All I Want For Christmas Episode 5


Mother ..You know he is a lawyer and everything, so tush and sophisticated, he is so warm and down to earth. You would love him. ”

I finished. Blinking like hundred times in a minute and hoping she let’s it slide. When I lied, my blinking was more than normal. I was glad mama never noticed. That was my get-out-of-trouble free card when I was in a deep mess.

“Oh wow, look at how you are blushing. What’s his name? Is he coming to visit soon and meet the parents.” she winks, clasping her hands together like a little girl getting her first present.

“I always loved that movie “meet the parents” it was hilarious. But we are nothing like that right, we are awesome parents. And I bet he is a really really great and sweet guy to have my baby gush over him turning pink just talking about him. See how her lashes flutter Jacob. Oh goodness” she reaches out for her husband who takes her hands and brushes a kiss to her knuckles.

I smiled for good measure. The darn lashes wouldn’t even stay still. It kept twinking.

“What? Visit …Erm, well we haven’t talked about that…yet” I fiddle with my hair.

“Oh yeah, so we can get to meet him and I can have a beer with him. You know not having a son made me miss those things I would have done if I had a boy. But a son-in-law would be great to catch up on boys day out and the sorts” papa states, I laugh nervously . Papa smiles, mother indulges the talk more. Oh no!!!

‘Yes princess. What’s his name. You can invite him over for Christmas, and we can have the thanksgiving and Christmas party you know, as we used to do every year then I can introduce him to my friends and your friends. This would be such a lovely time to celebrate. Infact let him come now. Oh it would be so much fun dear”

“Erm, his name. His name is Erm. Jay- Chris.’ I mutter , biting my lip again.

Crap. What was I about to do?

“Jay Chris? ” what sort of name is that cynthia?” Mother screws up her face, father raises an eyebrow

Hey! Don’t look at me like that . Yes I was describing Jayden but what to do, didn’t think mother would be persistent. If I call his full name now how do I tell him to be my boyfriend before mother gets to see him in like 4 seconds. We haven’t even had our first date yet , much less our first kiss and here I was selling him out to mother on a platter of gold saying he was my boyfriend. Cynthia A. Morgan is on Obsession 101. Dang! Oh No! what to do?

“No mother. Chris. Christopher Daniels. We met at summer camp and then We went to college together, ran into each other at the cafeteria and you know how it happens in the movies? Lights and fireworks, sparks and whatnot and it was love and love and heart shattering love mother and we just sort of clicked.” I lied. Chris is going to kill me. Chris didn’t even like me. I don’t even like Chris. He is a like a brother I never had. Yes..he was going to kill me.

#sulking mentally.

Hey don’t look at me like that. What was I supposed to do? Any bright ideas? None right?

Exactly. So where was I? Oh..

“Aww how sweet. How romantic, I want to meet this Christopher who has made my daughter all lovey-dovey. So I insist, you are inviting him over for Christmas. No excuses. It would be fun to have a man around the house. Don’t you think so Jacob? ” mother turns to her husband. Who nods affirming to her.

Really? Seriously.. is this the spouse-gang-up-on-me day?

“Yes cynthia, you should invite Christopher over. We would love to meet him and I would love to have a word with him and teach him how to treat my daughter. You are a princess and should be treated as such.”

Go papa. !!! You gonna put him straight. That’s the spirit. There are a million reasons why I love this man to pieces.

But wait..!

“B-but papa..mother, he-he is very busy. He is a lawyer, he can’t just drop everything and come down here ”

“Well you wouldn’t know that honey. Oh just Call him already darling, Just call him. Call him c’mon, Oh I am so excited. Call him honey..I can’t wait to meet him.” She was like a little kid excited about christmas and couldnt wait till the next morning to open her gift which is laid under the christmas tree. Or like a cute little puppy making doggy sounds looking at you with those puppy eyes for that just can’t harden your heart to such cuteness. And here was mother, how could I tell her no.

“Okay mother. I would, let me go and call him inside” I made to get up. More like I wanted to run away from her clawing grasp trying to choke me to submission.

“Oh don’t be silly sugar, we would try not to eavesdrop on your mushyness” she pokes me, papa laughs heartedly.

“Mum”! I rolled my eyes, picking my bag and bringing out my phone. .dialing.

Please don’t pick..please don’t pick.
Please God, don’t let him pick

“Hello” his voice breaks into my thoughts, my eyes shoots open and mother claps excitedly.

“Go on, tell him” she wipers giving me a thumbs up

God what have I gotten myself into?

“Hey baby, how are you? I just got home and mother and papa are excited when I told them about us and they can’t wait to meet you” I bite my lower lips, moving away from them but mother itches closer to me. I move away and she comes even closer, I bend my head away hoping to God she doesn’t hear his side of the conversation, she kept stretching her head towards me. I move again

“What? who are you calling Baby? Cynthia are you okay or did you hit your head. What are you talking about?” Curiosity filled his voice

“Yes baby, and they want you to come down here for Christmas. And I would love you to” I turn smiling at mother who gave me a thumbs up, I give her one two with my 32 showing

“Look cynthia I have no idea what in the Lords name you are talking about, come where, I don’t get what do you mean”?

“Aww really, that’s so wonderful baby. I would pick you up from the airport. Mwah! ! I love you. Bye. Kiss kiss !!” I conclude cutting the line

“Cynthia ..cynthia ” was the last thing I heard before I let the line die

“See mother, done. He said he would be happy to come down. ”

She claps excitedly, dancing on her toes

“Oh how lovely. ” I laugh at her happiness,

“Need to go take a shower and vera is coming over” I give both of them kisses and off to my room.

My phone rings almost immediately, I didn’t need to check who the caller was. I knew who it was, so I close my eyes and pick the call, kneeling down mentally and hoping he forgives me.

“What the actual hell was that about Cynthia A. Morgan?”

Now when my name is being called like that, it means I am in trouble. I give my most puppied-expression-sulking-voice, sounding all helpless

“Erm..well, promise you would forgive me first.’ I poked my cheeks, something I did as a little girl uncertain of my fate

“No! Tell me. What just happened and why do I feel as though it’s worse than what I think?”

“ depends. Tell me you forgive me first?” I pull at cheeks even more, closing my eyes again, it had turned red, I rub them.


“OK OK! I-told-my-parents-we-were dating and so-inlooooooovvvvvvve and now you have to come down here to see them and spend the Christmas with us and be the best boyfriend in the whole wide world because they want to see and see how in-lovvvvvvvvvve we are and you have to come down here like as soon as possible, preferably tomorrow or the day after and meet them and spend the holidays with us!!! ” I blurted out and waited for the explosion that I knew would happen while I held my breath.

“What the Fxxk cynthia. Why would you go and do something as silly, crazy, utterly ..argh!! like the actual Fxxk. I mean. . What???” I covered my face.

Did the volcanic eruption just take place.? I hide under my shell, waving a white flag

“I am sorry Chris but..I didn’t know what to do. Mother just kept pinching and pinching me, with her cute puppy eyes teasing me and begging me. I couldn’t bring down her hopes and I had to make up an imaginary boyfriend and how was I to know that she was going to ask for a name and then…you know ” I trail off

“And you thought to mention my name? How clever of you Cyn. You are just a bundle of suprises with a lot of misplaced priorities Cyn” he was the only one who called me that. I told him once it sounded like “sin”. But he just laughed it off and still called me “Cyn” even though I didn’t like it. I grimace, pouting. Still searching for an annoying name to grace him with.

“Well, I was going to mention jayden but..then she wanted him to come over and there was no way I could make jayden fall in love with me and get him to be my boyfriend and have him come over in this short period of time. which was about 5 seconds when she starting asking about my man. So I just blurted out your name.” I bite my lips again

“Right. Jayden Michaels. The one true love of your life. Tell me something else I don’t know” I could hear the displeasure in his voice

“Oh don’t be a kill joy, he is going to love me and then this little lie of ours would be over..but please please do me just this favour, please. I promise it would be over soon, it’s simple, just pretend that we are dating and heavy over heels for each other and it wouldn’t be so hard, just for a little while and poof!!! All would be great when I and jayden would be living happily ever after.” I gushed

” its not a little lie. Its a big lie. And there is no “ours” its yours. You thought it alone in that big head of yours. Don’t be crafty and No! I won’t. Besides you don’t know if he is married with kids and wouldn’t ever look at you.”

“Wrong.! ” I smiled.


“I said wrong. He isn’t married, he wasn’t wearing a ring and I don’t think he got kids running around and he is breathtaking gorgeous Chris and he drooled all over just looking at me Chris, oh my gosh! ! I wanted to leap for joy. Jayden even wanted my number but I walked away leaving him staring at me like a huge piece of chocolate pie-

“Whatever cynthia. I don’t want to indulge in your big-little dark lie. Please don’t drag me into it.’ He pleaded

” its a white little lie so technically its not a lie if its for smothing good. C’mon, Pleaseeeeeeeeeee?” I sulked

“Please please please Christopher Daniels, you are my only best friend in the whole wide world..please do this for me and I promise I won’t ever make you do anything this horrible again.”

“That’s what you said the last time when you had me doing your project for you the whole semester, or was it the time you made me sit in for your date because you didn’t want to be alone with that Davidson guy and I had to watch him throw shades at me for ruining his “just-two” date. Three was a crowd cynthia, or was it when you made me eat a large pizza because you were trying to win a bet and I had to hug the porcelain god for two whole days because apparently it was spoilt , should I go on?”

I laugh. Yes, I have had him do some silly things for me. But what are friends for if not for inconveniences and bad advice right. .

‘I promise Chris, this is the last time I promise” I wasn’t sure if I was lying or not but, but it didn’t matter

“Fine. Whatever. I mean, what’s so hard in pretending that I like you, let alone love you. You are my friend so I guess I can pretend..but you need to tell them the truth or probably get your prince to fall head over heels for you in the next couple of days so I can whisk myself out of there and back to my simple sane life full of peace and no Cyn drama, so help me God.”

“Amen!!Awwww you are amazing you know right?” I jumped on my bed. He laughs

“You doing that thing again aren’t you?” I stop jumping and laid flat on my bed, brushing the hair out of my face

“What thing?” Curious I asked,

“That thing when you jump like a frog just because you are excited. ”

“Oh screw you!! I laugh

“You too” his chuckle fill my ears

Friends. Aren’t they just divine.

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“Dude, I swear she was like this girls you see in your dreams, those perfect beauties that you just don’t want to wake up from, I swear Tom, I couldn’t stop staring at her.” He sits down

Tom whistles, handing him a beer and taking one for himself as he settles opposite him in his sitting room, the slow music playing in the background

“So, ugly duckling is like cinderella now but only after the fairy godmother appears to her and changes her into a princess right or this really cute girl with large titties and butts big enough to place a cup?” He laughs

“Don’t joke Tom. You really needed to see her. She was like….”Wow!” Jayden exclaims, with both his hands spreading wide across his face and he leans back, dreamy

“And she wouldn’t even give me her number? Cynthia Morgan her name is”

“Hmmm. I never knew anyone with that name.” He honestly admits

“Exactly. It’s horrible , we always called her ugly duckling and we never knew her name. Now years later she is a radiant glow and I was just dumbstruck. Amazed, dazed or whatever you want to affix and I never wanted to get to know someone so much. And I have luck on my side, she doesn’t even remember me. So It would be a good opportunity to make a good impression ”

“But dude, you were the one who caused the rumour in school about her ”

“No I told you about the ugly chick ruining my perfect day with her spittle and staring at me like one love sick puppy that My Kenny had paid me with and I just wanted her out of my house and way from me. It was a horrible experience. A freaking one. You were the one who spread it across school. So technically , I was just a little kid who didn’t know better but you my friend, you are the villain in this story. ”

He laughs nodding. “Yeah. Do you think that’s why she left, because she never returned after summer break.”

“Well, I dunno know. But I am glad she is back. By the way, when is our school reunion happening?”

“This weekend,Why”?

“Dude isn’t it obvious, we get word out more now and hopefully it gets to her. Look up an old address on the year book or something. She might at least have had a friend or something. It’s Harbeth’s high school class’07 reunion and she is by right expected to be there too right so we let her know, right ?”

Tom nods.

“What about Eva?”

“What about Eva? I don’t care about Eva, so what about Eva?” Jayden brushes the talk away like first over his shoulders

“But you guys have been dating for a bit now, thought it was getting serious?”

“Well, off and on. I never committed to her. Besides our families thought that it was a good thing to be a pair so it just sort of happened. Not like I fell in love with her or anything and my world stopped and she was the glow that made me a better man. That shot only happens in the movies. Besides She is just a drag but she got her fine edges no doubt but Tom, seeing cynthia today made me realise that settling for something less would be the worse thing you could ever do yourself you know”

“Yeah right Jay, you just need to get your nuts out of the keg. You see a fine girl and you run after her. You have lost of girls throwing themselves at you. You have a girlfriend who is crazy, yes I admit but she digs you. You are rich, you are a lawyer working in one of the pretigious firms in town. You own a house and two freaking amazing cars. What else do you want?”

“I want to get to know cynthia. You never know where it leads. Come on, let’s get to finding that address will you.?”

“Damn dude, I really should see this Cynthia that has you all like this” Tom says, going to the attic to fish out their old year book.

To be continued