flesh and what did I do? Nothing, I was the daughter of her maid and just a complain from her will be the beginning of my down fall……I ran my hands through my hair in confusion

Fine! I am sorry for everything you had to go through because of me but I am still confused about one thing, why will Racheal harm Sasha all because she caught both of you kissing? I asked , fixing my gaze on her …..She stared at me for a while and then looked away

Please Cory talk to me . I pleaded

That is because she also did the same to Daphne . She answered and I froze

Daphne! I managed to ask and she nodded

Cory Abel

After completing our examination last three months, Daphne asked me to go with her to the photo studio which I did, I sat down watching Daphne model in front of the camera when my suddenly phone beeped and as expected, it was a text message from Racheal . She instructed me to come over to her house so we could both go to the class party together…..I was scared of going to her place alone so I pleaded with Daphne to go with me….She was reluctant at first but later agreed to join me at the party…And when I asked why she couldn’t go with me to Racheal house , she said she had to inform her parent first …..
I was disappointed at first but later waved it off , at least she would keep me company at the party

I went alone to Racheal’s home and as expected, She asked for a thorough romance which I did without complaints ……I guess she was already addicted to it and that was the main reason why I wanted Daphne to go with me so Racheal would compose herself…..

On getting to the party , I found Daphne seated quietly at a corner, It was obvious she was bored since she wasn’t used to parties, But as for me , I was really excited to have her around ….

We sat down at a corner laughing, drinking , chit chatting when we heard a loud yell, We both quickly looked in the direction to see you and Racheal arguing , No Racheal was the one yelling while you were laughing with your friends, And in a rush , she picked up the bottle of wine she was drinking and then ran up the old looking stairs , crying, Daphne was so furious , she promised to scold at you and then gestured me to go to Racheal …..I made no move to stand up at first but with her constant pleading I gave in …

Damn! Declan cursed and I paused to stare at him

Do you remember? I asked him softly and he nodded

She pleaded with me to let go of Racheal since it was obvious I don’t like her and when I ignored her, she gave me a punch on my shoulder and then headed up the stairs to join you guys and that was the last I saw of her.he explained , biting his lips and I sighed

But believe me , I didn’t play with Racheal, I made it clear to her that I never loved her but she insisted on staying beside me. he added

But you could have just ……. I tried to say but he cut me off

Go on . he urged me to and I sighed softly


I climbed up the stairs and walked silently to a room that was slightly ajar, Pushing it wide opened, I found Racheal sitting on the dirty floor , crying and to tell you the truth, I felt no pity for her but what could a poor girl like me do ? The room was so old and dusted, there was a big crack on the wall and a mallet hammer was leaning against the cracked wall …..

Mallet hammer!he repeated and I nodded

I walked up to Racheal and bent to console her but being the idiot she is , she drew me closer and kissed me deeply, I was surprised, is this not the same person who was crying? she started shaking and ordered me to satisfy her and when I refused, she threatened to withdraw me out of school …..And with no other option left , I did as she wanted, She opened her legs wider and I was surprised to see she wore no pants , without wasting time , I got down on her fingering and sucking her when Daphne erm Daphne walked in

What happened after that? Declan asked coldly, I could tell he was angry

Daphne threatened to tell you and the whole class, I kept on pleading while Racheal just stood there with a blank look on her face …..And in a flash , she rushed to Daphne and hit her with the bottle she was holding, Daphne fell to the floor bleeding but like a beast , Racheal kept on hitting her till she had seizures, I pleaded with Racheal to let her go but she didn’t budge, instead when I tried to stop her , she pushed me away ….

She said something about killing anyone who comes in between you and her…..I brought my phone from my pocket and tried calling the police when the worst happened

Oh my gawd! he exclaimed softly and then broke down in tears

Declan! I called , trying to touch him but he moved away

Continue! he barked and I flinched in fear

Erm erm as I was saying, Racheal picked up the mallet and then hit it on Daphne skull and that was it , her skull got cracked and she died on the spot ….

She threatened to ruin me and my family if I dare say a thing ….I was scared to the bone, What if she kill me like this? I kept on wondering, I returned back to the party alone since Racheal was covered up with Daphne blood . I stared intently at you hoping you would walk up to me and ask of Daphne but you were to drunk to notice me ……

After everyone left , I climbed up the stairs to my room to check on Racheal and I found her staring blankly into space ….On seeing me , she told me to get ready that her dad was on his way ..,,;

But to my surprise, when her dad arrive he asked no questions instead , he used a blanket to wrap Daphne up and carried her away …It was already dark and Racheal and I managed to clean up the blood stain on the floor …

I later got to know that Daphne was thrown in the “big water” under the bridge, The mallet and Racheal blood cloth was well taken care of …And the principal , Rachel dad forced me to give a fake testimony saying Daphne jumped off the bridge because of her college lover who broke up with her ……

But after two weeks , the cops started suspecting a foul play and I was called in for an investigation

I was caught up in the middle, I wanted to say the truth but the Principal reminded me of the threats and also promised to do something about it …..

According to Racheal, she said her father paid the chief of police lot of money to conceal the truth …… so please Declan forgive me all of my mistakes.

I pleaded with tears rolling down my eyes but he just stared at me blankly…..I was about to say something when my phone suddenly rang, Unzipping the small purse I was holding, I brought out the phone and on seeing the caller , my heart raced faster

It is Racheal. I said aloud and Declan clutched his first tightly

Receive it and place it on Speaker .he said with a surprisingly calm voice and I did

hello Cory! the “witch” voice rang through and I took a deep breathe before answering

hi Racheal! I greeted

Where are you? She asked and I froze

What should I say! Is she in my home ! I wondered not knowing what to say

Are you there! She asked to be sure

Yes. I answered and she scoffed

Then why are you not talking, where exactly are you? She repeated and I closed my eyes tightly in fear

I erm in the toilet . I lied

Good! She remarked and I released out the breathe I never know I was holding , opening my eyes

I will send you an address now , I want you to come there immediately. She continued

But Racheal can’t I go there tomorrow. I queried

No, Sasha will be here tonight and I want you to witness her death just like the way you witness Daphne . She said with a chuckle and I glanced at Declan who had a blank look on his face , it was as if he was thinking deeply…

Is Sasha there with you now? I asked to be sure

No, but the guy working for me just called to tell me that a girl which fitted her description is standing alone in the bus station….

Oh God! Declan exclaimed softly and I knew i had to act fact else Sasha would die ….,,

Okay Racheal, send me the address I will be there shortly. I assured, Even without seeing her , I could tell she was smiling widely

Alright Cory ! I will do that and to show you how really excited I am now , I will make sure you witness the whole fun . She said and ended the call…

Crazy bas***d! I cursed and then turned to face Declan, We really need to act fast . I said and without saying anything, he picked up his phone and dialled a number ….

hello Sinclair! I heard him say

Just then a message popped In and I clicked on it

What did it say? Declan asked still holding the phone to his ear

“The abandoned school at the outskirt of the town. I informed and he told the person he is on call with

Alright Sinclair! I will wait for you there . he said and ended the call…..

Grabbing a long jacket on the bed , he put on a slide slippers and then faced me

Let us go …

Following behind him , I looked up to heaven praying for a miracle ………

Daphne Davies

Running as fast as I could, I ran through trees, walls , large buildings Just to get to Sasha on time.

I had a strange feeling that something bad was about to happen but could not say exactly what it was….

Passing through a moving vehicle, I sighted Sasha sitting down quietly on a low bench…

Sasha! I called loudly but she did not hear as I was far way …Moving my feet a little , I was about to run when a strong headache hit me
Arrrrrhh! I groaned loudly…It was as if I had a crack on my head because the pain was so severe…Just then i started hearing voices in my head

If you know you don’t love her let go of her you Jerk ! What the hell Is happening here! Don’t tell me you are both Lesbians! and in a flash, someone hit my head with a green bottle and I fell to the floor ….I saw myself holding onto a huge crack on the wall pleading and struggling but the person kept on hitting and in the process my golden necklace came off …..With the little strength in me , I picked it up and hid it behind the cracked wall knowing the person hitting me wanted me dead and also hoping the necklace would someday serve as an evidence …….

No! No! I screamed as I held my head with my hands

Stop! Stop! Stop! But the memory kept on flowing in and in a flash , the face of the person hitting me became clearer …..Good Lord! It was ……. Racheal And without minding the pain I was having, I ran as fast as I could to Sasha

Sasha! I called loudly and this time she heard me, she turned sideways to look at me and then stood up in a huff

What is it Daphne? She asked in alarm

You have to get away from her now . I said, breathing hard, Racheal is the murderer. I informed but it was too late as a black car came out from no where and pulled up in front of her….. I stared gobsmacked as a lanky guy with an ugly looking teeth alighted from the taxi

Who are you? Sasha asked with a trembling voice and without answering, the guy brought out a gun

“Get in or I will shoot. he threatened and Sasha glanced at me before getting into the car….Leave my friend alone ! Leave my friend alone ! I screamed loudly but it was of no use as the only person who could hear me was the victim……And with tears rolling down my eyes, I watched the car zoomed off……

Sasha! I screamed loudly as my invisible body hit the floor but as expected , I felt no pain …..