Arranged Marriage With Mr Playboy – Episode 46


Kiara’s P.O.V

I slowly fell into a deep faze as I stared numbly at my Savannah Hotel room ceiling.

I just, didn’t understand.

Who could have possibly thought of pushing a fvcking lamp-post over like that?

That was such an immaturely dangerous act, if you ask me.

Whoever did do it, though, was beyond with a sick attitude!

If you are wondering who else I will be sleeping with in the hotel tonight, it’s actually Andrea.

I don’t know, it wasn’t really my fault I was with Andrea.

See, originally I had been arranged to be in a room with kyle.

But, I ended up losing him in a crowd and when I forgot the room number, and he had the keys, I decided to wander around the seventh floor to look for him.

Now you are wondering, why couldn’t you just call him, you dipshit?

Yeah, well…um… I sort of forgot my phone in Kyle’s car, and never got it afterwards.

I know, I sound like the world’s most dumbest piece of sh*t out there.

But, hey.

You can’t blame me.

I have always been this way.

After a while, I heard the door squeak open, telling me Andrea had come in.

I looked her way and smiled softly.

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Andrea smiled back.


Once she slipped in, I decided to ask her what was on my mind.

“Hey, andrea?”

“Yeah,” She mumbled back, her voice obviously telling me she was tired and wasn’t in the mood to talk.

“Can I ask?” I questioned.

“You already did.”

I rolled my eyes at her immature reply.

“Can I ask another?”

“You already did!” She yelled again, laughing slightly.

I groaned and giggled.

“Can I ask two more?” I finally said as my eyes narrowed for she had no way of getting out this time.

“Yeah…” Andrea sighed.

“What is it, exactly?”

I hesitated on whether I should ask her or not.

Knowing Andrea she would probably snap at me.

And I’m even more surprised considering she didn’t even apologize for screaming at me when I wanted to go with kyle this evening.

“Who do you think pushed forward that lamp post?” I inquired, turning to my side as I pulled the covers over me.

“I mean, not in general. But like, what kind of person would do that, really?”

Andrea stayed quiet for a long while, not even bothering to make the tiniest amount of noise.

And for a second, I thought she fell asleep already, until I heard her cough quietly.

“I..I do…don’t know kiara.” She stammered, her voice sounding…guilty.

“But Andre..”

“I said I don’t know, Kiara!” She snapped, shooting out of bed in a sitting position, her hazel eyes piercing madly through my deep brown ones.

I have never seen her like this, really.

She has never snapped at me or anyone before like she is doing today.

What is going on with her?

Whether it mattered or not, I knew that I was beyond afraid of her now.

I’m sorry I am the way I am, weak.

I just happen to be fragile like this, but it wasn’t always this way.

“I…I’m sor…sorry.” I squeaked out, hiding back into the covers.

And even though I couldn’t see andrea fully, I could just imagine the way she would be rolling her eyes at me right now.

She always does that when she sees me upset, and scared.

And every time, it only makes me feel weaker.