All I Want For Christmas Episode 4


I knocked on the door and waited , the sun burned against my delicate skin. I sighed. Wishing I had gone with the car that had come to pick me up from the airport, but instead I had wanted to walk, take buses and flag down cabs, and sent the car ahead.


I wanted to walk the streets I had walked on when I was much younger, bask under the sun and twirl to the music played by Mr peppey’s stereo along fifth street.
Yes, I wanted to remember and feel the ambience of my younger years, and to see how much everything had changed since I left.

I never knew I was going to run into jayden at the supermarket.

“Oh dear lord, he had turned into a deliciously looking man. I just wanted to grab him and give him one of those wet sloppy kisses. Damn” I touched my burning chicks. I rang the door bell again, then I laughed..

“The way his eyes followed me almost made me pee on myself. Me? Cynthia. I mean ugly betty was a beauty next to me. Me? That everyone didn’t want to hang around, look at or even talk to. Me? And jayden was literally drolling all over himself. Oh dear lord!! How long I have waited for this day and it took all my willpower not to blurt it all out to him and look more stupid than I have ever been. But nope, I acted like a lady, flipped my hair here and to there, gave a thin smile not letting it reach my eyes, act like I never saw the dude in my entire earthly existence and trotted out of the place like I didn’t give a rats ass like a model on Broadway ” I laughed talking to myself

“Oh..what a sight. Poor Jayden calling out for a number, Oh life! what cruel games you play with us. One minute I was practically dreaming of that young boy with a pretty smile and wishing for the heavens and everything divine, and the next minute, Jayden who wouldn’t even waste a second’s glance my way suddenly gasped at me, literally and openly appreciating my good looks” I laugh again, twirling around feeling giddy all over

“My goodness, who are you and what have you done to cynthia ”
A pretty petit woman who had apparently been standing there watching me go off asked, shock written all over her face

I turn, a wide smile breaking across my slim beautiful face

“Mother!!” I squealed, hugging her and lifting her up, almost falling trying to twirl her around and around

“Oh my goodness child. Drop me down!” She laughed hugging me back and plastering my face with kisses with tears in her eyes

“My beautiful beautiful baby girl” she cried into my hair, peering into my face and kissing me, and I laugh, it’s been awhile I felt so much love in a brief moment.

“Mother, I missed you so much” I gushed

She pulls me into the house , calling out

“Jacob!! Jacob!! Your daughter is here. Come see our little girl all grown up. ” she cried ,


My mum is such a drama queen but I love her so much. Staying away from home was the hardest thing I could do, but it’s been 3 years I saw them last when they came to Canada to spend the holiday. Then I still had the fat chubby look, Yes for a while I was depressed, home sick and love starved. So I ate and ate and ate, until my friend, God bless his humble heart, Christopher put me on a diet, took me training and in two years I was like a model straight out of a magazine, sexy as hell and felt more beautiful than ever, my face went from a monstrous ugly duck to…Damn!! A beauty and I turned heads, I mean every single head.

Eww, not that head you. Get your head out of the gutter. *stern look *

I meant head not Head. Damn nasty readers. So where was I? Oh yeah, mother.

“Why didn’t you come home with the driver, I was worried even when he said he dropped you close. Anyways baby, you look amazing, My little girl ” she hugs me and from the corner of my eyes I saw him come out, his protruded tummy was the first thing I noticed and his grey mustache covering his jaw, I smile

“Come to daddy ” he smiles, opening his arms wide to accommodate me as I sprang up from mother and rushed to him as he wraps me in a big bear hug. My hero . My first love , the only man that loved me even in my worst.

“Papa!” I buried my face in his embrace, he hugged me tight, kissing my forehead.

“Hey princess, I am glad you are back to us. It’s been a long time coming my little pinochhio”

” hahahaha. I am not so little anymore but glad I am, to be back papa.” I always called him papa. Occasionally “daddy” and a once on and off “father”. I called him dad when I was much younger but papa was my favourite “P” word.

“Let me take a good look at you muffin” he held me away, I smile, he did that a lot , the memories came flooding back.

“You haven’t changed papa. By the way Mother, what are you feeding this lover of yours? He looks more handsome than I can remember but that tummy needs a bit of a tucking in. You know what, we going to be hitting that track from tomorrow, tan those muscles and burn that fat, we need you back to your sexy packs, make all the girls swoon and mother remember why she fell in love with you in the first place” I winked at her, she laughs coming to us, papa encircles us. He had his two best girls back in his arms, under the same roof, he hugged us both tighter than before .

“I fell in love with him because he was handsome alright” she touches his cheeks with her hand, blowing him a kiss

“Plus I was a good cook, and a helpless romantic too. How could she resist?” He winks at her, I remember those hidden looks they used to share and I loved the way they loved themselves, even after thirty years, their eyes still shone, the glitters was enough to make haters go blind, and for the life of me, I wanted a love like this, pure, undiluted , raw without shame.

“And a terrible dancer he was, but I didn’t mind it one bit. We danced beautiful together, under the stars, to the beautiful music of jazz, one of those nights we conceived you” she kisses his chicks on tiptoe, he kisses her forehead,

Awww so my parents did some shagging after some dancing and viola, little me ripe in the oven.

My prince charming, come to me already.. I mused.

“Aww look at you both making me feel jealous but that’s fine, I can just share in both your love.” I struggle into their middle which got them roaring in laughter

“Oh no you dont, you go get yours. Speaking of yours, so are you going to tell us about who has our beautiful daughter’s heart?” I rolled my eyes. Mothers can never stop being mothers. Always fishing. I bite my lower lip.

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Where do I start from. The fact that ever since I met jayden years ago, in my tiny wee years, no one has actually come close to being perfection from where he stands. Didn’t matter if I was fifteen. Years later I was still stuck on him like glue and I didn’t care even if I was a thousand miles away. Giving my heart to another was a crime and I couldn’t. If it wasn’t him, it was no one else. One other thing that motivated me looking this good? Was when I realised that I wanted to come back home and I knew he still lived in town, never moved. How I knew? Well, I just did. A crusher’s instincts

* straight face. And then side eyes*

OK fine. I checked. Bite me. *rolling my eyes *

Vera was such a little town gossip. You remember vera? My high school friend, the only friend I had? Well, that vera was like the statelite to the city’s antenna, The CNN to my dstv. Gosh!! But I do love her nonetheless. One of the reasons I kept in touch with her all this years aside that she was my only good friend, was also for her to be able to keep tabs on Jayden and she did a pretty good job. I mean, what are friends for right?

So looking good was paramount. I couldn’t come back looking worse than I was. Plus wasn’t it said somewhere that “Being a better version of yourself ” was the best thing you can ever do for you? So I did. And boy was the transformation Off the hook.

“Mother, why so curious. I just got home and I really missed your delicious meal and papa, I missed us sitting at night and counting the stars”

I change the topic. Mother should ask me about Canada, stars, the latest celebrity gossip or something. Anything but that.

But of course, Mothers never stop being mothers.

“Am just saying baby, I mean, it’s hard to believe you don’t have a man now who is gushing all over you and can’t wait to whisk you off to his castle.”

I scoff

“Who says I don’t have a man now. .I-I do ” I lied

“Oh really, come sit. Tell us about him. I was so excited you coming and I prayed you were coming to also tell us you are getting married. You know every parent wants their kids to have a beautiful home and settle down too. Everyone’s kid is getting married. I want to gush and be excited over my daughter to. So pray tell”

“Erm” I scratch my head, looking to my father and pleading with my eyes at him, hoping he would come help. But instead he sits across from us and seemed to wait for my answer too. Such loyalty.


“Mother, he is- he is really really handsome. Blue eyes, you should see his dazzling smile and breathtaking physique. He works as a lawyer in – in- ” I tried to recollect where he said he was working again . The memory flew away like a bird refusing me to let me catch it. Fudge!! #shrugging

To be continued