All I Want For Christmas Episode 6


Cynthia, you have a visitor!” Mother calls out to me as she goes back into the kitchen.

“I would be right out” I called out, putting on a clean pair of white shorts and a flowery chiffon top.

“Hello Mrs Morgan. Hello Mr morgan” Vera smiles to both of them.

‘Vera, you refused to come visit us the way you used to after cynthia left, now she is back you rush all the way down here. Not so nice dear” mother says

“I am sorry Mrs morgan but I missed my friend so much and I am sorry I didn’t come as often as before. But you look divine ma’am and sir, everyly handsome ” she states, winking at Jacob, mother laughs

“Oh thank you lovely. Apologies accepted. You know her room, you can go in” mother tells her as she continues with her baking, papa smiles up at her and then opens his book and reads


“oh wow! Are those even real ?” She points at my hips and firm perfect boobs

“Really?.” I laugh at her shocked expression. She hadn’t stopped staring at me with her mouth open, since she walked in

“I mean, wow!” She exclaims.
“Tell me , you had some sort of work done didn’t you. I mean it’s impossible to look like a monstrous pig then and the next minute you are…just wow!!

“Hey, I wasn’t that bad. Be nice.”

“You know I still have a picture of both of us while I saw you off to the park. Do you need proof of how horribly ugly you were back then in Harbeth’s high?”

“Oh don’t remind me.” I close my face falling back on the bed

“I was hideous right?”

“You were the beast in beauty and the beast. Or maleficient! ” she teases

“Oh how dreadful” I throw her a pillow which she caught.

“But you really do look amazing. I am not even jealous” she sticks out her tongue, shrugging. I stare at her knowingly

“OK just a little. Come here..I missed you” we wrapped ourselves in a big hug, yes..I missed vera. Sweet natured good heart vera. Why did I stay away for so long.

“Ohk so.. tell me. How have you been. What’ good, what’s new..what’s up the sizzle my nigga?” I brush my finger over my nose and pop my invisible collar, she laughs

“How am I or how is jayden? ” she points out. I feign denial

“Hey..I meant you ” I lied, she smiles knowingly

“Fine, I would indulge. I am great. After you left I signed up for fashion school. And I went to college majoring in linguistics and arts. I own a clothing line though but just trying to get it up. I am not married which you know but …there is this guy. We still working on it. And ..I know you want to hear all about jayden so I would just get to it.”

“No of course no” I scoff

“OK. So I won’t talk” she folds her hands and began to whistle staring at everything but me

“Hey!” I nudge her.. “but first , I ran into him at the supermarket and boy was he dripping hot like a red hot sauce. But you know the best thing. …I was hotter and he couldn’t stick his tongue back into his mouth fast enough. I felt high as though I was on some drugged stuff, I could fly literally. ” I laugh not hiding my blush.

“Nice. But you know he is dating someone right now” it came almost as a whisper as she avoids my eyes,

The sweet love music playing at a 100 volume high just scrambled to a cryptic sound and slid down to 44 to 10 and to a 0.2 and then full stop. Reality slapped me in the face.

“Yes.. and I am sorry. I should have told you but I knew you were excited about coming back so I just didn’t want to ruin your happiness’

“So who.. who is he dating ” I bite my lip. Was my hopes shattered again too soon. Should I die now? I fished for a gun in my mental locker and cocked it

“Erm, you know her though. We all went to school together. She used to be all over him then and a few years later they became an item. Off and on though and she didn’t lose a day to rub it over our faces..”my man. My man. My man jayden” Vera rolls her eyes.

“Who is she?” My heart caught in my chest

“Eva Peters. The girl whose laughter could burst your ear drums. The prettiest girl in class and maybe the whole school then” Vera never liked her. She lorded her presence as though everyone should bow to her

“What? That Eva?” I buried my face in my hands.. and then raise I my head up.

“That’s heart wrenching. How long now?”

“Off..2, on..3 years now”

“Wow that’s a long time Vera. Too long. Does he love her?” It would hurt to hear the truth but I needed to know whether to pack my things and head south.

“Well..maybe, I guess so. But.. they fight more than they make up and like every other couples, I guess they have their issues. But hey, it doesn’t matter, If a guy wants you he wants you. Plus you said he couldn’t stop staring at you so it’s a good thing right?”

Faint glimmer of hope blinks at the end of the tunnel. I put the gun away. I sholve my cloths back into the locker too. I was staying. Luck might just be on my side.

Say Amen somebody? I muse

“Maybe. But ohh am such a clumsy mess”

“What? ”

“So I lied to my mother that I had a boyfriend and I nearly mentioned Jayden” Vera opens up her eyes in disbelieve

” I know right. But I was fast enough and I mentioned Chris. Saying Chris is my boyfriend but everything I described about Chris I was actually describing jayden, who is a lawyer but Chris, he is an accountant. Chris has grey eyes and he isnt half as handsome as jayden is, while jayden is like a Greek god, his bod is to die for. And now…. my parents wants to do the remake of “meet the parents”

Vera had busted out laughing ..
” who is chris?” Oh you really are a clumsy mess. And sure…your friend Chris is pretty mad. What are you going to do. You lied to them, I wonder how you going to get out of this one. Did he agree?”

“My friend. We met in Canada he is my closet friend aside you. And It’s a white lie so technically it isn’t a lie. It’s for a good purpose. Well, I begged and pleaded to the high heavens. He comes in two days, papa made me book his flight for him. They are really looking forward to meeting my “prince charming” I roll my eyes

“That’s a movie I really want to watch. Let’s name it “meet the parents and watch chaos explode because of cynthia’s little white lie”

She caught the second pillow I threw at her laughing

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“Found it. Damn.. she was uggllllyyyy” Tom screws up his face, they both stared at their year book, finally stopping at the page that had a “cynthia morgan”

“Yeah. Is there a phone number or an address. Family address or something. ?”

“Dude, you do realise that its like tons of years ago and they might not be using that number again or staying at that house anymore. Didn’t you guys like live on this same street., forth avenue?”

“Oh yes we did. But we moved away to the suburbs. ”

“Exactly. ”

“There is no harm in trying ” he writes down the address and the phone number. Scanning through the book, looking at signatures and pages friends signed on their friends..he pauses when he sees a name attached to another’s. .

“Bingo. Vera Simpsons. She wrote” to my only friend.. Cynthia A. Morgan. I miss you. Xoxo V. I guess we found a friend of hers. ” jayden smiles, content.

“Oh I remember her, she was the quiet shy little mouse. A nerd of some sort. Isn’t she the one that owns the new clothing line at the brooks? ”

“That’s vera? ”

“Well, Vera Simpsons, that’s the name pasted there. But it’s not open for official use though. Except she isn’t the one. She isn’t bad herself you know. I occasionally see her at events but I’ve never approached her”

“Ohk whatever, can I get a card. No two cards, we call her up and go drop it and tell her to invite a plus one and maybe drop one for cynthia. If they were friends there is a likely possibility they are going to hook up first thing.”

Tom nods, “can we do that tomorrow? ”


“Because I am too lazy to do anything today. And because a man has to exercise a little bit of self control. You’re too edgy, like your nuts is about to explode. Take a chill pill, relax. She isn’t running away.”

Relunctantly jayden leans into the chair..

“She might not be running away just yet, but how do I stop my heart from beating fast. I really need to see her again Tom..I do.”

“You would have plenty of time. But I hope godzilla doesn’t rip your new love interest apart.” He teases

Jayden sighs “forget Eva. At the moment, it’s just Cynthia who has me sweating.” He smiles remembering the way the red dress hugged her body, her waist swinging from side to side, her cute smile and breathtaking laughter

“Where have you been all my life Cynthia Morgan. Where the hell have you been?” He muses to himself.

“I have been here. Waiting for you to love me like I have never been loved” I look at Jayden’s picture dreamily..

“Really? ” Vera laughs. Vera had spent the night at mine. We were going to check out her shop, she comes to a stop just outside the complex as both of us alights and I drop my phone back in my bag

“Come come come..mi casa’ es su casa’” vera says as we both enter into the building, greeting customers and taking the lift up.

“Speak English. .what’s that.?” I ask, smiling at the transformation the city had taken

“It means my house is your house slugger”

“Oh right. It sounded like some cricket taking a dump” she nudges me slightly.

“Oh wow, this is just prestine. Lovely decor. Am proud of you honey. I swear you got good tastes too” I run my hands over the chairs and sewing equipment and arts decorating the little open space room

“I know right. Once my last shipment comes in I would get to work. I already have orders so..soon, you would need to book an appointment to see me. So treat me nicely.” She says, showing off her little magical world. I was impressed. She did good for herself.

Oh I guess you are wondering what I do? Didn’t I tell you? Oh silly me.

I am just a girl with a name and nothing,not a dime to that fine name of mine.

*side eyes.*

Am kidding. Don’t you take a joke?

Well, I am a photographer, a writer and I run the vogue’s culumist out in Canada as an assistant. But I wanted to start up mine, here back home. Which was the second reason why I came back. The first being jayden. Of course . I smirked

Knock knock

We turn , a pretty brunette opens the door.

“Hi Vera but I think some guys are here to see you . They have been here for over 30 minutes waiting on you and because you weren’t around I had to let them stay in mine. Should I send them your way,”

“Urm..guys? What are their names, I wasn’t expecting any visitors. Hell, who knows am here at the moment? I am not even up to functionality yet.”

The girl just shrugs and waited, her eyes resting on me

“Oh Hi, am cynthia. Vera’s long time friend.” Her face breaks into a warm smile as I finish

“Welcome! I am Gloria. The girl next door that does a mean sound beat. I could hook you up with the coolest dj this side of the street and music to take you to the high heavens and back” I laugh. She seemed cool

“Oh how nice.”

“Well, no harm in sending them in” Vera cuts in, moving two chairs and dusting them. I perch on the table waving Gloria bye as she nods and steps out

I get up staring out of the window. You could see how beautiful the city was ‘s from there.

“I wonder who they are?” Vera says

“Some lost puppies looking for directions you never know” I answer absentmindly shrugging

Knock knock.

“Come in please” vera says but I don’t turn

The door creeps open, I heard feets, movement but I don’t turn. There was a little boy chasing his dog round and round down the streets, I smile. Such carefreeness and not a bother in the world. I missed those years when things were as simple as Abc.. I heard someone speak.

“Hello Vera, I don’t know if you remember us but we went to school together, Harberth High. I am Tom Bevear and this is Jayden Michaels. ”

My heart did the summersaults in my chest. Infact it fell out of my chest, rolling down my sleeves with a hard thud to the ground. The violin played, birds serenaded. I heard music, I felt my knees go weak and my cheeks begin to burn. I turned pink.

OMG!! Jayden?

Jayden Michael was here?

Somebody kill me already.

Be Continued.