All In A Circle Episode 34


Victoria hummed as the car music player blared popular American rapper Kendrick Lamar’s poetic justice. A collaboration he had with 2013 Grammy award winner, Drake of young money.

The event of the day kept playing on her mind and she seemed to be troubled by something. Now she needed someone to talk to, but certainly not her mother. How she wished she had an elder sister or brother or even a kid sis or bro she could confide in.

As much as she tried to stay away from guns and crimes, she find herself being pulled back into the waters. Just twenty four hours ago, she promised her mother saying she’ll turn a new leaf and live a new life henceforth but here she was strategizing on how best to eliminate a lawyer. She has done this kind of job many a times without itches and this one won’t be an exception but she possibly can’t carry out the attack in broad daylight and her mother won’t allow her to go out at night.

She thought as she pulled up in front of a supermarket at the entrance of their street. She alighted from the car and walked into the small supermarket. She returned a few minutes later with a polythene bag, she unlocked the car doors and hopped behind the wheel. She brought out a canned drink and opened it to drink. She bent a bit to insert the key into the key hole, in one swift turn, the car was back to life.

“Crazy b!tch. Only God knows how you got the money to buy a car.” An angry driver yelled at her.

“Your mother.” She replied.

She knew she had a problem which indeed was a big one but she couldn’t identify what the cause of the problem was and as much as she tried to rediscover her teenage self, she end up making her personal life miserable.

She once heard her mother say something about her father being a secretive human who keeps a lot of papers and indulge in illegal businesses. She learnt he was once a smuggler and from her knowledge, smugglers uses guns too. Maybe that was where she inherited the gunning aspect of her life. And the most surprising aspect was that, she didn’t learn how to use a gun, she just started using it.


Sandra got down from her car looking extremely tired and weird.

“Welcome madam.” Sabur the gatekeeper said.

“Sabur, how are you?” She asked.

“And e get something improtant wey I want tell you.” Sabur informed.

“As you can see, I am just coming back and I am tired. We’ll talk when am ready. Okay?”

“Madam, its about Janet.” Janet who stood behind the front door eavesdropping on their conversation. She knew Sabur was gonna tell their madam about her blackmailing business. He threatened to report her unless she was ready to do his biddings which was to sleep with him, something she find very ridiculous and disgusting.

Immediately, she ran into her room and picked a few of her clothes which was hung in the wardrobe into her travelling bag, packed her cosmetics, picked every of her belongings from the room and proceeded to the backyard where she will jump over the fence and escape for good.

“Hello boss, my Madam got me now. She is after me. Send one of the boys to come pick me up.” She said through the phone and proceeded towards the fence. At least, she pulled eight million naira off Sandra and an additional two million naira from Barrister Benson. She still has nothing to loose, she is richer and now a big girl. All she needed to do was relocate, maybe to Ghana or South Africa.

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Benson knelt down before his wife who was weeping bitterly.

“But why did you have to do this to me?” She asked.

“I don’t understand you. What did I do?” He asked praying it wasn’t what he thought.

“Stop feigning innocence or ignorance here.” she continued. Now his fears had heightened to the extreme. Could she have seen those pictures? But the blackmailers promised to hold on for a while as they gave him time to look for the money.

“Sweetheart, you claimed to love me. We exchanged wedding vows but am still surprised you are hiding something from me. You recieve strange calls lately, and your countenace changes after those calls. Baby, is there anything that I needed to know?” She asked.

He heaved a deep sigh of relief. Alas, his marriage is still intact for now but to keep his marriage, he needed to look for money. First, he’ll put up his car for sale and afterwards sell his recently purchase land. He’d have considered selling the name right of his law chamber but on a second thought, he knew that was the only thing he could fall back on. Just then his phone rang, talk of the devil, it was his blackmailer.

“Hello.” he said politely his wife looking at him intently. He kept mute for a while as he listened to her.

“You know I already pleaded for more time. Give till this time tomorrow, evrything will be settled. Am having issues with my account.” He explained. He froze with fear immediately he heard the lady playing tauntrums on his speak. His wife’s gaze still on him, he felt himself shivering but he was a man and he needed to man up.

“I already told you, you can only get your money tomorrow. Goodbye.” He said and hung. He faced his beautiful wife who was looking at him without blinking.

“Who was that?” She asked.

“A client. I handled a case some few months ago and she gave me legal and financial backing. Of which I promised to return, though I have fulfilled the legal aspect of the promise because I successfully won her case last week, but the financial aspect is the problem.”

“How much are we talking about here?” His wife asked. He thought for a while.

“One million naira.” He replied.

“Baby, please can you do me a favour?” She asked.

“Anything for you.” Thanks, she muttered as she stood up from the bed and walked towards her wardrobe. She ransacked the place for a few minute then returned with a paper envelope.

“What’s that?” He asked. She smiled as she sat down and removed the content of the envelope. He strained his eyes and something caught his attention.


Sergeant Charles, a police officer, a member of the police team that raided Mr Ayo Okorie’s private residence was speeding along the road in his Creame coloured Toyota camry. Even though he was one of the unserious officer in the Inspector Clement’s team, he takes everything for granted, says jokes when seriousness is ultimately needed. He always makes people laugh and there are no dull moments with him.

His ringing phone brought his attention back into the car. As a lawful police officer, he pulled up by the roadside and answered the call.

“Hello.” He said.

“Please is this Mr Charles?” A male voice asked.

“Yes. How may I help you?”

“Sir, your house was attacked a few minutes ago and your wife was shot in the process.” The man said.

The phone fell off his hand as he quickly fastened his seat belt and sped off. His current state of mind did little to kill his police instinct. As he had notice a car has been following him right from the time he left the bank, such that, the car parked when he parked to recieve his call.

“Hello, Mike. Backup team is urgently needed.” Charles said to his colleague.

“Hey Charles, where are you?”

“Am on the way to my house, I am being followed. Get me a competent team.” Charles replied impatiently.

“Okay, I will arrange one for you.” Mike assured.

“Thanks man.” He said as he matched the accelerator and the car moved at a ‘fast and furious’ speed causing other road users to stare at him in awe.


In life, we’ll face certain challenges that prepare us for the future, such that, any problem we encounter in the future will be solved easily because we have been groomed to always expect tough times. Challenges can either be natural or man made. It is normal for every human created by God to face them because they are part of life, but some people are confident of their brilliance that they create challenges for themselves to test their knowledge.

A footballer playing for his boyhood club should expect challenges like relevance. When he attains a certain age, he tends to be overlooked by the coach because some new young players are in the team. It is left for him to fight for his place in the team. Such challenge is natural.

But a footballer who decides to leave his boyhood club for a world class team with the aim of getting fresher challenges and new experiences. If he end up sitting on the bench during matches because he couldn’t nail down a place in the first team, it is his fault because he wanted fresher challenges which he got.

Such was the case with Deoye, he has always overcame different challenges at different stages of his life. He has killed so many people because he had no other choice and the only way he could escape without being spotted is by killing the person holding him down.

He has killed security men, his fellow students, the local nightwatch men. His confidence grew and he wanted to test his expertise which prompted him to create a challenge for himself. He vowed to kill his girlfriend’s friends numbering up to four, just because his girlfriend was killed. And they(her friends) took her to the party where she was killed.

Now he is on the verge of being killed himself even though he had decided to let peace reign but running to his cousin is a major mistake he would be careful not to make in future, if he lives to see the future.

Deoye was seated in the living room deep in thoughts, his cousin has since left him in the house while the four guys who came to torture the girl he slept with had gone to dispose her corpse. He blamed himself for the girl’s death, even though he tried to convince himself that they are both at fault because the girl wanted sex too. He was now feeling guilty for the first time in his entire life, but its bygone and it high time he left it behind him and moved on with his life.

He started mapping out how he’ll kill the remaining two girls. He planned to kill Tolani first after which he’ll celebrate his victory with Dolapo.


Janet was standing at the bus-stop with her travelling bag beside her when she saw a familiar car driving towards her. She wanted to run away but she has been seen and running away will only compound her woes.

“Janet, is that you?” Frank, Sandra’s cousin and finance manager asked.

“Yes its me.” Janet replied.

“Where are you going?” He asked pointing to her bag.

“I have resigned from my duty.” She replied.

“Why? Hope no problem? Did Sandy annoy you?” He asked. She was now getting impatient.

“No. Not at all. I have been admitted.” She lied.

“Waoh! Which school? But its not admission period. Or is it?” he asked. His last question got on her nerves and she voiced angrily.

“I have to go now. I am running late.” She shouted. Just then her messiah pulled up behind Frank’s car.

“Come on sweety, Rahmon sent me.” The man behind the wheel said. Janet picked her travelling bag.

“See you later Frankie.” She said as she hurriedly walked towards her saviour’s car.

Frank shook his head sadly. He knew, he wasted time on Janet’s issue, he should have asked her out a long time ago. Now that she has left, only God knows when he is going to meet another girl that he loved. He hissed as he switched on the ignition and drove towards his cousin, Sandra’s house.

–to be continued–