Agony Of Love ∼ Episode 17


After the whole incident had died down, i made serious preparations towards my final exams. I had missed a lot during those times i was in the rape crisis. Top of all Daniel breaking up with me affected me badly. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. The one person i expected to stand by me when i was devastated rejected me and that one person i knew would let me down was there with  me all the time.
Lydia even defended me when people spoke behind my back about it. I would spend nights studying even though after all the sleepless nights, i couldn’t retain anything in my brain. And even times when i did retain something, at the exams hall whenever i saw Daniel invigilating, the whole issue would pop up and i would forget all that i have Learnt. Even when i asked my colleagues to help me out, they would look at me and never answer me.
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I completed senior high school by the grace of God but failed badly in all my papers. My parents were really disappointed in me but they had no knowledge of what I had gone through. My dad refused to even talk to me. Though my mother was sad, i told her to please let me register for the private examination popularly know as NOV-DEC. My mom asked my dad but he was reluctant. One evening they called me to talk to me.
” Naa, your mother says you want to register for the private examination”? He asked
” yes father” i said. My dad looked at me with scorn and said ” after paying school fees for you to go and study you wasted four solid years and you expect me to waste another sum of money for you to fail”? 
” no dad” i replied.
” what you were supposed to achieve in four years you couldn’t and you want to tell me you can achieve that in just a year”?
” dad please give me this opportunity” i pleaded.
” i gave you all the opportunities and you wasted it. ” you were my hope, i knew that you would bring me joy but no! You only brought shame to your mother and I. As for me am done with you! He shouted and left the room.
My mother took it upon herself and paid for my registration. I promised her that i would never let her and my dad down ever again. I was glad that my mother had given me another opportunity to make in life. I attended classes as early as possible and left immediately after class to go sell things at the shop.
By the grace of God, Lydia passed her exams successfully and gained admission to read Business Administration at the University of Ghana. We kept in touch as often as possible and i sometimes paid her visits on campus. She encouraged me to do better and don’t disappoint my mother again.
One day after class, a guy approached me and asked me if he could be my friend. I told him i was not here for friendship but to study. He kept insisting until finally i accepted him as a friend. We shared contacts and we talked most times on phone. His name was Kwaku Asmah, a primary school teacher who taught in a private school. He wanted to better his grades so he could gain admission to the university.
He became very close than usual. He would come pick me up from home and we would go to class together. At times after class, instead of me going home straight i would go to his house and we would cook and eat together though we were not lovers. I became very fond of him and begun developing feelings for him.
Do you think i would go into a relationship with him?
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