All I Want For Christmas Episode 7


“Crap!!” He sighed.

“What’s wrong?” the lady at the counter asked him.

“Nothing. Never mind” he collects a napkin and dabs himself. He had spilled coffee over his suit and He hated when that happens.

“Any more orders sir?” She asked, smiling a little too much at him.

“Erm OK… Maybe two muffins please” He said, then he pauses mid act of cleaning himself,

“Just one” he shakes his head smiling at his silliness. Every morning for the past couple of years, he and Cynthia met here for the early rush hour breakfast and then went to MacDonald’s for lunch and they both ordered for coffee and muffins, he had forgotten she wasn’t waiting for him, seated at the corner possibly playing with a strand of her hair and dangling her feet under her like a little girl.

The lady passes him his muffin and his change, he walks out and flags a taxi heading into town.

“Hi handsome’” Tonia winks at him as he strolled pass her, after he reaches his office complex

“Hey Tonia, you look great this morning” he heads to the lift.

“Oh why, thank you ” she blows him a kiss, he smiles at her but as soon as the door closes he rolls his eyes, Shaking himself mentally. He walks into his office floor and heads to his office, opening the door and entering.

“Diana, is boss in?” He presses his com and waited for his PA to answer

“Yes he is, just stepped in though”

“Good thank you” He steps out of his office, walks down the hall and stands in front of a door with an initials inscribed “Mr Terryson, CEO” He takes a deep breath and knocks, a muffled ‘come in’ ushers him in, he opens the door to see an elderly man backing him, staring out of the window overlooking the city.

“Good morning sir. Can I please have a word?”

“Go on” he turns, giving him a brief smile sitting behind his mahogany desk

‘I was wondering if it’s possible for me to take my leave from tomorrow. There is a family emergency I need to attend to and it’s mandatory for me to be home for this period. I promise I would make it up when I am back” he lied, moving the weight from one feet to the other. Cynthia, see what you are making me do, for the love of friendships and what not.

“But… now? Is it that serious?’ Mr Terryson looks at the young man before him, he had always been an incredible worker, never took breaks or holidays. Never left his work pending or unfinished, or went absent for any reason, he always brought good profits to the company, huge money so giving him a month off shouldn’t be so bad. He picks up the files from the desk going through them, they had no big fish to fry this month; it was a slip through. James could stand in for him.

“Yes sir. It is a Life and death situation” he was lying through his teeth, it was strange how his boss couldn’t tell. It was a lame lie, the oldest one in the book.

He sighs

“When do you intend to take the leave?”

“My flight is for tomorrow” he states, running a hand through his dark hair.

‘That’s fine. Give all the information you think might be useful to James and tell Gloria to reschedule your meetings and put James in your place for the next couple of weeks, and please not a day after do you resume back to work. You get a month off and nothing more.”

“Thank you Sir.” he replies smiling. He lets the air he had been holding in out.

“Send Gloria in when you leave” Mr Terry dismisses him.

Back at his office, he checks his itinerary for the next day, his flight was in the morning and when he touches ground, the lie that Cynthia had weaved comes into place.

“How did I get myself into this mess?” But he laughs

“Christopher, aren’t you a sucker for good love stories? If you can be an instrumental to Cyn and boy wonder ‘Jayden” getting together, that won’t be such a bad thing would it?” He talks to himself.

He picks up the files on the desk and proceeded to cover the most he could for the day and leave for home early so he could pack.

It was going to be long -pretend holiday.

“I wonder if they have pretend faces to buy too?” He muses to himself


“Urm, Hi Tom, Hi Jayden” she stifled a laugh. I wish I could gag her. She leaned close to me and pinched my hand underneath the table, I didn’t turn

“I remember you. It’s been awhile but we did go to school together so I guess I can give you a listening ear. How may I help you?” Vera sounding all professional. How crafty right?

I wondered if I should turn now. . But what did they say about making a good entrance. So I waited for that moment. I pretended to be interested in the little boy down the streets but in reality my heart was doing the drum rolls and my cheeks were burning from the rising blush

Breathe Cynthia. Don’t embarrass the girl’s honour.

What the hell was that?

Don’t ask me. I have no idea


There was something oddly familiar about the girl backing them and staring out the window

“Hello?” Jayden says looking at her but she doesn’t turn.

“OK Vera, well we don’t know if you have heard but Harbeth’s high class of ’06 is having a reunion that means everyone is going to be there so we just realised that a couple of us haven’t gotten the memo so we decided to do a roaster call and come drop your invite. I hope you don’t mind “? Tom says

“Hi?” Jayden says again. She still didn’t turn still.

“Dude… what are you doing?” Tom silently nudges him

“Oh how lovely, Wow! Won’t that be one hell of a reunion” Vera responds, smiling.


The grass below looks too green don’t you think? I squint my eyes

You don’t see it? Well. Look again. I see it *tongue out*

I was waiting for that moment. Vera just didn’t get it. No one but me gets it.

“Well… I don’t know if you guys would remember her, she is my very, very best friend. She went to Harbeth’s high too. Cynthia Morgan. I hope she gets an invite?” Vera pinches me yet again, then pulls at my arm

“Did you say Cynthia Morgan? ” Tom begins to speak

I think this is it. Right?

“I knew you looked familiar backing up like that?” Jayden says,

I slowly turn, flipping my hair while my long lashes flutters. There was this elegance that came with turning and I slowly move my body to get in tune as though I was yet to strike a pose for Vogue magazine

This was my moment. And gaddamned! I needed to own it like a boss.

I was glad I picked this sunflower short fitted dress. It was like the sun glowed into the room and the breeze did wonders for my hair. Did I hear music too?

Vera was trying not to laugh. Tom’s jaw suddenly dropped, Jayden looks at him and smiled that “I told you she looked amazing kind of smiles”

“You called my name Vera?” In my most sexy voice, pretending as though I just heard my name and didn’t realise there were other people in the room

Vera pinches me. I wince but my demeanour stays intact

“Yes Cynthia, they went to school together with us. Tom and Erm Jayden. Do you remember them? ”

*See why you should have friends as awesome as Vera. She reads the scripts well. I am sure we were going to have a good laugh after now*

“Erm…” I screw up my beautiful face, shaking my head side to side

“I don’t quite remember… them”

“We met at the supermarket yesterday. Jayden, Jayden Michaels. Lawyer, remember” he comes forward taking my hand in his.

Gosh I wanted to pull him into me and smell his cologne.

“Erm… am sorry. I have this amnesia thing going on.” I pull my hand away while his smile wipes from his face

Vera coughs. Tom blinks

“Oh that’s fine but I guess there are plenty opportunities for us to really get to know each… like this one” he pulls out a card from Tom’s hands whose mouth hadn’t closed and places it in mine

“High school reunion. You can come with your plus one but even though you have none I don’t mind to re-introduce you to everyone.” He finishes it

“How is this even possible?” His eyes takes a rundown of me, he shakes his head and speaks to Jayden

“Plus Jayden you are forgetting one tiny detail. Ev-?” Tom states

“Close your mouth Tom. Don’t embarrass yourself” Jayden says over his shoulders. Tom swallows getting the drift.

Don’t mention the girlfriend when your guys are trying to score points with a new chick.

Bro code. Rule no.1

“Hi Cynthia, I must say you look amazing.” Tom comes closer, openly admiring me.

“Your high school picture doesn’t do you justice. In fact it has got nothing on you. Are you sure you are or were the actual ugly duckling -?

“Hey… Okay. I think we have to leave now. Thank you Vera, It was good seeing you again and Cynthia, I guess we would be seeing you. Me especially” Jayden cuts Tom off and pushes him towards the door. Tom hands Vera her card and smiles at Cynthia.

A “wow!” Leaves his lips.

“OK. Thank you for stopping by”

I don’t exactly break out in a smile, I turn away, pretending to fiddle with my bag for something important as though I had forgotten them immediately.

Tell me I wasn’t a badass?

You are a badass!!

I know right. ??” Where was I.. Oh!

They leave shutting the door behind them.

“Girl… you so mean. I almost laughed my heart out seeing Jayden trying to get your attention and you acting all ladylike and pretending you don’t know who he is but technical you can tell him his birthday, his full name and the grades he got in school. And did you see Tom’s face. I swear it was epic. They falling over their faces for you. You are literally the queen of awesomeness” she does a mock bow

I laugh using my hands to fan myself as I walked around in a circle, using the other hand to do a ‘queen wave’ side to side.

“Oh thank you thank you dear Vera. A Queen must act the part” I stated

We laugh

‘So a reunion huh. This would be fun!’ Vera eyes the cards

“You know what would be more fun?” I nudge her.

“Jayden!” I say. She rolls her eyes.

“Don’t kill the poor guy okay. He is obviously taken with you”

“Well that’s what I want. For him to be stricken with mad insane love for me and then when it seems he isn’t making any headway I would gladly surrender. Heart, body and soul to my prince. It would be nice to have a Christmas love story… awww I can’t wait” I gush, hands to chest, dreamily eyes and all drama

“You watch too many love movies Cynthia”

“And you don’t watch enough. Come here tell me about that guy you mentioned–

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“Follow me to the airport tomorrow? Just in case Christopher decides to kill me and bury my bones. Please?

“Hahaha well he would be right too, Don’t you think?”

“I had to dissuade mother and papa. They wanted to follow me but I lied you were coming with. “I tugged at her sleeves” which isn’t a lie because you are coming with me”

“Fine I would. Then we go pick out our dressed for the party this weekend. Hey! Who is going to be your plus one? Chris right?”

“Damn! I only needed Chris to be here so that mother and pops stop asking about my man. I don’t need him to rain on my parade. If I take Chris to the party I don’t want Jayden to think I have a man. I need him to be my man”

I think to myself. “But if I leave Chris alone with my parents he is like this person that hates to lie so his consciences might keep pricking him next thing he goes “we aren’t dating “. So no. He would have to come with and if anyone askes, he is my cousin from a distant relative” I say. Content.

“More lies Cynthia.” Vera points out. We were standing in front of my house.

“Hey. . . Come on. Just for a bit. Promise” I hug her

‘See you tomorrow ugly duckling” she pinches my cheeks

“Hahaha very funny Vera ”

We wave goodbye.

I walked into see them cuddling up with each other, watching a movie

“Hey baby, you home?” Mother says looking lovingly at me

“Hey princess, you want to join in?”

I drop my bag and rush to their middle, happy as a little kid.

Boy! This… I miss this.

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He picks his bag and walks through, scanning the crowd for the thick headed girl who had him flying down here for a big lie.

What you do for friends.

He looks around again, reading every placard one after the other hoping to see his name. Every smiling face, every girl. He sees some Peter Jacobs, Mr and Mrs Philips, Joe Rice.

“Who still names themselves rice?” He muses

Still searching the crowd at the airport until he saw it, a big placard that had a yellow smiley face but the smile was upside down with a tear dangling from the left eye, a big letter scribbled “I am sorry C. Daniels” xoxo Cyn. She had used to it cover her face but he saw her legs, He smiles walking towards her fighting his way through the crowd of people who came to pick up their family or friends.

“Knock knock” he taps the placard” think you should say that in person instead of subjecting a smiley to bail you out of the mess you robed me into Cyn” he tells her loving the placard away from my face..

“Hey, It was so much work drawing this smiley face you know” I tell him screwing up my face. Then I smile up at him, blinking my lashes a hundred times in a minute

“Forgive me??” I plead

“Nope.” he folds his arms

“Hey, stop it! Forgive me. You are here already so just forgive me. I promise it would be over soon” I tug at his sleeves.

“Let me think about it. Don’t I at least get a hug for my troubles?” Christopher requested, I smile. He is such a drama queen sometimes. I open my arms wide and he wraps me in a hug. Did he just smell my hair?

“Little trouble monster. That’s what you are” he scatters my hair. Why was he so tall, I was always at a disadvantage to him.

‘Hey, be nice. I styled my hair nicely because I wanted to look good… for the paparazzi’s and you just ruin that.” I punch him. An “ow” escapes from is lips.

Christopher realises there was a girl standing beside me, she was hiding a smile. He looks at and indicates

“Your friend.”?

Oh silly me

“Oh schumcks!! Yes. This is Vera my bestest of friends, my life saver, the bee to my honey and the sugar to my sweets. My sister from another mother who takes all my tantrums like a boss and loves me despite my cruelty.” I say hugging her from the side, she was laughing

“How ridiculous Cynthia, what kind of an introduction is that?

“And Vera, this is Christopher Daniels. Now this dude is the definition of awesomeness. Saw me as a tiny little monster with a face like erm… Well you know. Was the only dude who became my friend in class and never really called me ugly.

“Because you were never ugly to me ‘” Christopher cuts in

I smile.

“Well, he has been my anchor and friend in my worst and then helped me to be my best. We have been buds since then, inseparable. But he is annoying AF too when he wants to be and makes my name sound like a sin.” I smirk eyeing him

“Because technically it’s “Cyn” for short. What are we not saying?” He winks at me.

“So Vera meet Christopher and Christopher meet Vera. Be nice to each other because together… we are going to rule the world” I had my fist raised to the heavens shaking it dramatically with a dance as though I was about to hit the sky.

“Too much cartoons. I did say she was a little monster” Christopher shakes his head

“Pinky and the brain fanatic ” Vera chips in

“I know right?” Christopher looks at Vera, she smiles

“Totally. You know what Chris, I like you already!” She links her hand with his while he taps her hands,

“And I like you too. Don’t mind Cynthia, she can be goofy all herself. Shall we? Let our maid carry my bags. ”

They both began walking away leaving me alone with his bags.

“Hey! I can’t carry these all by myself, I am fragile ” I sob

“Well that’s your punishment for the lying with me in the picture” he says over his shoulders

“B-but Chris!!” I call out

“Not available. Try again letter”

“Vera. Come back here. You are my friend, not his’” I used the other card. She would have to some back now.

“Sorry babes, Christopher seems to be much fun now”

They laugh leaving me alone.

I was tempted to leave the bags and walk away but,

Be nice Cynthia, he came all the way for you, so I flexed my shoulders, twist my neck from side to side and gauged all the strengths I could muster , grabbing the bags, I began to pull.