As You Make Your Bed Episode 6


“I know you must say something to justify them. Every issue about them is always justified by you” the wife said,
“I didn’t just speak out of ignorance, but by experience,” besides, what an aged person sees on top of a tree while sitting down, a child cannot see even if he stands up or climbs a tree. This is an adage, Mr. Okonkwo argued.
“I know, but listen to what I am about to say. since Ifeoma had been complaining about her boarding school and wanted a day school to enable her to cope, I am of the opinion that we should change school for her. Maybe, one of these private secondary schools will be okay,” Mrs Okonkwo requested.
“No,” the man thundered with an air of authority, “I will not agree to that,” he said, as he relaxed on the sofa. “Ifeoma should face what faces her for the moment. We have played our own part as parents to send her to a good school, but what has she done to help herself, Nothing. Yet you sit here and try to worry over someone who is not making any attempt to help herself.”
“All right dear, since you don’t agree with me, get a home teacher to keep her and the rest of our kids busy during holidays.” She suggested. For a moment, Mr Okonkwo looked at his wife and considered her suggestion. He saw good reasons with her on why they should get a private teacher to tutor their kids..He knew he had been a busy father, himself. His wife stayed at hone with the children. He knew she was doing everything humanly possible to look after the home. He would sometimes imagine the stress of being with children and concluded that it was not an easy task for her. For once, he placed himself in his wife’s stead and realized it wasn’t easy after all. He knew the woman’s weakness; she had spared the rod and spoilt the children. The misunderstanding they had was as a result of this. The woman would always tell him that “They are still kids. Please take things easy with them.” Mr. Okonkwo could not put the blame on her entirely. He knew he had also not fully played his role as a father to his children. He decided to take things easy with her. He finally gave in to his wife’s suggestion and agreed for the private teacher to be employed.
When a private teacher was contacted, he was told to resume work by April as holidays were almost over and the kids would soon go back to school.