Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 49


Kiara’s P.O.V

It’s been a few weeks now.

Maybe, about two or so weeks, since Kyle had confessed that to me.

I tried making small talk with him, but every time I do, he would always find an excuse to avoid me.

And it’s getting worse by the day.

I tried apologizing, but with the whole ignoring thing getting in the way, that’s just not possible.

My fingers tangled in the hem of my topwearily, as I stumbled down to the bottom of the stairs.

My eyes came in contact with kyle, but just like that, he only looked away awkwardly.

Sighing, I unlocked the front door to reveal a girl with long brown hair, dark eyes, wearing a pretty pink ruffle top and white shorts, standing in front of me.

“Hey girlyyyyy!” Sandra squealed, attacking me in a bear hug.

“I so missed you.”

I nodded, forcing a small smile.

. “Yeah, well, me too.” I let her in, closing the door behind me.

My first thought was to tell kyle we would be upstairs, but that wouldn’t make a difference.

He wouldn’t give me a single glance anyway.

I closed my door, collapsing on my bed with a loud, ‘thump’.

“There was a girl.”

I looked up at Sandra, who was speaking while her eyes wandered around the room.

“And a guy.”

I raised my eyebrow, confused on where this was going.


“The girl was friends with another girl. The other girl was engaged to this guy. And that guy had a brother.”

What the actual fvck is going on?

“The girl and the brother, met each other once. They started to get to know each other. The girl fancied the guy a lot, but didnt know what the guy thought of her. And then, one day…” She paused.

Is she talking about Alex and her?

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“One day, the two of them decided to go to this beautiful place. Well, not beautiful. But, it had wild geese and fvcking lions roaming around in cages.”

The zoo.

“Then, night fell. The stars came out, and boy, were they brighter than ever. That girl stared at her friend and her fiancee, wishing for a bond like they had. And then, the guy came along.”

Kyle and I?

“He would say all these bizarre things. Things like, ‘You are so beautiful’ or, ‘Your eyes shine like that star up there.’ And he would point to the brightest star he had find in the sky. And then…”

“He kissed her.” I breathed, interrupting her, my eyes widened.

“Oh my god.” I stood up, still shocked of what was happening.