Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 47


Kiara’s P.O.V

We all went home that next day.

I haven’t seen Andrea or Micheal since yesterday.

And I’m starting to wonder about Alex… and also Sandra a little.

It’s been a while since we hung out.

But, aside from that, kyle’s been ignoring me.

Well, not ignoring exactly.

Just, he would avoid me the entire day.

And that day turned to night.

And I bring you to the present, where now, I was heading inside of my house from a short walk I had taken.

I always take walks when I needed to think, and right now, I was thinking about last night.

About what Kyle was going to say to me.

why andrea’s acting like such a snob, and if that lamp-post was meant to hit me.


I screamed bloody murder when I heard a deep, husky voice call my name in a sleepy tone, once I went inside of the house.

Though, I don’t know why I couldn’t stop screaming.

Until I felt my mouth being covered my two familiar, soft yet large hands, I continued to scream.

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“Kiara chill, it’s only me, Kyle.” The voice said again, as he released his hand from my lips.

I turned to come face to face with the eyes of Kyle, a wave of relief overwhelming me, as I sighed deeply.

“I’m sorry. I tho…thought you wer..were a ra…rápist or something.”

“What in the damn hell are you doing walking around? I thought you were in your room. I went to check up on you and you were gone.

I was looking for you. And, I….I tried to call you, bu…but you wouldn’t pick up. Do you know how much in a holy fvck’s sake you got me worried? I was fvcking hyperventilating when I couldn’t find you. I thought you were somewhere outside getting rápéd by that maxwell guy or something until I looked out the window and saw you walking around. For holy sh*t, it’s 11:30 at night! Kiara, don’t you…”

“Kyle, why the hell would you react like that? And sh*t isn’t holy, okay? And I don’t think maxwell would räpè me, he is a nice guy. And besides, we just met anyway.” I responded with a slight snicker.

Kyle stopped pacing when I went on about maxwell.

Somethings flickered in his eyes.

Anger, jealousy, regret.

“Can we just go to be…”

“Ye..Yeah. Let’s g…go.” Kyle pointed, but shook his head after a second, re-deciding his decision by picking me up instead.

“Or I can carry you there, considering your foots not so much better yet, anyway.”

I rolled my eyes while we stepped into his room.

“It’s not that bad anymore. You are just be….”

“Shut up and just let me carry you, alright?” He cut me off, chuckling, and placing me on the bed.

Before he slipped in or took of his button- up shirt and unbuckled his black skinny jeans,I stifled out a laugh and he rolled his eyes, hovering over me.

I was layed on my back, my face facing him while he just stared at my face.

“You are really beautiful. You know that?” He whispered, putting his lips on my forehead.

“You didn’t say that two years ago.” My voice cracked towards the end.