Befriending A Ghost – Episode 20


Declan Davies
On getting to school , I drove into the compound Just in time to see Sasha alight from a Black sedan .

Oh yeah! That must be her dad car ….I parked out in the car lot and without saying anything, Cory who was beside alighted and  then ran off ….I sighed , I really hope my words got to her……

Grabbing my backpack from the back seat , i alighted from the car and came face to face with Sasha

good Lord! You  scared the sh*t out of me! I exclaimed and she chuckled

sorry Dec, I saw you drive in so I decided to wait for you. She explained

Oh! Thanks babe, I closed the car door and we both headed to the class…

So what was Cory doing in your car? She suddenly asked and I smiled knowing she would ask me about her

Nothing, I only gave her a ride. I answered

Ride! She repeated in surprise

Yes! according to her , she said Racheal dropped her off the road because she was angry . I explained and she shook her head in disgust

Racheal is really a beast!she remarked and I bit my lower lips without saying anything…..

Entering the class, I settled into my seat and was about bringing out a book when the secretary to the principal walked in……….She looked around the class and when her gaze met mine , she nodded towards me

Declan Davies, the principal wants to see you in his office . She informed and left the class, I felt all eyes on me and  without sparing anyone a glance, I jolted up from my seat and walked out of the class to the principal office……

Taking a deep breathe, I knocked on the polish wooden door

Come in . he answered with his usual husky voice, pushing the door opened , I walked in to see him typing into his laptop ..

Good morning sir! I greeted

Morning Declan! he answered with his eyes still fixed to his laptop…..

You asked to see me sir . I said and was at the same wondering what he wanted to say to me.

You can have your seat. he offered and I did ..
he paused what he was doing and then raised his head to look at me …

So you should know, I did as promised and the fact still remains the same. he started

Fact! What fact? I asked and he sighed

I am sorry to say this, but your sister was not murdered, she committed sucide . he informed and I smirked

And why did you say so! what investigation did you carry out ?I retorted in a huff and he smiled lightly

I talked to the chief of police on the possibility of Daphne being murdered and he said  it was all bullsh*t .he explained and I  bit my lips trying to control my anger….It was so obvious he was trying so hard to conceal the truth but he should get prepared because I am going to do everything possible to get justice for my sister…

So  Declan you just have to accept the fact that your sister killed herself because of her lover . he added

Lover! If I should ask, where is this so- called lover? I mean do I know him? I asked in a huff and he went stiff..Yes , tell me who is this college lover of hers that no one knows? I repeated

Erm i erm it was her best friend statement and not mine. he stuttered and I smirked

Interesting! So no one knows the college lover except Cory . I said picking my words and he exhaled deeply

I know how you feel Declan but you just have to accept the fact that Daphne is dead  and gone. he said softly

I stared in disgust at the monster in front of me for a while and then faked a smile

Fine! Can I go to my class ? I asked still wearing the fake smile and he nodded with a wide grin…..

And with a heavy heart, I stood up from the chair and walked out of the office …..

Don’t worry Daphne! I will make sure your death is not in vain…

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Sasha Alfredo

Restless, I sat down in the almost empty classroom waiting for Daphne to return…She saw the worrisome look on my face when Declan left the class so she decided on her own to follow him to the principal office…But why did the principal ask to see Declan! Did Declan cause any trouble! or ….wait a minute! Is it because of Daphne! Did he later confront the principal about her! No it can’t be!  I mean I know Declan is so stubborn but I never expected him to be so rash with his decisions

Just then I felt a presence beside me and without looking, I knew it was Daphne.

Spill it out . I said in whispers and she cleared her throat before she started talking

Actually it is all about me, the principal is still insisting I committed sucide . She said sadly and I nodded , gesturing her to continue

he told Declan to forget about me since I am dead and gone . She added. I looked around the class to make sure no one was looking before turning sideways to face her

And what was Declan response?  I asked in whispers

He did nothing, he just smiled at him. She answered and I nodded, looking away from her
But why is the class almost empty? She asked and I smirked

Have you forgotten every Friday Is a personal study day . I reminded and she exclaimed softly

Then what are you doing here in class , let go to the library to study . She retorted but I shook my head

The library will be filled up with lot of students . I explained

hmmmmh then let us go to the empty classroom. She suggested and I nodded in agreement

You can message Declan to join you there , I can’t wait to see you both kiss. She added and I huffed

Spoilt brat!

Standing up from my seat , we both headed to  up the stairs to the empty classroom…..

Entering the class room, I widened my eyes in shock at what I saw, Racheal and Cory kissing !

I pinched my self to be sure I was not dreaming and it was certainly not a dream

Racheal! Cory! I called in shock and they immediately pulled out from the kiss…….

Sasha! Whaat are yyyou doing here? Cory stuttered and then broke down in tears

I looked at her and then at Rachel who had a blank look on her face

Sasha it is not what you think. Cory said in between tears and Rachel snapped at her

Would you please shut up! She barked at her and without saying anything, Cory grabbed her back pack from the table and then ran out of the class, crying. I watched her go and then faced Racheal

What the hell did I just see, Are you both Lesbians? I asked in disbelief but she just stared blankly at me

Did you suddenly turn deaf? I asked , with a miff and she exhaled deeply

I am not a lesbian . She said in defence and I Laughed loudly

Then what were you both doing , having sisterly kiss. I said mockingly and she clutched her fist tightly

Wow! Wow! Wow!  Then why were you threatening me about Declan if you …. I tried to say but she cut me off

Leave Declan out of this. She retorted angrily and I swear, I saw the flash of anger in her eyes ……

Really! I should leave him out of this , and how do you think he will react if he hears his ex girlfriend is a lesbian. I said trying to get into her and I guess it worked because a flicker of fear crossed her face

And who will tell him? She asked fixing her gaze on me

Me . I answered and she scoffed

You dare not! She threatened  and I smiled lightly

Then watch me do it !

I  took few steps  to the entrance when she caught my arm

Please don’t tell him. She pleaded like a baby, I looked at her hands and then at her

Let me go . I half yelled but instead, she tightened her hold on me

Please Sasha don’t tell Declan! I don’t want him to hate me! I don’t want him to see me as a bad person! She pleaded as if her life depended on it  and I huffed

Let go of me Racheal or else . I warned but she shook her head

What if we strike a deal? She asked and I knitted my eyebrow

What deal? I asked with interest and she let go of me

I will tell you everything you need to know about Daphne murder and In return, you will keep my secret . She said with a sly smile and I scoffed

Do you think I am a fool! I retorted in a huff and she tilted her head slowly

Are you in or not? she asked picking her words and I swallowed hard

And how do you expect me to believe you? I asked, glancing at Daphne who had a far away look on her face

Simple! Because I was there when Daphne was murdered. She answered and I gasped in shock

What happened to her! Who murdered her! I asked in a rush and she smiled

Easy Sasha, Are you in  or not? She repeated, I stared at her for a while and then sighed

I am in. I agreed and she grinned widely.

Good! Let’s meet at the bus station closer to the school by 19:00pm. She instructed

19: 00pm! I repeated in shock , isn’t that too late?

You can choose to come or not! She retorted

But why can’t you just tell me here? I asked , biting my lips

That is because I need to bring the evidence along. She answered

What evidence? I asked with an arched eyebrow and she smiled lightly

When you come , I will explain to you …

Fine! Let’s meet by 19:00pm! I agreed and was about leaving when she called me back…I turned to face her

And another thing don’t tell anyone about it , not even Declan. She warned and I nodded slowly…having agreed , i walked slowly out of the classroom lost in my own thoughts….

Will you do as she says? Daphne suddenly asked and I slowly shifted my gaze to her

I don’t know , I am really confused. I answered with a sigh

Then you need to confide in Declan. She advised and I sighed without saying anything…

Getting to the class, I looked towards Declan seat and as expected, he was on seat, he placed his head on the table and seem to be listening to music because his headphone was connected to his ear …..I walked up to him and then tapped him gently, he raised his head up and on seeing me , he smiled

Hey baby! where have you been? he asked , taking off the head phone

I have been looking around for you. I lied and Daphne scoffed

Just tell him the truth! She said in a huff but I ignored her

And what about you , why did the principal ask to see you? I asked staring  intently at him

Nothing. he answered and I smirked

Really! So you mean the principal called to tell you nothing ! I retorted and he sighed

Can’t you just let this pass please . he pleaded weakly and I hit my fist on his table in anger

No way Declan, I need to know and that is final….

Fine! Fine! Fine! The principal just called to know how I was faring. he said and I scoffed

You bloody liar! I cursed at him and without waiting for his response, I went over to my seat…

Did he just lie to my face!

You need to Calm down Sasha , he is probably only trying to save you from the stress. Daphne cautioned

I don’t care! I half yelled and Cory who was seated in front of me turned back to face me

What? I mouthed at her and she immediately looked away ….how dare she look at me with that lesbian face of hers! I mumbled angrily….

Damn! Everything really sucks…..

Racheal Hampton

After Sasha left , I brought out my phone from my jean pocket and scrolled through it looking for a number and when I finally did , I dialled it, The person picked up on the second ring….

Hi kelvin! I greeted first

Hi baby! Are you already missing me? his bass voice rang through from the other end and I squeezed my face in disgust

No erm I mean yes . I stuttered and he chuckled

What exactly are you saying? he asked and I exhaled deeply

I need your help this night . I informed and the line went quiet.

Are you there? I asked to be sure

Yes, what kind of help? he probed on

Well! It is something simple and so you know, lot of money will be involved. I added knowing how much he loves money ……

Lot of money! I love that ! he remarked

Good! I will brief you on the details when I am back from school. I said

Sure , and that will be after we have a quickie that…… I hang up the call before he could complete his statement….Crazy fool! I muttered

Cory Abel

Worried, I shifted on my seat while wondering on what next to do …I can’t let it happen all over again! No way , I can’t allow  Sasha share the same fate as Daphne … Closing my eyes , I tried to think but couldn’t, my brain was completely frozen….

Oh God! What can I do!  What can I do! I repeated and Just then Declan words rang in my head..:

“I will assure no harm come to you” But can he really do that? I turned sideways to see him staring at Sasha …And even in my worried state, a smile escaped from my lips, It was obvious he is in love with her which is something Racheal failed to see …Oh Cory! What will you do now, will you put aside your dreams to save a friend!!!