All In A Circle Episode 77


Ngozi who was lying just beside her fiancee expecting the powerful hands of sleep to lift them up and take them into the wonderland when her phone beeped, she discovered it was Clement. “Excuse me baby.” She said as she walked out of the bedroom. She switched on the light as she entered the living room and sat down on one of the stools that stood beside the couches. “Hello Clement.” She said. “Hello Ngozi, did you see my message?” He asked. “Of course. Don’t you think going in alone is risky?” She asked. “Well, life itself is a risk. And moreso, I know what your reaction would be like if I said such. So please let me do my thing. All you need to do is get the backup team ready.” Clement replied. Ngozi felt guilty that moment but she was quick to overcome her guilt and she replaced it with a smile. Afterall, he deserved the cold treatments he got from her in the past weeks. “If you insist then you can have your way.” She replied. “So, who is leading the backup team? Can I have his number?” Clement asked. “I don’t know. I think you should speak with Sylvester or the commissioner. The backup team is not from the headquarters. They are choosed randomly from different police stations.” Ngozi explained. “Okay. I’ll talk to you later.” Clement said and hung up. Ngozi returned to the room a minute or two later to meet Tobiloba still awake. “Who is that?” He asked. “Clement.” She replied as she joined him under the cover. “What does he want?” He asked. “He is on an assignment to get his father arrested.” She replied. “All alone?” He asked. Ngozi nodded her head in the affirmative as she switched off her phone and tucked it under her pillow. “Sweetheart, I beg you in the name of God if you are given such an assignment, reject it. If they are pestering you too much, just resign. Okay.” “Why?” Ngozi asked. “Isn’t that obvious? I don’t want to loose you.” He replied. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kelvin was discussing in whispers with Mr Ayo Okorie and Abdul Maleek inside a bedroom which he guessed belonged to Abdul Maleek because of the different flags that stood beside his bed. A sudanese flag stood tallest amidst the flags while the Khal corp flag came next to it. The united states of America’s flag stood at the far end of the room, but the only strange thing about it was it burnt edge, almost half of it has been burnt. Kelvin smiled. An average American won’t mind loosing his life, provided the flag would remain safe. And lastly the Nigerian flag which had a red line crossed over it. What it meant, he didn’t know. “Don’t you think a team should be deployed to that area before 2AM?” Maleek asked. “I don’t think that’s the best of ideas, but the best thing we can do is to feed Chief Patrick in right away. So he can alert the security men with him.” Mr Ayo, an ex millitant explained. “I stand with Mr Ayo on this. And I think the security men should not only be alerted, but they should comb the whole village and fish out the man before he makes the first move. And as things were, it seems he is alone on this.” Kelvin explained. “Lets give Chief a call then.” Maleek said already reaching for his phone.” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Chief Obi Patrick looked all tensed after dropping Maleek’s call. The reason for this is not far fetched if not the fact that a policeman is very close to his hideout, ready to take him out by two o’clock in the morning. Even though Maleek assured him that it is not Clement because Clement is already in their custody. But Chief Obi was not convinced because he knew a policeman of Clement’s calibre would be missing and the country will still be this silent or there wouldn’t have been war in place? He only agreed with Maleek so that they can end the conversation to enable him handle the situation properly. His Chief bodyguard came in with another bodyguard. “You called me.” He said. “Yeah. Clement is around. Get your men ready, go from house to house as discreet as you can be, fish him out and end his life.” Chief Obi ordered. “You mean we shouldn’t bring him here before taking his life?” The chief bodyguard asked. Chief Obi smiled that moment, the thought that crossed his mind was “you are not fifty percent sure that you’ll get him, now you are talking about bringing him here.” “Just kill him okay?” The men left his presence immediately. – Hospitality and comfortability are a constant factor in a man’s life. Young Peter, the youth corper is hospitable and Clement couldn’t deny that fact, but the comfortability of his room is nothing to write hime about. Clement couldn’t differentiate between the bed where he was sleeping and the bare floor. He couldn’t even differentiate between the floor which seemed to have been concreticed a hundred years ago and the normal sandy floor. He just had to manage anything that comes his way. Even prisoner lived better than this, but the only difference is that, prisoners are in a confinement and are not permitted to go out while Peter is a free man who could go anywhere he wishes, therefore he preferred to be a Peter rather than a prisoner. Clement didn’t even know why he was thinking about the comfortability of Peter’s apartment, even if he was given a water bed, he was sure he won’t be closing his eyes, not even for a minute, not to talk of sleeping. From where he lay, he could see Peter moving around the room, shaking his head vigorously that one would think it would fall, he held a book in his hand and was lifting up his hands and shaking them just like his head. Clement couldn’t place what he was saying because he was speaking and unknown laguage. Then he heard him say something like “In the book of eccleciastis chapter two, you said….” That was when it dawned on Clement that he has been praying. But is that really how to pray? Does prayer involve exhausting all your energies? He couldn’t explain, because in the church where he grew up, members of the congregation doesn’t pray on their own. The man of God mounts the pupit, gives them a topic that is not in the bible and explains by linking it up with a chapter or two in the bible for the next twenty minutes, after which he would pray and everyone is free to go home. The same thing with the current church where he worshipped, the only difference was that, while in his childhood church, they don’t sing, his current church, they sing before they listen to the world of God from the bilbe which is a sharp contrast with his childhood church, but the only similarity is that the man of God prays for a few minutes and they say the grace. If someone can be praying like this, late in the night, then there is more to prayer, there is something he is missing in prayer and christainity, but now is not the time to dwell on that. Peter had stopped praying by now and was peeping through the window with fear written all over his face. “Inspector sir. Inspector Clement.” He called. “Yes?” Clement sat up. “There is a problem.” Peter said. “What is the matter?” “Come and see for yourself.” Peter said without taking his eyes off whatever he was seeing outside. Clement stood up and approached the window. His heart leapt out of his chest into his mouth with what he saw. He didn’t know what was going on, neither did he know who the men were, but from the appearance, he knew they were there for him, his fears was further confirmed when he saw one of Peter’s neighbours whom he also met at the shed a few hours ago directing the gunmen. “This is his car.” He said pointing to Clement’s Honda CRV. One of the gunmen quickly bent down and the next thing Clement heard was a sound which looked like his tyre was being deflated. His only means of escape destroyed. He wasn’t bothered. But his main concern was the man directing the gunmen. So he could speak english? But why was he pretending. “This is the house he entered. The young corper took him in after they chatted with us.” The man said to them. Clement had packed up his bag. “Lets go man, you are not safe.” Clement whispered. “You can go. The two of us will alert them. God will protect me.” Peter replied. When Clement realised that he couldn’t persuade Peter to follow him, he had to go alone. Exactly when the door was opened at the men entered, Clement jumped outside through the window. The fear of the unknown made him jump directly on a pile of iron roofing sheet which made a loud noise. “That’s him over there.” And they went after him.Clement realising that he had revealed himself to the enemies took to his heels and ran as fast as he could along the swampy area, he couldn’t explain why the village was like than. Some parts are dry while a few other parts were wet. He fell as he ran in a zig-zag, but giving up would be suicidal. He saw a big shed where about a hundred of cattles were kept, this could prove to be his only escape route. He thought as he ran into the shed and mixed up with the cattle. He touched his pocket for a feel of his phone but it was nowhere to be found. No doubt, he had lost his connection with the outside world, and this stage is not the time to give up just because he lost his phone. He thought as he carefully placed a grenade at three strategic places inside the shed and he quietly slipped out through the second entrance without being spotted or heard. And from there he proceeded into a nearby bush where he set up his weapons, loaded his guns with bullets and squatted behind the thick bush watching whatever his enemies are up to. Luckily for him, the combed and searched everywhere for him, but couldn’t find him, maybe because they were too stupid to think that he could be hiding in the bush. But as God would have it, Clement’s flashlight flickered on that moment and one of the men glanced back and saw the pointed light. Before he could alert the others, one of the grenades went off and subsequently, the other two went off. The men were able to escape, but the one who saw Clement died as a result of the explosion. The cattles inside the shed all died in the process and Clement knew there definitely would be war. When he was gradually getting back himself, he heard a gunshot from Peter’s apartment which means the young man has been killed for housing a policeman. Even though he was hopeful that Peter was the one who pulled the trigger, but the cry which followed the gunshot no doubt belonged to Peter. After spending roughly and hour inside the bush, silence was restored in the village, and the only sound that could be heard was the chirping insects and the singing birds. Clement decided to take his chances, the time was 1:46am already. And slowly he crawled towards Peter’s house, but the lifeless Peter he met inside the apartment sent cold shivers down his spine. If it were to be a woman, her first reaction woulb be t scream her lungs out thereby, alerting the gunmen whom he was sure were still lurking around somewhere. He felt guilty looking at Peter because he concluded that he was responsible for the youngman’s death. Someone with a very bright future was murdered a few months after he graduated with a first class in Mathematics. He paid his last respect to the dead, then he moved out of the house to implement his plans with or without backup. ————- His heartbeat increased as he approached his father’s house carefully, thank God for the darkness that has taken over the village, he would have been spotted a while ago and special thanks to God who kept the moon at bay, because if the moon were to be out that night, then he would probably be a few metres behind Peter as they journey to heaven. He got to the gate faster than he expected and without thinking twice, he knocked silently. “Who is there?” A voice asked, silently too. “Its me, I am dying.” He replied without thinking of the implication of this little trick of his. And suprisingly it worked, the bodyguard thought it was one of their members who was shot by the policeman they went to search for, so he quickly pushed the gate open and came out. Clement at once grabbed him by the neck and dragged him away towards the other side of the fence. “Remove you uniform.” Clement ordered. And with no resistance, Clement helped him out of his clothes. “What language do you speak in there?” Clement asked. “English, French and Italian.” The man replied. Clement carefully lynched the man and when he was sure that he had squeezed life out of him, he dropped him somewhere inside the bush, after which he came back and put on the man’s uniform and he proceeded to enter the compound as one of the bodyguards. The greatest risk one could take in life is to carry a baby lion and showing it to its angry mother. Only a Daniel can leave there unhurt.Of all the officers expected to be on the day duty from 7:30am to 6pm, Ngozi was the first to resume and the reason behind this was not far fetched, she came early because she wanted to break a rule and by all standards, she shattered the rule to pieces. This singular act of hers has been trending for the past two weeks and she had never failed to carry out such assignment every morning. Her reason being that, its almost seventeen years since she last saw her brother, and now that she finally met him, it is only for a limited time. He is likely to be killed if the law takes its full course, but if by chance he is lucky, then he could bag a life sentence which is as good as being sentenced to death. “Are you satisfied now?” She asked him as she dropped the bottle of water. “Yes I am.” He replied. She carefully convered the plate with its lid and dropped it inside a small bag, same with the bottle of water. From the look of things, one would know that Ngozi just fed her brother, and the rules binding every police officer is that, on no account should you give a suspect or accused in custody anything edible, because if such person should complain of stomach disorder or anything relating to that, the last food he ate would be asked, and if such officer is found, regardless of his rank, not minding his pedigree, his past records and successes or anticedents, he would stripped of his rank and discharged from the force. “You cook well, just like mother.” Jay complimented. Instantly, hot tears sprang up and threatened to spill any moment. “Thank you.” With shaky voice and she stood up and ran out of the cell, not forgetting to switch off the light and locked the iron bars. ———- Unlike an hour ago when Ngozi arrived to feed Jay when there were only about two police officers around who were sleeping soundly and a few minutes after her arrival, two overnight patrol team arrrived and changed before heading to their respective homes. At some point she was the only living soul inside the police station , or better still put as, she was the only free human being inside the station, the other occupants were either waiting for a court summon or a second hearing. The station was now burstling with activities, the last time she checked the attendance book, there were about twenty of officers present already. She swept accross the waiting room responding to greeting from the officer behind the counter as she slipped into Clement’s office turned Sylvester’s office. “Good morning.” She greeted taking her seat. “Hey.” He replied dropping the news paper he was reading. “Spoke with Clement lately?” She asked. “No. He only sent me a message last night.” “Same here. But I called him back and he wanted to know if the backup team is in place, and since it can be either you or the commissioner in charge of the backup team, I referred him to you guys. Did he call you?” She asked. Sylvester thought for a while. “No, he didn’t call me. His message was somehow confusing. He said he is leaving and heading on a rescue mission. Mike I guess.” Sylvester explained. “Really? I thought he said he sent you, the commissioner and I the same message. Maybe I misunderstood him.” Ngozi replied. “Maybe.” He said picking up the newspaper once again and flipping over the pages. “So, he is on his way to Khal corp now?” Ngozi asked. “He should be there already.” Sylvester replied. “And he doesn’t need backup?” “According to him, he can do it alone.” Sylvester replied. Ngozi was not convinced of what the problem might be between Sylvester and Clement, but as things were, it seemed Sylvester is not interested in working with Clement anymore. “We are visiting Mr Ayo’s residence this morning. So, get prepared. Okay?” “Mr Ayo’s residence?” She asked with an alarmed look. Sylvester nodded his head. “But why? Don’t you think there is nothing helpful in that house?” Ngozi asked. “Well, the underground is not yet explored. It could lead us somewhere important. So be prepared.” — The time was 10am and the activities inside the Lagos state high court was a record breaking one. Big cases were being trashed out that morning and the lawyers who had shown up either is defence or prosecution of the cases really had something to do. The judge who had precided over the last two cases that morning really had a lot to do in maintaining peace, because at some point, the lawyers threatened to go physical with each other, the use of abusive words led to the defence lawyer producing a plank from under his chair and threatened to hit the procecuting counsel for the government with it. Thanks for the quick intervention of the police who quickly controlled both men and in the end, Doctor Rapheal was sentence to five years imprisonment for his association with armed robbers. The next case that started around 9:05am was between two married couples who wanted divorce, in a flash, they had settled the case and they were allowed to go their seperate ways with the woman given half of her husband’s property. The man protested, but he was reminded of his stance to let the woman go with the kids and cater for them and by all standards, the woman has no job while the man is very rich. The divorce case served as comic relief to the spectators in the court room because the stunts and moves performed by the couples were comical. Now, the time is ten o’clock, twenty minutes after the verdict has been made on the couple’s case, it is now time for the big one, the big case, the star case. The case between, the Lagos state government and a certain Miss Victoria and also another case filed by a certain Mrs Juliana Kingsley on the death of her husband five months ago. The government’s case against a certain Mr Rahmon Ibn Badmus known as and Miss Sandra Oselu against Rahmon. “The Defence counsel please.” The court clerk announce. The very popular Barrister Benson rose up and bowed slightly for the judge. “I am Barrister Benson, the defence counsel on behalf of my client, Miss Victoria.” The events of the previous day inside this same court was still fresh in his memory especially when he realised that he would be having another take on with Barrister Odigwu who was contacted at the eleventh hour by Mrs Kingsley, who wanted justice by all means. The first charge to be treated was Victoria’s involvement with the death of Mr Kingsley, the chairman of the Nigerian petroleum price Regulation commission who was killed by an unknown killer a few months ago. Victoria expertly denied her involvement claiming that on the said date, she was hanging out with her friends, all of whom were in the prison now at a popular guest house in Ikeja, Lovers & Mix. Evidences provided by Benson to backup Victoria’s claims included a picture of Victoria in front of the said guest house, and checking the date that accompanied the picture, it matched with the date and time that Kingsley was killed. “My lord, I stand to disagree with Mrs Kingsley on this because after the death of her husband, may his soul rest in perfect peace. She contacted me to help her charge whoever was responsible for the act to court as soon as the police gets him. I submitted my discovery in relation to the police report to Mrs Kingsley. We found out that Mr Kingsley was killed by a man because he fingerprint clearly shows that and by extra investigations I did afterwards, suspected members of the Khal corp came and snatched the fingerprint result and reports written by Detective Ngozi summed it up. Whoever sent the Khal corp to kill Mr Kingsley must be someone in government. One of their political sponsors.” Benson explained. “I can’t understand why Mrs Kingsley is trying to pin a charge against my client when we had arrived at a promising conclusion. I find it baseless.” Odigwu who couldn’t lay his hands on any evidence lost out flatly to Benson who smiled victoriously. Victoria was subsequently cleared of the murder case. The next case that was brought forward involved The police and Victoria. The illegal possession of firearm, the police counsel, Agent Matilda of the FBI called it. Sandra as a witness came forward, gave extensive explanation on how she met Victoria and sent her to help her get the girl who was planted by Rahmon to blackmail her. Benson showed the picture of himself and Sandra half unclad before the court without shame and defended Victoria with the best of his abilities. Matilda tried her best to maintain her stand that Victoria owned the guns she used against Rahmon’s men. The judge wasn’t convinced and to everybody’s concern, Rahmon stood in defence of Victoria. Victoria was then sentenced to six months in prison for punishing offender illegally by agreeing to kidnap the unknown girl who blackamiled sandra on Rahmon’s orders who according to Sandra had ran away. –to be continued–