All That Glitters Episode 14


sounds of “uuurgh” rang through the air as I came crashing to the ground, the ref blew the whistle twice and pointed to the box, I squirmed in pain as I looked up I saw the guy who tackled me, there was no sign of remorse in his face only a murderous intent eyes staring at me, his teammates ran towards the ref to give excuses ,,but the man wasn’t interested in what they had to say he walked straight to the boy ,,faced him and raised a red flag in front of him, I could see the anguish written all over the hill crest players and their supporters medic walked swiftly towards the field with a stretcher in hand.

I became irritated immediately I saw the stretcher, how can everything I worked for come to waste never! Im not leaving here on a stretcher, I brushed off the guys who tried to carry me on the tool

“No,,no need I’m fine” the man looked at me with a raised eyebrow they applied ointments and bandaged my leg

“maybe you should take a rest ken” the coach told me

“I’m fine coach ,,,besides its just five minutes left,,,I ll see this match till the end” I replied him, the coach nodded. I think he understood how much my pride would be hurt if I got dragged off like that

“but ken are you sure” yahya asked me,

“I’m sure bro,,,just make sure you give a clean shot” I relplied they helped me up as I hopped to the side of the field atleast the crowd cheered on as I hopped encouraging me a bit, then the ref placed positions, yahya stepped forward to play, he stepped a few inches then looked with a determined face at the pole, I was very confident at yahya’s curved shot, I took in a deep breath as yahya looked down at the ball, everywhere seemed quiet for a while then suddenly the ref blew the whistle and yahya ran forward and gave the ball a powerful kick, everybody’s eyes followed the direction of the ball as it curved a little and went straight to the waitin keepers hands, my mouth dropped open! how is that possible!! from the corner of my eyes I saw coach exclaim in anger

*but that was an impossible curve,,,how did that keeper get there so fast* the goal keeper smiled in satisfaction as he held on to the ball, his teammates kept shouting praises and hails at him almost everyone appeared shocked as they watched the hill crest boys jubilate then suddenly the ref blew the whistle and pointed the keeper got the ball alright but unknowingly he jumped backwards and landed inside the post a few inches behind the line, it was a goal!!!

I forgot about the pain in my leg as I ran with my teammates towards yahya, the entire field went wild with screams we won!! we did it!! our jubilation continued, the hillcrest boys surrounded the ref and started throwing complaints

“my verdict is final,,,the ball was a goal,,accept it” he brushed them off

“accept what,,,how can those f**king kids win!!” their captain screamed ” the ref warned him about using foul language on the field but the guy continued, his teammates also vented out their anger, at first everyone thought it was normal to be a little unhappy about losing but these guys seemed to want to take things far, wasabi with yahya walked over to try and talk to them to accept defeat but suddenly I saw the ref being knocked down, I thought it was a joke but when wasabi got lifted up by his neck then I realized something I didn’t notice before, all the while we were playing this guys played completely different from the boys we played with last year, they even looked different and more older than usuall at that moment I realised it


my eyes widened at the thought as I partly ran and partly jumped towards the field, I threw my entire weight on the guy who grabbed wasabi and we both fell to the ground, I knew if he stood up I was dead but atleast I saved wasabi from harm but in a flash of a few seconds the entire hillcrest players descended on us and started giving us some serious thrashing, some of my teammates managed to escape but most of us were trapped and receiving the beating of our lives, more and more supporters of hillcrest poured into the field and descended on anyone they could lay their hands on, the entire field was in complete dissorder as people ran helter skelter around, we tried defending ourselves but it was no use fighting back guys that were 5 times stronger, than things intensified as some guys brought out clubs and rods and started dealing with people as I still held the guy on the floor I looked around and tried to figure out what exactly went wrong

:: ::

“oooh five points,,,you are going down Mike” Tobi smiled as he handed the stick to Mike to make his own shot

“I don’t know where you’ve been practising,,,but still I will make sure your efforts become useless” Mike replied him as he concentrated in making a shot

“yo Muna ,,,when did dre said he’ll be here” john asked him as Muna tried speaking as he focused on the game he played with the phone

“hey Muna!” john called out again ever since Muna got that game he hardly pays attention anymore, Muna looked up at him and replied

“uh,,I’m not sure,,,ask Tobi” then looked back at his game, john turned and looked at Tobi

“no no no,,,john don’t even think about it,,,if you distract my game again today ,,I won’t go easy on you,,,so you better vamoose” Tobi warned him, john smiled and tried to continue

“but still couldn’t you-” Tobi sparked

“john!,,,I’m warning you ,,don’t dare me” john simply laughed and let him be

“maybe Dre is working on a song that’s why he is delayed,,,I mean he is usually the first to get here” Mike said as he hit a ball, Tobi looked at him and replied

“which song ,,,dude forget writing a song for now,,,we need to focus on winning that competition at nyako” john scrunched his face

“yeah,,,but don’t we need to present a song for that ” he quizzed him Tobi scoffed at them “so you both don’t even know”

“know what” they asked at the same time, Tobi shot one ball and looked at them

“the competiion doesn’t need the candidates to present their own songs,,,the rules is that we choose any popular trap song and make our cover of it” Mike and john looked quizzingly at him he continued “its weird that the both of you don’t even update yourself about the latest on your own band” he teased them Mike replied defensively

“ehn ,,you were just lucky to find out about that,,,besides its not just us ,,even Muna too didn’t know” Tobi laughed again and said

“iffa hear say he doesn’t know” they turned and faced Muna and stared quietly at him Muna noticed their gazing eyes on him then he looked up at them he sighed then said

“I was the one who told Tobi about it” Mike and john groaned as Tobi laughed again, Muna focused again on his game as they continued chattering on but after a while noise coming from the hall outside distracted Muna, he wondered why the sportees couldn’t be quiet as they went to their different classes but the noise increased and turned into a commotion of urgent wailing and running

*something isn’t right* Muna thought he dropped his game and told john

“johnny,,,try to see what’s going on out there” john nodded and poked out his head through the door, he saw some students and teachers frantically running about some students in sportwear looked awkward with either 1 shoe in or wearing opposite socks colour as they dashed into their classrooms and grabbed their bags to run home, john couldn’t understand the entire commotion he saw, one student runing past the hallway, he held the guys shirt and managed to break his speed as he turned him to face him

“yo scooby,,,what’s this whole hoolabaloo about” he asked him the boy peered disbelievinly at him

“you are still wasting time here,,,don’t you have any idea what’s happening at the field” he asked

“that’s why I’m asking you ,,d–n it what’s wrong” john asked again

“its the hillcrest boys o,,,they’ve gone crazy,,during the football match, there was a slight dissagreement,,,then it turned into a crazy free fight,,,the next thing they started attacking people,,,its something else o,,,I think they brought thugs with them” john opened his eyes in shock, what about our classmates and the girls playing too! someone could get hurt

“see bro its every man for himself,,,me I’m dissapearing to my house right now,,,I don’t want trouble at all” the boy unhinged from john’s grip and immediately took off, john frantically turned around to face the other guys, Mike and Tobi had stopped their game and were already looking towards the door, Muna had stopped playing and already stood up

“how the hell could those boys do something outrageous like that” Tobi asked

“are you sure that guy wasn’t just joking” Mike added john widened his eyes

“just joking!,, listen to the noise outside man?” john chided him just then a thought came to Muna

*is she not one of the* Muna anxiously dropped his phone as he started walking quickly towards the door

“mun what’s wrong” they asked him Muna grabbed the door handle and pulled the door open as he yelled back at them

“sonia!!,,,sonia is also out there” they had shocked expressions on their faces as they rushed out with Muna

:: ::

I was still trying to figure out what was happening as I laid on the floor and stared at the entire commotion around me my eyes roamed to the far east corner of the field and I saw about 10 guys who had the female volleyball players cornered, they had lusty looks on their faces as they slowly advanced towards them, I immediately became sick with irritation

*what the hell are they thinking of doing to those girls* I struggled to get on my feet, I had to do something, I can’t let them, I must try anything at all, one huge looking guy grabbed me from my collar and lifted me effortlessly

“where do you think you are going eh.,,I’m not done with you yet,,,you like to be a hero right,,let me make you cringe” he smacked me with his left hand and I fell to the ground, he lifted me up and repeated it again, he started landing kicks to my gut, I struggled to stay concious but the wicked guy continued, it was like it would never stop then suddenly I saw someone smash him with so much effort that he crashed to the floor, I looked up and saw Muna breathing heavily, he looked at the guy thinking he would stand again but the blow was so heavy that the man just lay down unconcious, then Muna turned towards me and started walking, for the first time in my life I was actually glad to see this biracial punk

“come on,,,on your feet ,,can you walk” I nodded, he helped me up and suppprted me with his shoulders, he tried helping me away from the feild

“Muna ,,the girls,,,they are in a hot pact” I drew his attention to the girls one guy was already forcing a girl to the ground and unzipping his trousers, I saw muna’s eyes spark as sonia tried helping the girl but she got slapped to the floor

“johnny!!,” Muna screamed, john came and he handed me over to him “get everybody who is hurt away from this field ,,now!” Muna turned and yelled to Tobi and Mike

“Tobi !,,Mike!!” they looked at him then he said “smash every freaking hillcrest b*astard you come across,,,you understand me!!” they nodded and went off, Muna took off with such an alerting speed towards the direction of the volley players with one round house kick he dismembered 3 of the guys, the remaining seven now turned their attention towards him.

Tobi and Mike did their business side by side “pah ,,,just,,urh” Tobi punched a hefty guy the third time but the guy was still standing, Mike came from behind and sweeped the guys feet sending him to the floor

“these guys are hardened thugs,,,they are not like your neighbour hood street rascals okay Tobi be more precise” Mike chided him one boy swung a huge stick at tobi’s head but he ducked and gave the boy a brogue kick on the chest

“d–n it” Tobi cursed “but you saw me punch that one three times he was still waiting for me to tell him to fall” Tobi complained

“they r bigger than us,,but we are faster,,,use your speed to your advantage and stop complaining Tobi” Mike chided him, again another guy came forward with a long iron rod towards Tobi, Tobi groaned “uurgh,,,enough with these stupid weapons!! drop your tools and fight like men you cowards” Tobi turned around and gave the guy a whirlwind kick then Tobi saw a few girls getting molested a few yards in front, he rushed off to them throwing punches and kicks at the guys molesting them he took one girls hand and said

“don’t worry your prince charming will save you ,,,just give me your number quick ” the gurl had a confused look on her face as she stared at Tobi

“Tobi behind you!” Mike yelled as someone tried to raze his head with a rod but in time Tobi dodged grabbed the guys hand and twisted it completely to the back while still holding it he brought out his phone and gave the girl

“oya quick ,,your number,,,type it in” the girl still had a puzzled look on her face

“Tobi watch it” Mike warned again

“I know I know!” Tobi bluffed but instead the boy released himself and tackled Tobi to the ground

*jeez this idiot* Mike thought as he pushed away the guy he was struggling with and ran to help him on the other side of the field only two guys were left, Muna had dropped the remaining seven down to two, one guy held Muna tight from behind so the other one could do with him in the front

“now maro,,,smash him” the guy yelled, his partner came forward to raze Muna but Muna used his leg to bring him closer and smack him with his head, the one behind Muna flipped forward and as he landed on the floor he silenced him with a kick to the stomach, Muna dusted his cloth and massaged his shoulder a little, looking at these boys with their slim stature I was suprised at the amount of skill they had (although I can’t say the same for Tobi,,,that guy is a fumnling idiot) Muna walked over to sonia and helped her up

“are you alright,,,any bruises” she shook her head she could hardly speak, Muna studied her entire body carefully, he frowned when he saw a slight cut on her arm he sighed “where is your inhaler?” he asked her she started

“I ,,,I think I dropped it,,,som-” Muna calmed her down

“don’t worry ,,,stay here I’ll help you look for it” Muna walked off to find her inhaler, he soon noticed john struggling with a guy, he flinched a little but he relaxed when he saw john overpower the guy but then suddenly Muna opened his eyes in shock, tiptoeing towards john was a man with a long sharp dagger, Muna yelled but he couldn’t hear what could he do, there’s no way he would run and get there on time, what could he do.