All I Want For Christmas Episode 10 Final


You sure you are going to be okay?” Vera asked me as I came to tell her I was leaving with jayden. I nod.

“And you?” I ask her

“I would take her home” Chris mutters.

I almost forgot about Chris.

“Call me, if anything just call me” he gives me a half smile as I nod and leave with Jayden .

Vera watches Chris watch me leave

“Did you ever tell her? ”

“Tell her what?” He picks his jacket, opening the door for her as she enters the car

“How you feel?” She peers into his face, instead of answering he gave her a sad smile.

“No point to. She got her prince and I am just the pauper.” he states and that was the last he said


We sat on top of his car and talked, laughed joked and I felt closer to him than I have ever felt. .

Finally, the start Of something new had begun. It was past midnight before he dropped me home

“Dinner tomorrow? ” he ask’s and I didn’t waste time nodding.

“Good ” he said closing in for a kiss

I really really wanted to kiss him but, I didn’t want to wake up and realise this was all a dream

“No… not today ” I struggled


“Because today you were someone’s else’s, by tomorrow if you are still here then I would think about it ”

He smiles, kissing my knuckles instead

“Okay. See you tomorrow princess ”

The butterflies in my tummy were flying, I wondered if I was still walking on my own two feets. My prince

“See you tomorrow jayden” I gushed, leaving the car so I don’t get tempted to bury my face in his warmth

Jayden watches her leave, smiling.

He felt empty letting her go, incomplete as though a part of him went away with her. Was this what love was, was he in love with a girl he once didn’t like and now all he wanted was just to be near her. He liked the feeling, he liked it very much.


I snucked into my room, and found Chris awake,

“What are you still doing up? ” I go into the bathroom, with my pj, took a quickshower and change.

“Waiting up for you?”

I blush coming out, I wanted to tell him all about all we talked about, how he wanted to kiss me and how I wanted to kiss him right back. About our date tomorrow and how happy I was feeling and I did, blurt it all out, blushing like a little girl .

“Are you happy ” he asked. I nodded, jumping

“Yes yes I am. Finally, Jayden sees me Chris, he sees me and he aint ashamed of wanting me. Oh how long I have wanted for this moment I can’t even close my eyes to sleep because. ..oh gosh!!” I laid on the bed

‘That’s all that matters ”

“Christopher we are going out tomorrowand I know it’s going to continue, can you just go hang with Vera please so my parents don’t suspect and start asking questions why I leave you at home? Once we get serious I would introduce him to my parents and we can tell them the truth or rather I can say we broke up and I met jayden ”

“Sure, why not” he says, turning to his side

“why don’t you get some sleep Cyn, it’s late. Goodnight”


“Okay Chris , goodnight ” I turn to my side of the bed, closed my eyes and had a dream of Jayden and our kiss which was bound to happen.

It’s been two weeks, of bliss for Jayden and I and he was a perfect gentleman, treating me right, saying all the right things and not pushing me for anything.

And I have just been postponing my kissing him because I wanted it to be perfect. Today’s was Christmas eve, I wanted to kiss him under the mistletoe door mum would be dangling tomorrow.

Vera and Christopher covered for me. I and Chris go out and they drop me at Jayden’s and they go hang while I spend time with him and mother and papa never noticed.

At home we pretend like the perfect couple and I made sure mother never pulled another stunt of me kissing Chris again, I was saving my lips for my jayden

See, my Jayden.

Got it?


“Christopher darlyn, I got you a nice coat for Christmas tomorrow, you would love it” mother tells him

“And I got you a watch, customised with your name to it. Don’t ever take it off ” papa says, excited

“And I won’t tell you both what I got for you, you just have to wait and see” he smiles mischievously

“Smart kid” papa says but he just laughs
“And cynthia, what did you get for her?” Vera askes

He stares at me “it’s a surprise” he says, I give him a warm smile, I was thinking about the gift I had wrapped up for Jayden in my room, I couldn’t wait to go by and drop it by his Christmas tree and open it tomorrow.

They were talking

“Am sorry?”

“What did you get for Christopher?” mother repeated


I forgot all about Chris. I picked a gift for everyone and forget about him

“Something really nice” I lied.

When we were alone, I would tell him

“I think we would have to tell them tonight


Something in his voice made me look up

“Chris… what’s wrong? ” I turn to him

“Nothing Cynthia. I am glad you found the love you have always wanted and I pray he loves you immensely as you love him and if he as much as hurt you, I would make sure he regrets it” he says as he touches my face

“Thank you for everything” I tell him truthfully

“I booked my flight for tomorrow, back to Canada ”

Wait. What?

“What..Chris? ”

“Work cyn” he lied. He still had two more weeks to go .

But he couldn’t stay anymore.

“But- Chris? I tugged at his sleeves.

Why did I feel slightly bumped

“Cyn, you don’t need me anymore, you can take it from here. Tell your parents thank you for me when I leave, they are really a lovely couple and I really honestly enjoyed spending time with them this past couple of days. I loved spending time with you too and knowing your family and meeting Vera and all the drama, it was great. It was fun, and now I am glad that at least I was an instrument to making you happy. But you don’t need me anymore, and I don’t want it to be awkward for you when you break the news to them.
There was logic in what he was saying but.. I wish he didn’t have to leave. He was my friend and I cared enough. I sighed. I pull him into a hug

He hugged me tight, a bit too tight. Yes I was sure now that he smelled my hair, I laugh

“Why do you smell my hair?”

He chuckles “habit. You are short so that’s what always gets to my noise first. ”

I hit him

“It smells nice, and I like tugging them behind your hair when a strand leaves its pack”

Yeah I noticed

He pulls me away slightly and looks into my face

“Promise me you would take care of you Cyn my little trouble monster” he implored looking into my eyes

Why did my legs go suddenly weak?

“I-I promise” I stuttered

Why did I feel as though he was staring into my soul?

He didn’t let go of my face, he smiles before he places a kiss to my forehead, lingering he kisses my cheeks, and I felt warm again

He pulls away, walking away from me, my throat closed. I swallowed

Chris hasn’t ever shown any emotion towards me before, so it seemed strange to see him that way.

Maybe because he was leaving.

“Cynthia?” Vera calls my name, I turn away following her outside to set the table for dinner


“What’s wrong son… you seemed too quiet. You okay?” Jacob handed him a beer and sat beside him

“How did you know she was the right one for you?”

“I didn’t. I just knew loving her felt right and that no one ever made me feel the way she did. And I knew forever with her was not non-negotiable. She was my Juliet and I was her Romeo so I closed my eyes and jumped. Never regretted it” he said

Chris smiles

“You really love my daughter don’t you? Chris shakes his head

“Right from the moment she walked through those doors with her braces and awkwardness, from her silly annoying tantrums to her froggy jumps, to her cartoonist behaviours and little girlie moments. From her overbearing nature to that sweet girl that she is. She has always been special to me. I have never really realised how much till today.” he says

“Then why do you look sad son? It’s a good thing to realise your love for someone this much and having someone to love you back is equally amazing. I am glad my daughter found her prince.” He say

Yes, she found her prince.

Jayden. The pauper goes home to Canada he thought

“Yes, me too.”

A smile not quite reaching his eyes. He would leave tonight so he doesn’t get to see them in the morning.


“You look happy” Tom tells him, he had hardly seen Jayden for the past couple of days

“I am Tom I am, she is amazing in all ramifications. ”

“Hmm. Eva hasn’t stopped stressing me to get you back to her. She says she is willing to change and all”

“Eva is old news. My Cynthia is all I think about. She is beautiful, intelligent and did I mention awesome?”

He laughs picking out a suit

“That’s for meeting the parent’s suit? Tom teases

“Yep. I have to look nice. She introduces me to her parents tomorrow. ”

“Banged her yet?” He dodged the pillow Jayden threw at him

“Cynthia isn’t like that. We haven’t even had our first kiss yet, but am looking forward to it and every other thing. She is amazing Tom I swear, she is the best thing that happened to me for a long while Tom. ”

“You should fall in love and see how it feels, I feel like flying”

Tom laughs

“Who are you and what have you done to my friend Jayden?”

“Jayden has been reborn with the love of Cynthia and I feel fxxking-fantastic! !! I can’t wait for tomorrow. I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes man. It’s a new Dawn baby” He says smiling

Tom shakes his head laughing at Jayden


“Tell her”


“Why not Chris?” Vera stands beside him as they watched them laugh from an inside joke

“Because, well because I am leaving tomorrow and she is happy. I won’t ruin it for my selfishness.”

“You love her Chris. At least tell her. She has a right to know, and you have a right to unburden yourself, are you going to go away without letting her know how you really feel about her?”

“Yes!!” He stares at her “and promise me you won’t either”

Vera shakes her head

“Hey Vera? Promise me?”

“Fine.” deep sigh


“Mother, papa. I have to tell you something …” I say rubbing my palms

“Where is Christopher?” mother askes

“Yes he was outside an hour ago” papa affirms

“Th-tats what I want to tell you about?”

“Tell us what?”

“I know you both are very fond of Chris but –

-but what? Where is he? Did he go out? Its late where would he have gone?”

“He is sleeping in a hotel tonight?”

“Why bunny, did something happen?” mother askes

“Did you both have a fight?” Papa looks at me

How do I tell them the truth without telling them the truth?

“Actually we were… Erm, we Broke up!!” I close my eyes and waited for it

“What Cynthia why? Oh my sweet Chris why? What did you do?” Mother queries

Hey mother c’mon. Really?

“Mother! No eerm-” I began

“What happened child? Tonight he looked down. Isn’t it something you both can work out?”

I shake my head. “We Erm have been having issues and we have been apart for a while, we Erm.. I just told him to come here because, Erm. . Mother, you were so excited about me being in a relationship and I really wanted to make it work but we couldn’t” I lied

“But you both looked so great together!! She sobbed

“I met someone else?” I closed my eyes again waiting for the next shriek

“Cynthia A. Morgan.!!

“Mother you can’t help who you love right. I cared about Chris but it didn’t work out and I know you both liked him, but the heart wants who it wants mother and I need you to understand and accept my decision” I pleaded

“Papa, you would love Jayden. I invited him over tomorrow and you would love him. He is amazing I promise. ”

“And he has gone back to Canada?

“I mean Jayden is great and a law-

“He left without a goodbye?

“And I was looking forward to you both settling down soon”

My parents cut me off.

“He leaves for Canada tomorrow and he says to thank you both and that you were amazing host and that he is sorry. But mother, papa, Jayden is warm and kind hearted. So wonderful. Please, please support me. I am happy with Jayden. .

“But you just met this Jayden, Cynthia?” her mother gets up

No, I have known him all my life

“In school mother and then again of recent but it doesn’t matter. He feels same for me. . Papa!”

Deep sigh.

“Whatever makes you happy Cynthia? Whatever that makes you happy bunny… as long as you are happy. That’s okay for us. Right Bridget? He turns to his wife

She likes Chris. But her daughter’s happiness was important.

“Yes I am.”

“We are happy for you then. Just feeling bad, but you are happy and that’s all that matters” papa kisses my forehead, “we would meet your Jayden tomorrow”

I squealed getting up to hug both of them. Later that night as I laid in bed willing time to go fast, so I can get to introduce my boyfriend, my man, my Jayden to my parents…

I fell asleep,

But in my dream. .

He called me Cyn and tucked my hair behind ear

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“Merry Christmas mother, papa!!” I kiss their cheeks

“Same to you baby” a kiss each from them, they stood close to the tree, picking up gifts

“We didn’t get to give Chris his gifts” mother sounded sad, “yet he dropped gifts for everyone”

For the second time in two days, my throat closed up and I swallowed again.

Mother opened her box to reveal a shawl, a beautiful wrap shawl she had gushed about when we all had gone out with Chris to see a movie, he got her that same one. Papa revealed his box to see a baseball cab signed by one of his top best players in the rugby team. Christopher knew someone in the team and must have called in a huge favour to get it signed for him.

“Open your box Cynthia” they urged, I was reluctant

“Merry Christmas everyone!!” Vera squeals letting herself in and giving everyone a hug

“Here is a gift for you too Vera from Chris ” mother says

Vera opens hers to reveal one of the recent books of John Grisham, she had told him how she wanted it but couldn’t get his latest edition on eBook and he got it for her, “Oh my, this isn’t even out yet on eBook or a hundred paperbacks. How did he get this?” She was excited

“With love from Chris” he signed

I was quiet as everyone turn to me

“Open it Cynthia, you don’t want to see what he got you?”

I shake my head, I didn’t want to see it. I didn’t get him anything and he is leaving if not left already and I didn’t want to feel horrible.. “No!! I shake my head

Vera grabs it and opens it to reveal a beautiful necklace and a bracelet, with my name engraved on it and a letter laid by the side

“Oh wow these are lovely” mother and Vera gush holding it up, indeed it was, it was beautiful

“He has a good eye for rare diamonds” papa says whistling

“Won’t you read what it says?” Vera indicates the letter

She hoped to God Chris man’s up and pours his heart to her, his flight was by 6pm today, and even if he didn’t she was going to make sure she tells her and if she listens to her she might be able to stop him before he boards the plane

“To the girl who left sparkles while she walked, whose heart is soft and whose smile is radiant clearly without doubt. To the girl who is beautiful inside and out, whose validation isn’t tied to anyone but herself, whose essence is from within and that’s the beauty only I have seen. To the girl who stole my heart, I wish you all the love you ever have and more. To the girl who is amazing and her smile is something that always flutters my heart. To the girl I love, from that braces to the one being transformed, you would always be Cyn, beautiful, amazing, loving little girl I met that first day you walked in feeling lost to this wonderful woman you have grown into and become, and that’s the only validation you need to be awesome. Merry Christmas Cyn, I love you!!”

I didn’t realise when a tear streaked down my eyes,

Tell me you see how much he loves Cynthia? ”

Vera hoped.

Why did I feel like I suddenly can’t breathe? Why did my legs go weak.. Why did I feel as though, as though?


Jayden was coming. My Jayden. I cleaned my eyes…

“Cynthia?” she looks at me.

“Mother, father, Jayden would be here in another couple of hours, we should get ready ”

I turn heading into my room, heading for a shower

Vera sighs looking at my parents..

“She doesn’t realise that Christopher really loves her, she doesn’t”

“No wonder he looked heartbroken last night” Jacob says, mother looks at the picture she just had framed of when she captured both of them in a kiss that day..

“This moment looked perfect”


Jayden sat across from my parents, talking and laughing. I could see how they tried to smile and indulge him in a conversation but there was some gloomy atmosphere. I shook it off, Vera gives me a smile. It was 3pm

“So you are a lawyer?” Papa askes him. ,

“Yes sir. I am. I hear you love the sports and that you were a professor? ”

“Yes, majored in the linguistics and humanitarian studies. Retired a year ago to tend to my old age” papa smiles

“So Mrs Bridget, your cooking is so amazing. My mother would love to meet you, Cynthia is such an amazing girl and I believe she got her good looks from you.”

“How long have you both known you loved each other?” she stares him straight in the eyes

“Since for ever” I smile, holding his hands

“Since I ran into her in that shop over a couple of weeks ago and I realised that letting her go would be the worst thing I could ever do” he brushes my knuckles with a kiss.

Vera kept checking the time, it was past three already… Chris was going to leave soon

“How about when she was all much younger, with the braces and those scars, you didn’t care for her that much” she blurted out she couldn’t help it

‘I- I admit I was a recluse and didn’t know better but I was just a kid and I realise how wrong I was and I have made peace with my demons and she has forgiven me, Cynthia knows am crazy about her and that thing of the past shouldn’t shape out the future”

*You were beautiful, from the first day I saw you with those braces and scars. Who ever saw you and ever thought you were not beautiful never really looked at your heart, because that’s where your beauty truly lies*

I heard him say. I blink.

“And what if she didn’t come back looking the way she did now, but remained the way she was… ugly duckling would you have looked at her and cared for her as you do now?”

I wince. Vera, stop, I look at her. “Don’t mind her baby, she is just silly, It doesn’t matter”

“Look, Vera I know you don’t really think my feelings for Cynthia are genuine but they are. I am in love with her now and that’s all that matters”

“Would you have loved her still if she looked the way she did?” now mother was the one who asked

“Erm… Well. I guess so” he stammered briefly

“That’s a enough for me” I tell them, squeezing his hands..

“You are the most important person to me at the moment Cynthia and I am glad you came back.”

*Don’t run away from the mirror, don’t hide from yourself. Don’t think the world is always against you but even when they are, I would be standing right here beside you, holding your hand and braving the storms with you. Cyn, you would always have me, I don’t care if they called you ugly. .because to me you weren’t.”*

His voice says to me again.

“What if, I- what if I did come back ugly like I was” I say “would I still be the most important person to you?”

He blinks, “You wouldn’t have!”

“What if?”

“Cynthia, baby to show you how much you mean to me…” he gets up and places his hands in his pocket, bringing out a box, and goes on his knees

“Why wait for the perfect time and never find it, when you already have the perfect person right here in front of you. I love you Cynthia, I know I may be a handful but I don’t want to let you go away or let this moment pass me by. Will you marry me?’ he reaches for my hand as he shows me the box, opening it. Mother and Vera gasps, papa stares in shock

Dreams do come true. I have only loved him while I grew up, following him around school, wanting all that he was, hoping that one day, one day Jayden would be mine.

I had fought hard to be perfect for him, worked on myself just so I could fit in and I did. All his friends wanted to be my friend, even Tom. Everyone from school called us out to hang, I finally belonged, as part of them. They apologised to me for being silly in school, the taunts and name calling. I was happy, Finally, God did value people like me to make sure I finally get the love and acceptance I always wanted.

Years later, Jayden my sweet, sweet, Jayden, My prince, is here on his knees and giving me the most wonderful present I could ever want. What I always wanted, what I wished my Christmas would be like and here right in front of me…my dreams came through .

“Cynthia, would you make me the happiest man today and say yes to me. I love you, say yes? ”

“Yes Jayden, I have always loved you, always ” I told him, I saw the smile break out in his face, as he reached for my hands I pull away

“But that was before I realised that that wasn’t love that was a childhood crush that lingered for far too long. Love is kind, love isn’t selfish nor boastful. Love accepts all things, your flaws and your mistake and know your imperfections and still love the view”

*you were never imperfect Cyn, don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than you are.*

“Love is seeing me as I am and loving me, caring about me and giving up everything for me”

“What are you saying Cynthia?”

“While I was young, all I thought about was you and you never really cared. You didn’t want me near you and I am not blaming you. I didn’t want to be near me if I could, I mean I wasn’t among the fine species of people so I get and I am not angry about that because really it’s not your fault or any of your faults. But I was just a kid and so were you”

“Yes Cynthia, we were. Say yes his eyes pleaded”

“But, when I left, leaving all these behind, going away to Canada, hoping I become as invincible as the air I breath, there was someone who smiled when I smiled, who didn’t hide when I came into a class and who didn’t mind holding my hand in the crowd when people looked at me funny. There was someone who cared enough to stick around in my absence of self, who didn’t care about my looks and who remained my friend. Someone who left all that he was doing and came down here to pretend in a lie. Isn’t that love Jayden?”

‘Cynthia, baby I don’t get what you are saying”

“I am saying that, I never knew what love is until today the person I thought I just cared about is about to leave and all I feel empty and like a part of me is leaving too, and reading his letter today I realise that, love is much more than what you think you feel; it’s an action not just words and He has shown me so much love from the moment we met till today and… that’s the kind of love I have always wanted not one out of convenience and my looks.. One who saw my imperfections and flaws, scars and loved me still. Just like God, loving us in our worst… Isn’t that what love is, what love means?”

“I mean even when I made him lie he did just because he wanted me to be happy and I was stupid so stupid I didn’t see it, he was standing here in front of me and I was chasing ghost. . ”

“What lie is that?” my parents ask


“Oh my God..” I touch my lips, closing my eyes remembering his lips to mine, my heart warming and my knees going weak again


“I have been so blinded I didn’t let my heart accept what I knew, what I saw and what I didn’t want to feel…

“Baby, marry me?” he says, pleading

“I am sorry.. I am sorry but I can’t. Today I realise how much we lose Diamond just because we are chasing rare stones, just like you Jayden. Maybe, truly you won’t realise how much you love Eva until when she leaves; it bolt you back to your senses. She may have her flaws as do you but maybe your love and her love is meant to be forever. She loves you and if only you allow yourself to love would you realise that you love her too, in all her flaws” he gets up

“Cynthia, but you love me? I -love you I love us together”

“No Jayden, I loved the idea of you and you loved the idea if me now, and I realise that’s some old dream. I have a new one now and I was stupid not to have realised it earlier. You are amazing Jayden and I know Eva would be such a lucky girl to have you. Go back to her and apologise. .”


“Where are you going to?” he asked as I pick my bag

“Am going to get my man!!” I say

“And we are coming with!” Vera, mother and papa says

I hug him, leaving a kiss on his cheeks, he leaves, sullen looks and sad. I hope he goes to see Eva.


“Your plane is about to leave Sir” The lady in uniform told him.

He had been sitting there, waiting, just waiting for anything to happen. It was 5: 30 he picks his bags and heads to the check in line,

“If you don’t go in now you would have to wait for the next flight which isn’t till tomorrow sir.” she told him

He nods giving her a sad smile,

No one was coming. He didn’t know why he was waiting, he leaves, heading into the area for check in, giving them his bags

“It’s not so nice to leave without a proper goodbye Christopher” mother says he turns to find me smiling at him, mama and papa stood behind me, Vera waves from the side

“Sir, you need to board now!” she tells him

“Am sorry, I don’t do well with goodbyes” Christopher comes back and stands in front of her, she hugs him…

Papa hugs him too “You don’t have to say goodbye you know that son.”

“Besides I just made a new friend, how dare you go away just like that” She joins in the hug. I stood there, I didn’t know what to say


“Give me a minute please” he says over his shoulder

“Hi trouble monster, come to say goodbye?” he says, looking around to see if Jayden was somewhere waiting for me… I shake my head his eyes were sad, I beat myself mentally for not realising sooner. Why he always stared at me the way he did, say those nice things to me always and how much he meant to me.

“Don’t go!” I managed, blinking back tears

“Why not?” he says, he was in front of me now

“Sir? ”

He ignored her.

For once Cynthia, for once Cynthia, give me a reason to stay. He pleased looking into her eyes

“Because? Because” the words flew out of my mouth

‘Yes?” He inquired, he was close enough now


“Oh stop bugging him can’t you see they need a moment” papa snaps at the lady who stares at him in shock

“Cyn?” I just stare at him, not saying anything, he smiles weakly and places a kiss to my head, and turns walking away

“Cynthia Abigail Morgan!!” I heard mother’s voice

“Oh Cynthia!!” Vera joins in

“Honey” papa sounded disappointed

He gives them his documents and was leaving. .

Christopher was leaving and…

“I love you!!!’ I felt my heart explode in my chest as I let the words out .

“I love you Christopher… I am sorry I never realised it until today. I love you and I am sorry for making you do crazy and questioning things for me. I love you the way you love me. I love the way you smell my hair and tug it behind my ears, I love as you laugh at my jumping like a little frog when I am excited, I love the way you tease me and tickle my sides, or when we share a coffee and muffins every morning before you go to work. I love it when you let me sleep off on your chest as you study for exams or when you are knee bent in work while I watch stupid soap operas and gush all day about stupid silly things. I love the way your eyes sparkle to your eyes and your boyish laughter when you throw your head back happy. I love how you fight me over a pillow and tell me how you are going to make my parents adopt you. I love you Christopher –

I didn’t realise he had closed the distance between us, taking my face in his hands

“shut up Cyn, you talk too much” he says right before he captures my lips in the most sensual kiss that made my lips buckle, I wrap my hands around his neck and gave my all to him, tears streaming down my face…

I remember thinking that kissing Jayden would be the most amazing thing in the world…

Who knew that falling in love and kissing the person you love and who loves you right back would-be top of the most amazing thing in the world, I felt like I was in heaven and every other thing I thought before was amazing was just child’s play..

I knew I wanted someone else for Christmas; but what did I know. I was a kid. of course I didn’t know what love was or meant to be

This right here was my perfect love story… This right here was what I wanted for Christmas. .

A love that left me weak to my bones and made me realise why nothing ever worked out in the first place.

“I love you too Cyn, my little trouble maker” he whispers into my mouth as he came up briefly for air”

Mother and papa were smiling at us and Vera was just “awwing” all over the place.

“Look up” she says and right there we were we stood, was a mistletoe dangling over our heads

We laugh, kissing me again. I ways wanted to kiss the person I love under one and this, this was just what I needed.

“All I wanted for Christmas, I never realises was-?”

“Was what?” he says, tracing the necklace round my neck as he kiss my wrist were I wore the bracket he gave me… he was smiling. He was happy. .

‘All I wanted for Christmas. ..Was You!! Was you Christopher? You are all I wanted and I am glad I got you!!” I smile into his eyes…

I don’t remember how long we stood there kissing but I knew this was the love story I never envisioned but this was my perfect love story…

Did he leave?

Hell nah!! Papa was too happy to carry his bags and mother was too excited to stop taking pictures and Vera? My sweet amazing friend Vera gushed about

“I knew you guys were made for each other!”

Christopher? I have never seen a man who looked that way at any woman before. Since my father and I always wanted a love like theirs, Raw, undiluted, pure… genuine. That love and Today, Christmas Day… I got my most amazing gift.

“I got you!” I kiss him…

“My forever and a day more just began” he says,

“I have one more gift to give you!”

“What is it?” We ask, I peer into his face…

“I had hoped one day i will give it to her so I carried it with me, hoping…”

“What is it?” I ask him, and when he went on his knees… dipping his hands into his pocket, bringing out a red box

Vera began screaming, mother claps excited and papa, papa nods…

“Atta boy!!”

“Will you-

You know what, I didn’t bother to wait for him to finish.

“Hell yeah baby!!!” I say throwing myself at him…

I am glad mother caught that in her camera. ..

For this was the most special day of my life…

3 years and counting, choosing Christopher is something I would do again and again and again.

Jayden? Well let’s just say, He ended up with Eva.

See how things work out?

Life is a mystery but I was glad I found love in mine.

* Get up, leaving the stage, going to the man of my dreams and my little girl who waited at the end of the room * I had a content smile on my way…

I was happy…

The End.

Love is a strange thing you know, and we never know what we have until we are about to lose it. Sometimes we find love in the most unlikely places, whoever says best friends don’t make the most perfect love stories?

Love is love and sometimes you don’t need jars of broken hearts to finally find your true love. You just need to Let love take you to the high heavens and sweep you off your feet, you never know you might just be in love even before you reach back down..

Let love win…


Stephanie Egberike

Merry Christmas!!