All In A Circle Episode 74


Mike sat down on a chair which was provided by Sabur from only God knows where.

“So, how can I help you Mr maintenance man?” Sandra asked smiling. She was expecting a man dressed in the usual overall uniform associated with maintenance men. She was surprised to see him dressed in a well tailored shirt and trouser which fitted him like it was made in heaven specially for him. She first concluded that he has to be one of the twenty first century maintenance men who dress up like someone with a white collar job, but keeps their uniform and equipments inside a suitcase, but in the case, Mike had no suitcase on him.

“I am Sergeant Mike, from the police headquarters.” He said flashing his identity card. Sandra shifted uneasily on her seat.

“How may I help you sir?” She asked almost in a stutter.

“Do not be afraid madam. I am not here for you, but you are sure the one who could help me get the person I came here for.” Mike explained. Sandra’s heart flew into her mouth that moment. She felt the police have finally discovered that Janet was behind the blackmail and are here to arrest her.

“I already resolved the issue with her. I don’t need the police help on this issue.” Sandra said. Mike was surprised, if not for the reason why he was there, he would have called a psychiatric hospital that moment to have them check her into one of their wards, but the issue at hand is more than getting psychiatric help for someone who is not related to him. Her relatives can do that.

“Madam, I want to believe that Kelvin Obi Patrick is your boyfriend. Yes or no?” He asked.

“Yes he is.” Sandra replied.

“Can you please call him out, I want to speak with him.” Mike requested. Sandra’s brain went into active mode that moment. No one in his or her right senses will oblige the officer’s orders or request that moment. She would offer a bit of resistance at first.

“But Kelvin is not here presently.” Sandra replied.

“Don’t play tricks on me. I have my facts before coming here. Call him out or I handle things my way. Isn’t this his Chrysler?” Mike said pointing to the White Chrysler300 belonging to Kelvin.

“Its his car, but he parked it here, yesterday when he was travelling.”

“Do you think I am joking?” Mike said dragging Sandra up and crossing his arm over her neck. Her back facing him, in such a way that her butt was grinding his crotch. Why was he having this feeling? But he had to agree, Sandra Oselu is hot.

“Kelvin, in your best interest come out now.” He screamed.

“What the hell do you think you are doing? You are hurting me.” Sandra protested as she protested and wriggled herself from Mike’s grip. The action which further glued her body to his.

“Just play along. I won’t hurt you.” Mike whispered. Sandra decided to give ‘playing along’ a try and so she started play acting.

“Sweetheart, come out. Come out now. He is hurting me.” She cried. She gave a loud yelp, the moment she felt a cold metal pressed against her head. It was a gun.

“What are you using this for?” She whispered.

“To make him afraid. He’ll come out in less than a minute.” Mike whispered.

“Come out now or I pull this thing off.” Mike said loudly.

“Oga, abeg no shoot o.” Sabur pleaded. Sandra was surprised at Sabur’s boldness to even plead to a man with a gun. Her surprise was that despite the noises, Janet didn’t come out, not even to beg. Mike knew he stood no chance against Kelvin. He himself just realised the mistake he had made. He failed to take notice of his surrounding before swinging to action. The compound was built in such a way that, one could move from the main house to the gate without being spotted by someone seated or standing at the centre of the compound, provided the person can crawl. Such was the situation now,

Mike was holding Sandra a hostage at the centre of the compound, and a smart Danger-kelv will defintely manouvre his way and end up behind him. Mike resolved to glancing back and front every second, such that, he lost concentration on Sandra whom he was holding. Sandra forcefully pushed him backwards and he met his nemesis as Kelvin hit him with the but of a gun. He fell down and passed out.

“Did he hurt you?” Kelvin asked moving close to Sandra who was moving backwards in fear.

“Where did you see a gun?” She asked. –

“Baby, you know I can explain.” Kelvin said.

“I don’t need your useless explanation. Tell me where you got this thing and the purpose it serves for you.” She screamed at him.

“Well, a typical example of what I use it for is what you saw me do a few minutes ago.” Kelvin replied glancing at a motionless Mike on the floor.

“So, you mean you kill innocent police officers who ask after you?” Sandra asked.

“Don’t get me wrong. I use it on policemen and people who are my enemies who wants to pull me down. Just like this one here wanted to get me by killing you.” He explained.

“And that summed it up, because, I can’t comprehend why you’ll get yourself a gun all in the name of protection. Protection from what? If you walk in the path of danger, you’ll be strucked, then why not walk on the path of good?”

“Baby, you can’t understand.” He said inching closer to her.

“Now, that said it all. I can’t understand, but I’ll call people who understands the situation to come in and settle it.” Sandra said picking up her phone and dialled a number.

“Who are you calling?” Kelvin asked.

“Just watch me.” She replied. The call was brieff but, Kelvin could deduce that Sandra just called a policeman, and not any policeman, his brother Clement.

“Did you just call the police?” Kelvin asked, but got no response.

“Sabur, go lock the gate. No one is getting out of this compound until the police arrives.” She instructed her gateman who quickly took off towards the gate.

“If you take one more step there, I’ll blow off your head.” Kelvin said pointing the gun at him. Sandra was surprised to see him point his gun at Sabur.

“Are you threatening my employees with your gun? I know you dare not use the gun on any of them.” Sandra said.

“Why not tell him to take one more step over there and see what I’ll do.” Kelvin replied.

“Sabur, I said go and lock the gate.” Sandra emphasized.

“Madam, abeg no let me die now. I get family, father, mother and my younger ones, all depending on my monthly salary.” Sabur pleaded.

“Sabur, he dare not shoot. Those are just empty threats.” Sandra said.

“Madam, na you talk am o.” Sabur weighed his chances and moved towards the gate, glancing back occasionally. Sandra’s eyes were fixed on Kelvin in anger and hate. Kelvin fired a shot at the wall nearest to Sabur. The force of the bullet and it end result casued Sabur to fall to the ground and fainted.

“Kelvin.” Sandra screamed from the back of the car where she was hiding. Kelvin gave a short and wicked laugh.

“Now come on here everybody.” He said beckoning to Sandra and Sabur who by now was back on his feet. “Take your seats.” He said pointing to the bench with his gun. “Janet, come out here.” Janet with tears in her eyes walked out with her clothes in shreds. Mere looking at her, one would know her body has been tampered with, but in which way, no one knows.

——- Two minutes later,

Kelvin with the help of Sabur succeeded in dropping a tied Mike onto the backseat and with his travelling and weapon bags on the passenger seat in front, he zoomed off, but not without kissing Sandra a last kiss. Has she lost him finally? She couldn’t say.


A police team led by Clement arrived a few minutes later. And after getting statements from Sandra, Sabur and Janet, they left with a promise of getting back to them soonest. The recent happenings in the country was drving Clement crazy. Is he going to survive this? It remains to be seen.

The police force has been thrown into confusion since Mike’s abduction by Danger-kelv. A petittion has been written by a faction of junior police officers in Lagos state to the inspector General of police in Abuja requestion for a change in hierarchy. They want a new police commissioner in the state and new DPO in every police station, on claims that the security of the police is not guaranteed, they threatened to go on strike if their requests are not granted.

“Can anyone tell me what the problem is? I came on board just a week ago and the structures I met on ground are perfectly okay, so why are we not making a headway? The under fire police commissioner who just took over under a week ago asked his colleagues in an emergency meeting involving the top police officers in the state Headquarters in preparation for the meeting the Inspector General of police who flew into Lagos state in the early hours of the day and had since gone into a behind closed door meeting with the state governor.

In attendance inside the commissioner of police were, Inspector Clement, the supritendent of police, the assistant supritendent of police, the public relation officer, and the commissioner himself.

“To say the truth sir, I can’t explain.” The police supritendent replied.

“That is all you say, you can’t explain. Why will you explain? When you are always in your office sitting comfortably with no worries, just waiting for the end of the month alert. With all due respect sir, you are incompetent for this post. You don’t even have the records to make it to the post you are currently occupying.” The Commissioner ranted. Everyone in the room except Clement exchanged a surprised looks. None of them was expecting such an outburst from their boss. They have always seen him as a cool headed dude who was so down to earth and treats the second and third in command to him with respect, because age-wise, they are both older than him, at least with five years.

“You can’t talk to us like that.” The public relation officer, a woman in her mid forties said. Ada was her name.

“Look here Ada, you are the most non performing of the three. As a public relations officer, what are your duties? Since I came here, the pressmen has visited this place about four times and on those four occasions, Detective Ngozi had addressed them in your absence. You are not asked to handle gun, all that is expected from you is be the spokes person of the force, reach out to the masses, give them assurance that everything is under control. But you only show up at work every morning to sign in and return at the close of work to sign out. Is that why you were employed?”

“You are not my husband, neither are you my father. We were both employed here, no one is superior to another, do your job the way you can and let me do mine the way I want.” Ada replied.

“Ada, that’s a very wrong thing to say. A pettition has been written to the office of the IG and I am sure you know that the IG is in town. He’ll be here by twelve to address the major stakeholders in the Lagos state command. You know what to expect, a vote of no confidence has been passed by junior officers and you know what that means. Either you are stripped of your ranks or you are transferred.” Clement explained. Everyone kept quiet and listened to him.

“Who sent the junior officers on to write to the IG?” The ASP asked.

“Well, its not about who sent them to write the IG, it is very obvious, their bosses are not really working, you people don’t care about their well being, you people don’t care about their safety, all you just want them to do is face the terrorists while you sit back in your offices. Here is a copy of the pettition.” The commissioner said giving a printed paper of about fourteen pages to the ASP who collected it and went through it.

“This is ridiculous.” He exclaimed passing it to the SP.

“There is nothing ridiculous about this charges. You are guilty of the charges pressed against you. Just pray you find the favour of the IG or you risk facing the security committee.” The commissioner replied.

Clement throughout the meeting which turned to an arguement arena which lasted for an hour had his mind on something different and unique. His main concern is how to get his father, Kelvin can wait. A very good idea struck his mind but he couldn’t hope too much, his colleagues might not be cooperative with him afterall.

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Mike was made to stand with cuffs binding his hands and legs such that, he couldn’t take three steps without almost falling down. He couldn’t move, he was immobile and couldn’t defend himself from the beatings he was receiving from his fellow men.

The hall was slient with a man in mask facing him, Mike couldn’t read the expression on the man’s face but he had a feeling he had a smirk on his face.

“At last, we’ve got Clement in our custody.” He siad happily. The rest of his men smiled and clapped happily. Kelvin smiled from where he sat and gave Mike a wink. Mike wanted to protest that he is not Clement, but he felt playing along with them will help him a bit.

“What do we owe Danger-kelv for this surprise package?” Maleek asked. Kelvin stood up and bowed his head a bit before he bagan.

“My service to this great empire is valuable than the reward that I get. I just want to help this corporation achieve it dreams, reach its desired destiny. You may decide to reward me for this, but its not my priority.” Kelvin said brilliantly.

Mike was awed by his brilliance. If people with such brilliance are within a corporation such as this whose activities are totally inhumane and barbaric, then the hope for a better future for the country Nigeria is bleak. Mike believed that if brilliant head are put together, if brilliant minds are joined to share ideas, this country will be a better place to live in. No wonder the police has been battling with no result against insurgency for the past six months, if a common hitman could posses brilliance such as this, he wondered the kind of brilliance that would be exhibited by the corporation strategist whose work is to one way or the other draw a map of entry into even the most secured building in the country.

“I love your humilty. You’ll be flown out of the country to learn more from our internationally affliated groups, such as the Al Queda, the hezboella to mention a few. Just pick one and a phone call would do.” Maleek said after which he bent down a bit and so did the officials who were seated near him and they conversed in whispers.

“What do you suggest we do to this man here?” Maleek asked. From the look of things, it seemed the meeting was all about Maleek and Kelvin, because every question from Maleek is always directed to Kelvin, while Kelvin replies has shown evidences that they belonged to Maleek, everyone else in the room just had to pay attention.

“I think you should ask everybody in the house. My decision may be stupid, but with everybody reaching a conclusion.” Kelvin replied. After several of arguements, the house splitted into two factions. A faction was in support of Mike’s death while some people wasn’t, Khal corp to draft him into the system and fly him abroad to learn more from Hezboella.

Everyone was anticipating Kelvin’s stance on the issue and most importantly, Maleek.

“I think he should be flown out of the country for more training. We all know he is my brother, I can’t watch you guys kill him, remember we killed his wife.” Mike explained.

“And so shall it be.” Maleek said with a tone of finality. The meting dispersed one after the other and as Kelvin made his way out of the underground, he felt someone pull him back. It was Hakym.

“I love the little stunt of yours.” Hakym said. Kelvin ignored him and snatch his hand off his grip as he made to walk away. The door opened and Maleek stepped out of the underground hall, heading towards the earth surface.

“Do you have to mistake Clement’s identity for Mike?” Hakym asked through gritted teeth.

“You’ll understand in due time.”


Clement walked into the office three hours after he had left for a double header meeting with the state commissioner of police and and the Inspector General of police.

“How was the meeting?” Ngozi asked.

“It wasn’t bad.” He replied slumping on the chair.

“What was the final decision?” She asked.

“The ASP will be transferred to Bayelsa at the end of the week while the IG will meet with his commmittee in Abuja to decide the fate of the SP, you know he is nearing retirement, so it will be stupid to transfer him. Until the final decision he’ll be on suspension.” Clement explained.

“That means if things really go well, he could be retrenched?” She asked.

“Yeah, forced retirement.” Clement replied.

“What of this woman? Ada?”

“Suspension until the end of the month.” Clement replied hoping that the conversation would end there.

“Anything about Mike yet?” She asked.

“The IG claimed meeting is on with this Isreali intelligence agency, MOUSSAD. They’ll be lending us a helping hand on the case.” Clement replied, the excitement in his voice already worn off.

“That’s ridiculous.” Sylvester chipped in. Clement wanted to laugh at the way Sylvester sounded. So he could talk, so why has he been keeping quiet? But when he heard that an international intelligence agency from Isreal will be coming down to Nigeria to help the police meaning the FBI’s job is over, he voiced out.

“What’s ridiculous about it?” Clement asked.

“Why should they bring in MOUSSAD? We here can bring down Khal corp.” He said.

“Well, those in authority wants MOUSSAD in Nigeria, there is nothing we can do about it.” Clement replied.

“But is there a diplomatic relationship between Nigeria and Isreal? I think we broke all relations during the civil war. So why is this happening so fast?” Sylvester asked.

“Ask Mr President that question then.” Clement replied, automatically bringing an end to the discussion. He closed his eyes and prayed for the powerful hands of sleep to carry him into the dreamland even thought he knew that it was fuitless. The day that one sleeps inside that office of theirs with the noise emanating from the generator house not too far from their window, such person is from the mars.

“Ngozi and I have finallized how best to get Danger-kelv.” Sylvester began. Clement opened his eyes slowly.

“Are you serious?” He asked facing Ngozi. She nodded her head in the affirmative.

“What’s our chances with the plan?” He asked further.

“Seventy percent.” Sylvester replied. His face lit up in excitement.

“Lets hear it.”

“According to what Ngozi told me, she had history with Kelvin and we could use that against him.”

“Did you?” Clement asked Ngozi who nodded her head in the affirmative.

“He wanted us to take it serious and I believe he’ll answer my call.” She added.

“And if you give him a call now, what do you think will happen with the current situation? He’ll leave his hiding place to answer your call?” Clement asked.

“You don’t understand. We’ll give him some time, let him have a feeling that we are back together, then I’ll demand seeing him.” Ngozi explained.

“And no right thinking human will fall for that. He knows you are a police officer, a front runner at that. You are one of the people who wants to arrest him at all cost, and you expect him to come out of his hiding place just to see you? Every history that you once had ended the last time you saw.” Clement explained and opened his laptop.

“So, are you saying we shouldn’t use this approach?” Sylvester asked.

“Sly, you should know better, this won’t work. Think of something else.”

“Why will it work? If it were to be someone else it would be worth trying, but when it comes to your brother, every plan doesn’t work because he is an expert or untouchable.” Ngozi said and hissed. Clement smiled.


Mike has been locked up inside a cell after he was paraded before everyone in the building which he couldn’t place how big it is. His mind was in a turmoil, he couldn’t fathom why Kelvin would tell lies to his boys that he(Mike) is Clement and they fell for it. Is he trying to protect his brother? Certainly not. But what is he up to? Only time will tell. The iron bar into his cell slid opened and Kelvin walked in.

“Hey Miko.” Kelvin said mockingly. Mike ignored his greeting and kept to himself far out of the world, but this time not thinking. “I think am talking to you.” Kelvin said squatting in front of him.

“And when I decide not to answer you, you can go and die.” Mike replied. Kelvin smiled.

“I am not dying anytime soon, but you are, Inspector Clement of our time.”

“That reminds me, what the fvck were you thinking when you introduced me to your bestial colleagues that I am Clement?” Mike asked.

“Its very simple, if you know for how long Maleek wanted to kill Clemen himself, you’ll be surprised and I personally would love to see life drained out of Clement. Maleek won’t give a chance to kill Clement if I should bring him here, and since no one recognises this Clement of a man, then you are the best candidate. That leaves me in pole position to kill Clement the same way I killed his fvcking wife.” Kelvin explained.

“So, you mean Maleek will kill me?” Mike asked.

“Of course.” Kelvin replied.

“Then why did you advice him to send me to Hezboella for more training?” Mike asked.

“Since you personally discovered that Habeeb is the mole within the police force, we needed someone else to help us blow off the police headquarter. Clement is the best option, but with you deputising for Clement, you’ll do it. Mind you its suicidal.” Kelvin explained.

“How did you know that I personally discovered Habeeb as the mole?” Mike asked.

“We have another mole within the police.” Kelvin replied.

“Who is he?” Mike asked.

“You will know once you become a full member of Khal corp.” Kelvin replied.

“But, do you realise I can foil your plans?” Mike asked his brain working tirelessly. He wanted to punish Kelvin and an idea just strucked him.

“How will you do that?” Kelvin asked.

“With my Identity card. My names are well written on it. And Maleek would be able to see that I am not Clement.” Mike explained.

Kelvin without thinking twice moved closer to Mike in the squatting position and dipped his hand into his pocket. Mike smiled, there was nothing in his pocket, he managed to raise his cuffed hands above Kelvin and the next thing he did was grip Kelvin’s neck with the chain. He pressed it real hard and he knew if he did this for the next three to five minute Kelvin would die, and he’ll be killed too. Kelvin screamed, but no one could hear his voice.

“Plead for my mercy.” Mike said.

“No…… Way.” Kelvin replied. He loved his courage, even at the point of death, he didn’t plead for mercy, that shows the kind of heart he has. Just then a torchlight flashed in ther direction. Mike knew his fun is over, he released his grip and Kelvin slumped to the ground breathing hard like he’d faint the next minute.

“What’s going on there?…” The armed man asked walking in. “D-k!.” He said as he bent down checking on an almost motionless Danger-Kelv.

“Cell, 001, medical attention is urgently needed.” The man said through the communication device attached to his shoulder.

“What did you do to him?” He asked moving closer to Mike. Mike hoped he’ll be foolish as well by squatting just like Kelvin, then he could catch some fun with him too.

“He had his crisis. I think asthma.” Mike replied. The man looked at him for a while then back to Kelvin who by now has been placed on a stretcher.

“I’ll be back for you.” He said, then left the cell with the medical team after securing the locks. Mike bursted into laughter.

“Foolish people.” The light went off throwing everywhere into total darkness. It was then that Mike remembered the situation he is in. Death is lurking.

–to be continued–