Befriending A Ghost – Episode 2


in fear, I listened to the girl as she talked but could not understand a single thing…
I was damn confused…
Will you help me? She asked after she was done explaining but I just stared blankly at her
Sasha! She called and I froze
Will you help me? She repeated how did you know my name? I managed to ask and she chuckled softly

I heard your mom call you when you were all seated in the dining. She answered with a wide grin

But how is that possible! Why didn’t I see you! Where did you even come from? I asked in a rush and her countenance changed to that of Sadness

What is your name? I continued but she shook her head

I don’t have a name. She answered with a sad face and I gave her a surprised look

What do you mean by that? I mean who in this world doesn’t have a name? I asked and she scoffed

Haven’t you been listening to me! She asked with a frown …

To tell you the truth, I was just too scared to listen to whatever you were saying. I confessed and she sighed

I don’t remember anything about me, the only thing I remember is the chain on your neck. She stated

But how is it possible, did you lose your memory? I asked and she shook her head negatively Then what happened to you? How did you manage to get into this room? I asked with keen interest……

I am dead. She said and I laughed out loud

Oh, my gawd! You are so funny! how can you be… I stopped when I saw her serious face …..
I shuddered a little bit

Is she telling the truth? If yes, does it mean that she is a ……. sh*t! Am I talking to a ghost and as if reading my mind, she blurted out

I am a ghost.

I felt my heart stop beating
Ghost! I repeated and she nodded but I harmless, I just need your help. She added…

She tried to hold my hands but I didn’t feel her touch, all I felt was coldness…..

If you are a ghost, then does it also mean you are dead? I asked picking my words and She nodded
holy moly! I clutched the blanket tightly in fear
Please help me. She pleaded again but I just stared blankly at her

Sasha, you need to help me, without your help I will be condemned forever. She pleaded as tears rolled down her eyes and I kind of felt pity for her.

she looks so innocent and harmless… I mean she is just a young teenage girl of my age …..
I sighed

How can I help you? What can I help you with? I asked and she smiled lightly

I need to find out everything about me, I need to know what happened to me. She answered with a straight face

What do you mean by that? What are you trying to say? I probed further

I have been roaming around the underworld with no destination. She said and I gave her a confused look

Underworld! I repeated and she nodded

It is a place where dead people like me await the final judgment. She explained

Then why did you come back to earth? I asked in confusion…

Because there is no record of me in the underworld and this only happens when the family of the deceased is not at peace with the dead. She explained

So if I am not mistaken, you are trying to say your family is not at peace with you. I asked to be sure and she nodded

But why! I retorted

I don’t know. She answered with a shrug and I sighed In frustration

This is crazy!

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So let me start by asking you this question, what is your name? I asked but she just stared at me blankly

What is your family name? I continued

I don’t know. She answered with a tiny voice and I scoffed

Did you as well lose your memory? I asked and she nodded

That is the price I have to pay for coming back to earth. She said and I huffed

Are you kidding me! You mean you don’t have any idea of who you are! I half yelled and she pouted sadly…

The chain you are wearing is the only thing I remember. She said while staring into space…
I looked down at the chain and it blinked when I touched it…

What a chain! I muttered

I guess it was given to me by someone so special. She continued

Is it D2? I asked staring at the initials written on it and she smiled lightly

I don’t know but we can start by finding out what the initials mean. She said with a shrug

We! I repeated and she nodded

Or won’t you help me? She asked and I huffed
Please Sasha this is the only way I can live peacefully in the underworlds. She pleaded, I have to recover my memory, I have to make my family be at peace with me, I have to find out what happened to me, or else I will…. she stopped and broke down in tears…

I stared at her in pity, I never knew ghosts do cry!….. ……

I sighed

It is alright, I will help you. I agreed and she beamed happily

Really? She asked and I yawned, I was already feeling sleepy…..

Can you please go back to wherever you came from, I need to get some sleep. I pleaded and she nodded without attempting to leave…

Why are you still standing there, go? I barked
but I don’t have anywhere to go. She said with a sad face…

What do you mean by that? I asked with a frown

I just have ….. she tried to say but I cut her off…

Forget it, Just stay wherever you want. I said dryly and she nodded sheepishly…..

I pulled up my blanket and turned to sleep sideways………

The whole thing still feels like a dream but it isn’t ! the ghost is right behind me…… but I was still confused about one thing, how the hell did the necklace get into my bedroom?is it some kind of coincidence?…………

I turned back to look at her and met her gaze…
She was standing beside the bed with her hands folded across her breast…

Why aren’t you sleeping? I asked 

ghosts don’t sleep. She answered softly and I nodded…

It might sound strange, but I wasn’t scared of the girl any longer…..

Good night Sasha! She bade

Good night ghostie! I responded and soon drifted off to sleep……..