All I Want For Christmas Episode 9


Do you ever wish for something so bad that even in your dream you would be laughing so hard because you know that shit ain’t going to happen because ..

Well, it doesn’t just happen.

Like when you watched that cinderella story;(there are different variations of it but I am talking about one in particular) the evil step sisters who I personally call the diabolical twins with their horrible horrible mother, the fairy god-mother and her magic wands, the gold slippers and my personal favourite, the Prince. I mean the movie with Drew Barrymore and that delicious looking prince of a man. #swoons

Didn’t you have all the happy goose feelings and all that jazz? Cos I did.

But my point is, it’s a lie. Things just don’t work out that way, well at least not in real life . Here, miracles don’t just happen. Nothing does.

So little poor me wishing that one day, one beautiful sunny day, Jayden, my crush from my young dreams to my adult fantasies would come looking for me and tell me he was sorry for making me feel uglier than I am, make everyone apologise to me and maybe hold my hands and walk me back and forth from home to school would one day be a reality was as far fetched as seeing santa claus dancing rumba with the fat lady out in Antarctica.

Not possible right? Exactly.

So for a while I gave up on that notion. Tossed it away together with my self worth, in a big black duffel bag, out into the sea. I didn’t care. I mean everyone hated me, every one stared at me so HeY!#I shrugged. Why don’t you just live life the way you ought to.

So I ate, laughed like a pig, didn’t bother about my looks much and I read and went to school. I didn’t care.

After a few weeks I meet this boy, who seemed awfully shy, quiet and also loud at the same time. I couldn’t quite understand him. But strange thing happened, while everyone avoided me like a plague, he would sit with me. Pick up my fallen pen, laugh at my silly jokes and called me cyn.

And as weirdly as he was, how friendship blossomed. And then instead of allowing me stuff chocolates and junks into my mouth he places me on a diet, runs miles with me and was just there..for me. As a friend, no strings, no conditions and days turned to weeks, weeks to month and months to years and we became inseparable.

When it was time, we went to the clinic, took out my braces and everything had been corrected. I looked into the mirror and realised that my scars had healed, my chubby cheeks had disappeared, my smile was brighter and my confidence strolled in back like a muda-fxxker on Benjamins and sticks.

“See cyn, whoever told you were ugly never saw you for who you are. With or without your braces and hideous look you hide under, there is beauty that could sparkle the world for ages to come. Look at you.. Now. What do you see?” Christoper asked me, standing behind me as I starred at the mirror

“I see a beautiful girl” I smile, touching my face, tears filling my eyes. The last time I bothered to look into a mirror was months ago. I covered it all up because looking at me made me feel worse.

“You know what I see? I see a girl who needed validation from people to make her feel good but she didn’t realise that she needed no one else but herself. I see a girl whose beauty isn’t about her looks but it’s in her heart. I see cyn, I see you and that’s all I see. Whoever thought you were ugly only looked at your surface, they never truly looked at your heart, that’s were true beauty lies” Christopher tells me, as he ruffles my hair, a smile reaching his eyes

That day,I knew that things had to change… It wasn’t Stella getting her groove back. It was me, Cynthia, getting all groove and A-game back and Boy I had just one thought.


I was coming back for Jayden to realize that, I was meant for him. I was coming back to show all of them just how wrong they were all about me, at HarBeth high. I was coming back to win back my prince, and I know that I was going to.

“What are you thinking about Cyn?” Christopher says “Down to earth Cyn, down to earth” he snaps his fingers as I bolt out of my thoughts

I rub my palms together ,

“Nervous?” he asked, worry crossing his brows.

“Slightly, but partly because I have waited for this moment all my life and in a few minutes I would be right there in front of them, and I know I would love their epic expressions, especially Eva, but most importantly this has to be perfect, because this might be the foundation of me and jayden’s journey together you know?”

“Yeah. Yeah ” he says, squeezing my hands and smiling at me. I return the smile, my heart beating in my chest as we near the venue.


“Stop pacing up and down dude, you are making my eyes hurt ”

Tom tells him , the place was cramping with people, old classmates. There were laughter, cheering and hailing of one another, clicks of the camera, hugs and shrieks from the ladies, handshakes and back slapping from the dudes, music’s and booze, food and mingling. It was a happy moment for everyone meeting after such a long time and a lot of catching up was in progress

“She isn’t here, maybe she isn’t coming. She isn’t here Tom, damn!!” He paces , absent-mindedly answering a few people who came to hug them, smiling at their jokes while his eyes were glued to the entrance

“Let’s welcome, Brooke devlin, you remember how naughty she was back in school? But she was a damn good cheerleader. Give it up for her, looking all great as she makes her way”

There were cheering and clapping as everyone remembers her, she smiles waving, as she and her date disappears into the crowd
‘Relax dude, she would, she might, she would. Argh! I don’t know just take it easy and stop pacing. Everyone wants to meet you so smile slugger ”

Tom nudges him as a couple of people came to them and the chants began

“Oh Jayden, I swear you don’t look as though you aged a day. So handsome, still the popular kid in the block”

“Yeah, a prestigious lawyer I hear”

“Your pops rolling with the mayor’

“I hear you and Eva are still going strong ”

Jayden rolls his eyes and indulges them in a small chat, avoiding topics that had an “E” to it.

Somewhere in the crowd, Vera notices a huge board placed at the corner, she smiles going to it. It had pictures of everyone in their set at HarBeth high, back and front of it, every single one of them and their pictures signed in their year book, nicknames and given names from friends, worst names and all the sad and happy moment’s, she smiles seeing her tiny little face, with a huge glasses sitting on her nose..

‘Aww, hello little Vera, you did good for yourself. All your nerdiness paid off, we have a place of our own and soon we are going to be on everyone’s lips, and we look good. And guess what, our friend Cynthia came back and she looks great too ” she pouts

“I know you missed her little Vera, but it’s okay now. She came back ”

Vera smiles touching her picture, laughter at the back of the board made her turn to the other side. A group of people clustered around peering over their shoulders as they point and laugh at a picture, taking selfies of it too.

“Oh crap, you know I had forgotten all about this thing of a girl . Wow! How long as it been?” He pokes at the picture

“She was hideous, you know we signed a student’s petition to have the Dean expell her from the school but he wouldn’t allow it. Something about everyone had a right” she scoffs

“I wonder what ever happened to her. She never finished with us”

” Maybe She died. ” someone laughed

“Got hit by a bus or a train and her body was never found ” another said

“I heard she got pregnant and the baby was just as horrible as she was, so they sent them both away far far away and then she couldn’t bear the stigma and threw herself and her kid over the clif” a few of them gasped

“Nah, Too dramatic, I think after that day in school and she went mopping after jayden, he chased her out of his house because he couldn’t stand her and then told everyone how nasty she was and well, she was nasty and ugly and disgusting. I think she just left. ”

“Yeah it went around like wild fire. You remember those names calling and stickers on her locker?”

They all laughed.

“Glad she left..who ever told her she could roll with the rich kids and in our school, It was way better she left to oblivion or even died. Such grossque features she had.”

“It’s not overly nice to talk about someone that way. Didn’t your parents ever teach you never to think a condition is ever parmanent? ”

They turn,

“Meaning ?

“It means that She is a person and she deserves to be treated as such” Vera stated firmly

“Hahaha. You mean we should just call her as she is due, ugly drooling duckling!! By the way why do you care, are you the book keeper of ugly people?” another round of laugher

“Funny and rude. Actually no, but I do know how to stand up for a friend and she does have a name, her name is cy-

“Oh don’t listen to her she is such a kill joy, let’s all go over there, the party is hitting up.” someone suggested and they ignore her leaving her to talk to herself.

“Oh Gosh, I wish I can make you all eat your words but soon. You would realise your mistake , Ugly duckling you say?” She scoffs

‘”We shall see !!”


‘Keep pacing and I swear I would tie you to the chair and feed you nuts from timbuktu” Tom eyes a pretty girl across the hall as he tells jayden from the side of his mouth

“The party is in full swing Bro, and she ain’t here. Maybe she ain’t coming. I don’t even see her friend around” he takes a swift look around, Tom follows his gaze,

“Well, maybe they didn’t come” he tells him, handing him a glass of wine from the waitress.

“Here, drink. You are the man of the moment, you are jayden the most sort after bachelor soon to be off the market, dont worry about the new girl..well old-new girl. Maybe she left town again already for good’” he teased

“Dude, don’t even joke, I should go take a look around ” he made to leave ignoring the wine

“Er nope you don’t. Stay here and look handsome and make me look good too. Smile., friends are coming towards us, say hi” he forces the wine into his hands

“Hi” Jayden forces another smile as he holds the glass and he indulge’s in small talk

“Good thing Godzilla didn’t show” Tom smiles at him as the last person leaves, Jayden nods, downing the contents and drops the glass

“Oh, I see her”

“Who?” Jayden turns hoping to see cynthia

“Godzilla-the-Eva!” He mutters

She walks in wearing a lovely pink dress, adorned in beautiful accessories and her smile was happy.

The music tones down as the MC, one of their old school class mates, takes her hand to introduce her.

“I present to you, Eva. She was the head of Harbeth’s cheerleading team, assistant students body president along side our favourite person this evening Jayden Michael, her father was friends with the Dean and he is an astute business man and of course tight friends with the mayor presently. She and Jayden became an item in their senior year ” everyone gushed nodding their head

“Oh yes we remember. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s welcome the beautiful Eva-

She tugs at his sleeve, as she whispers into his hears

“Erm..Jayden I think Eva is about to make history ‘Tom nudges him

“Oh God no!” He mutters as he sees the MC look at her in suprise, she nods showing her finger as her ring sparkled

“Oh how beautiful!! Eva and Jayden are engaged!! I present to you the soon-to-be Mrs Eva Michaels. Damn look at that ring, must have cost a fortune” he gushed, she puts it out for everyone to see as they flocked around her, hugging her and congratulating her, a few came to congratulate him, his face like granite and his fist was folded, she blew him thousands of kisses mouthing an..

“I love you baby!”

Jayden wasn’t smiling “am going to kill her” he gritted his teeth

“Dude calm down.’

“How dare her, I told her not to. I haven’t proposed to her and I won’t ever, How dare she pull this stunt on me. I don’t care if our parents are rooting for this; it won’t work and I am going up there to tell everyone as she just did, how we are no longer dating.Ha! How is that for a bomb!!” He wanted to hit something

‘Jayden! !congrats man. I knew you both belonged together ”

He nearly laughed in their faces

“Don’t make me laugh please ‘!


“Wow!!” Vera muttered , seeing the scene unfold ..

“Where the hell are you cynthia? ” she dailed her phone


“What?” Christopher stares at me, we were just right outside as the music blasted though the closed doors

“How do I look?” I asked for the upteenthed time, it was the sixth time I powdered my nose, brushed my hair, put on some extra lipstick and adjusted my beautiful dress looking at the small mirror in my bag and making sure even my lashes was in place

Christopher stares at me,

“You look beautiful ” he says.

“Am serious Chris, tell me. If I don’t look okay we are just going to get back into that car and head home. I need to look perfect, I need today to be perfect… I need them to see me looking perfect Chris. That or nothing else, jayden is behind that door and today , today has to be the start of something new Chris, so honestly look at me and tell me, how do I look?” I pleaded biting my lower lip.

We were not going in until I was rocking back my confidence.

He comes standing in front of me, staring at me for a full minute, a strand of my hair had fallen over my eyes, he raises his hands and tugs it behind my hair, something he liked to do I realised.

“Cynthia A.Morgan, I think it would be awfully degrading to describe you as just beautiful in your looks, and it would be wrong to say you are perfect but No one is, just God. But- ” he continues as my face began to turn the smile upside down

“But I would say this, you are beautiful when you smile and when it lights up your eyes, when you throw silly tantrums just because you want to get what you want and the sun had refused to rise. You are beautiful in your silly croaked laugh and when you jump up and down like a little frog when you are happy and excited about good things coming your way. When you show how selfless you are and when you pretend as though you don’t have a heart. You are beautiful in a dress as elegant as this and even when your only dress was your braces and just your name your glory. Cynthia, you are perfect because God made you in his image and likeness and your perfection is as a result of his doing not anyone else. Your beauty is beyond compare and I won’t narrow it down just for a dress for today. You glow as radiant as the sun rising in the horizon, nothing else comes close and if that is not enough validation for your Cyn, I don’t know what else. So smile, your heart would take care of the rest” he brushes my cheeks slightly with his thumb

Why did his words warm?

‘Thank you Chris ” I smile up at him

‘For what,” he drops his hands, stepping back as though something was wrong, looking away

“For being my friend, for sticking around, for being here”

“What are friends for right? ”

“Yeah, what are friends for !” I concur

“Shall we?” He gives me his hands, I link mine with his “let’s go dazzle them”

“Chris, I hope you -remember you are my cousin from outer-”

“Yeah yeah, I know. Maybe I can add your lost long twin from mars” he teased and I laugh, raising my head up, squaring my shoulders and putting on my breathtaking smile, walking elegantly as the door began to open to let us in.
“Am way cuter than you.” I enthused

“You wish”!’ He replies with a smile


“Hey jayden, you really want to make a scene here and now?”

“She is going to ruin my chances with Cynthia .” he hissed eyeing Eva as she flaunted the ring and buried herself with the crowd of people surrounding her

‘Don’t stop me, am going up there with her and we are going to offcially break it up. Let’s see how smily she would be then” he leaves him, walking towards the entrance

At that minute, the door opens up ushering two people in, he didn’t stop until his eyes rested on the lady, only then did he stop on his tracts, mesmerized.

So did everyone and the music.

Somewhere in the crowd, a lady was smiling , waiting, anticipating. Tom nearly choked on his drink and while everyone wondered who the beautiful lady was, jayden didn’t take his eyes off her

“Wow!!” The MC exclaims taking me all in as I stood waiting to him welcomed me in, Chris holds my hands as my escort.

“You look astonishing, and radiantly so. Damn!” He eclaims, running his eyes over me, I felt Chris tense and I wondered why

‘Thank you” I purr.

At this point, sounding sexy just went up a notch.

“Erm, am sorry this is a closed party but I think we won’t mind to have such an exquisite person in our midst, am sure your date won’t mind?”
“No of course not”

I hand him my card smiling “Harbeth High alumini ” I tell him

He looked confused , staring at my name and then at my face, “am sorry, you went here? I mean I have everyone that went here on my list and everyone has been ticked just one person but we don’t have a name like this on our list ” he flipped through his list of names

“By the way, you are way too beautiful for me to forget a face.” he states winking at me

Oh really. I thought

“Is that so?”

He nods with all surety.

“But like I said, forget the card, you can go in, it would be horrible to let you go because it’s a closed party . I mean, who made that rule even?” He laughs checking me out, Chris clears his throat.

All eyes on me.

“What’s the last name on your list” I enquire

“Nobody important” everyone laughs, muttering and nodding
‘Pray, tell” I enquire

“Some ugly duckling .” another bust of laughter

“What’s her name?” I push, my smile not leaving my face

“A girl has no name” someone shouted

Too much Game of Thrones. I smirk

“Ugly duckling! ”

“Drooling ugly duckling was her name?”

They said

“Too bad,” I mutter, smiling.

“What if I tell you a little three-word-story?

“Ouuuhh. .what might that be?” He asked me

“I am her!” I state

“Who?”” A nervous laugh

“Go girl” Vera mouthed from the crowd giving me a thumbs up, I smile as I saw her walking up to me

“The same girl you all hated on and called hideous . The same girl you all called ugly, beastly, drooling baby pig and made fun off. The same girl in that picture a few of you were just laughing at. The same girl who left because of your silly taunts all children without proper upbringing can enjoy and throw shades at. The same girl you all thought would not amount to anyone. She is her” she says , pointing to the last person on his list and then points to me

“She is her, same girl and she is back in town. And just because you all were all too silly to know her name, let me introduce you to her. This delicious looking drop-dead-georgeous with a beauty that makes you all look like child’s play, I mean that literally puts your best look here to shame, let me reveal a once upon a long-long time ago ugly duckling who has transformed into a real life princess and nope she didn’t need no plastic surgery, she just had to lift all your bulshits away from her shoulders and bam!! She is rocking. In your face Harbeth high!!” Vera finishes, happy. Content. Satisfied

I should give Vera an award for being awesome right?

She was awesome. I wouldn’t have said it better


“Why aren’t you all talking. No more laughter? No more taunts? Did you all just swallow it all?.Damn!! Never realized how good mannered you all can be all of a sudden”

*I felt like hugging her I swear*

‘Oh my God!! You are serious?” A girl says

“I can’t believe this.. it can’t be her?” Some dude shakes his head

“She is beautiful. Look at her”

“Unbelievable! !”

“She is!”

They muttered

I smile, the MC shakes his head in bewildement

‘Your picture got nothing on you ” he confesses whistling

“I have seen her before?,”

Eva opens her eyes as it dawns on her “it was you from the boutique. !!” Eva comes forward, not pleased

“Look , you may have changed your looks but you are still ugly from the inside. Almost ruining my shopping. You would still remain ugly duckling to us, We don’t care!” She folded her arms “right?”

She waited for a unified chorus answer but no one answers her. Jayden gets booted from his trance and turns to face her wondering who dragged the party crasher to the party.

“What, did I say anything wrong? Come on baby won’t you back me up on this. I mean, who cares about her right?”

“Why don’t you introduce her Mc” Vera cuts in, ignoring the whinning oversized baby in pink

“Gladly.” He says

” ladies and gentle men, allow me introduce the high of this evening , she is beauty redefined, georgeous and amazingly radiant in her simplicity, one of our own back to us. Allow me welcome ” he looks at my card for my name

“Cynthia Abigail Morgan” jayden steps up, staring into my eyes

Eva gasped, Tom laughs, Vera let’s out a silent “Ye ” and I smile praying the butterflies doesn’t leap from my mouth tummy out of my mouth

OMG Jayden! !!

“Cynthia Abigail Morgan! ” The MC concurs as everyone begins to clap and cheer me on, whistling and chanting “Cynthia



Did I want to die of happiness? Yes. Did I want to scream at the top of my voice? Yes. Did I feel as though I was flying and on top of the world? Yes.

Did my dream just come true? Hell yeah!!

“May I escort you from here on out?” He asked me, standing so close, looking at just me, giving me his hand “if your date don’t mind?”

I look at Chris, he let’s go giving me a smile, stepping away from me to the side. I nod, as I link my hands to Jayden’s as he walked me through the crowd, everyone wanted to hug me, take a picture with me, ask me about my life, catch up. Everything. And a few apologies too.

I mean Everything.

“Jayden? Jayden Michael, let her be and come to me now. I forbid you to go around with her ,..that ..that…–

“Put a sock in the socket Godzilla, A new chick is in town and she got more class and is way hotter than you?” Tom mutters behind her

“What?” She turns , Tom slides into the crowd and disappears laughing. He needed to go find the pretty girl at the corner earlier anyways

Music was back on, laughter, dance, merry go round

“Hey you, wanna be my plus one today?” Vera touches his arm ,

“Oh I would be honoured” he places his hands to his chest, taking her hand he walks into the hall leading into a dance

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“Can we go outside and talk?” He whispered into my ears, I felt tingly all over

I nodded.

“You do look really beautiful today, and every other day since I met you”

“Do I? ”

“Yes. I don’t mean to prey but, who was he, your escort? Anyone important?”




“My cousin from outer state. Here for the holidays” I lied while be nodded.

“Anybody, I mean man, important in your life?” I smile nodding, he frownwd

“My dad!” I laugh at him

“No one else?” I look at him. Curious why he was asking

Christopher too. He is my friend. He is important



“At the moment, just you. ”

“Liar! Eva..that’s her name right. You both-?

He shakes his head “Not anymore. It was complicated at first but..not anymore”


“Because Cynthia”he leans in

“Because something has been missing from my life, and I think I have just found it.”

“What?” I whispered. He had leaned so close, so very close, I thought he could hear my heart beating really fast, or see me jumping from my mind’s eyes.

I never imagined him so near me, speaking words I couldn’t understand yet understand

“What?” I ask again, he hands touches my cheeks, he takes a strand of my hair and rolls it with his finger

“Something that I have been looking for my entire life” he breathed, his breath kissing my lips

Kiss Me already. I pleaded with my eyes

“I swear Cynthia, all I want to do is kiss you and I have never felt this silly in a long time. ”

And I have felt this way all my life… Go figure huh?

“Jayden Michael, what the hell are you doing?” Eva shrieks breaking us apart

“Stalking me now Eva?” We straighten

“Stalking? I am protecting what’s mine” she walks up to us, eying me

“Look Tintijia or let’s just go with ugly still, Jayden is my man. “Look” she shows me her ring.. I blink in shock, taken aback

“Its Cynthia!!

“Whatever! he didn’t tell you? We are engaged and we just made the announcement. So he is taken, you can keep your claws off him else amma have to fix my fingers on your plastic face:” she fumed

“Am sorry I didn’t know” I honestly tell her getting up, moving away

“No wait, that’s not true.” he holds my hands

“Let her go jayden ”

“No!! Look cynthia all this is an misunderstanding ”

“Oh? ” I mutter.

Yes I wanted Jayden but I won’t be the reason he breaks off his engagement.

“Never mind it. Am sorry Eva, congratulations. Jayden -.

My heart broke. Maybe I should give up. It’s over,

“No. !! Eva all you have been is a spoilt brat who likes to get things done her way and yes we dated but it’s over, way before today so am doing this for me”.

“Doing what?”
“This”! He heads away from us, going back into the hall, picking up the mic

“What are you doing?.” Tom comes up infront of him

“What I always wanted to ..” he says..

“Hi everyone, just to clear up something”

I and Eva come inside, everyone turns to him

“Baby, Jayden don’t.” she pleaded, he ignores her

“I and Eva aren’t engaged, I never proposed. Heck I never even got her that ring nor went on one knee, It’s a lie and right now we are officially done. It’s over. Thank you! ”

“That’s not true.. you- you love me” she firmly states

“No Eva, no. Honestly no .. am done ”
“Wow” Christopher mutters from where he sat; shaking his head

“Yeah. Wow!” Vera joins in

A tiny sob escapes from her lips, then she runs out sobbing. The hall was quiet for a minute, then music comes back up and everyone goes back to a party mode as though nothing ever happened

“I didn’t like her anyways” someone mutters

“Me neither. Too fake”

“And plastic”

A group of people laugh

“Way to go Bro, I am proud of you son. Ended it like a boss” Tom slaps his shoulders, but he was staring at me

Did I feel bad for her? Yes

What she did was wrong but, I felt bad for her and Jayden was walking towards me

“You wanna get out of here!!? He asked when he was infront of me.


He just broke up with his girlfriend. No.

“Yes!” I mutter

To be