Agony of Chioma Episode 69



Linda parked her SUV in a bush part way and alighted, walking through the pathway till she got to a shrine. He pulled out her shoes and walked into the shrine.

“good afternoon baba” she greeted

“welcome my daughter to the shrine of igunugu, what did you want from igunugu”

“Baba am the second wife of my husband, my father inlaw married me for him because he insisted on marrying a lady that his parents were not in support of. Now the wife he married which is the first wife, my husband and I now lives together but he doesn’t love me, all his love is on that fair witch. So baba I want you to make him love me double and hate her perfectly”

“Hmmmm…. Igunugu you have heard her” baba said playing his gong

“Hehehehehe Igunugu the great has seen it all. Your husbands name is Jake netochukwu madu”

“wow… Exactly that’s his full name”

“hehehe.. You don’t know the power of igunugu. The lady he married her name is obi dora chioma”

“that’s her name, baba pls help me”

“igunugu will help you but there is a serious problem”

“baba what is the problem, if its money or anything am ready”

“hmm the problem is beyond money, jake has a so tie with chioma. Nothing can separate them or reduce the love they have for each other”

“haaa baba cant anything be done, i know igunugu is capable”

Baba started playing his gong and chanting some incantations to igunugu…..

“igunugu the great…. A solution is here”

“(smiling) what is the solution”

“Hmmm you have to bring his blood so I can break the so tie and perform some sacrifices. After bringing the blood you will have to drop some sacrificial sacrifice In a four corner junction at 2:00am and Jake will love uncontrollably”

“baba is that all? ”

“that is all my daughter”

“(happy mood) thank you very much baba. Pls manage this little token and I promise to give more” she said putting two bundles of one thousand naira notes in a calabash”

“that’s very good of you”

“Good afternoon ma”

“afternoon dear, how are you?”

“am fine, you came back so soon”

“oh I came to take something”

“OK have a nice day ma”

“wait Linda, there is something I will like us to discuss”

“OK is that when you come back?”

“Hmmm no, we could talk here. You are a nurse right?”

“yes, I have a degree in nursing from Thompson university newyork”

“wow.. You know Jake made that witch one of the head nurses in his hospital and I don’t like that. So tomorrow you are resuming work there and do what you can do to stop her”

“oh.. Thank you ma am so happy, I will resume tomorrow”

“I will visit the hospital later today to see jake concerning your pay and other things”

“OK … Thank you ma”
The next day Linda started work officially at the hospital. That same day she and her mother inlaw assaulted chioma in the presence of some patients and nurses and even sent her out of the hospital. Jake returned home that evening so depressed to see chioma things packed and she was ready to go home..

“my queen what’s the problem?”

“(shedding tears) am tired of this marriage, am going back to my sisters house. I can’t take this humiliation again”

“Pls don’t do this, you can’t go to your sister house no that’s not right. You are carrying my child we should stay together”

“Jake if I continue staying I might die one day, look at my body your mum and your wife beats me everyday. See jake just excuse me, am leaving”

“she is not my wife, see chioma I promise you in two weeks time we are leaving here to our own house”

“Hmmm, well it’s because of you am staying here”

“Pls…. Everything will be fine” Jake said taking back her luggage inside the room

Jake was really depressed and stressed out so he decided to take some drinks to cool off. He got to his mini bar brought out a bottle of whiskey and glass…

“Shet, prof Mike said I should call him as soon as I get home” Jake said as he stood up and headed upstairs to get his phone.

Linda came out from nowhere, looked around to check if anyone was coming. As soon as no one was coming she quickly went to the bar where Jake kept his drink, opened the whiskey and poured a sachet of whitish substance into the drink and stirred it gently before leaving.

Jake came down to the bar but he was on a call with prof Mike, after few minutes of talking the call ended. He introduced some whiskey into his glass before drinking.
Fifteen minutes later, Jake went into a deep slumber on the bar table. Linda later came to the sitting room to see jake sleeping on the bar, she smiled and walked towards him.
She brought out a set of syringe from the night gown she was wearing, coupled the two part and tied Jakes right hand with an elastic band before inserting the syringe into his vein. In few seconds time she had drain about 10milli liter of Jake’s blood.

“Jake, are you not going to work?? Beside why are you sleeping in the bar” Cindy ask Jake on her way going to work

“(yawning) what’s the time?”

“so you have been been drinking since yesterday night”

“drink?? If I can remember I only took a quarter glass and I didn’t know how I slept off… Where is chioma”

“she is upstairs, am off to work see you later”

“(yawning) Okk dear I don’t think am going to work, still feeling dizzy”

“oooooohh I have an appointment with prof mike”

Jake was about going in search of chioma when he saw her coming downstairs…

“Good morning queen”

“dear good morning, did you sleep here??” she asked in a surprise manner

“well I don’t know, I found myself here.. How is my son doing today”

“did she disturb you in the night”
“not at all”

“OK.. Your son is kicking”

“(smiles) that good.. Are you not going to work today??”

“am not, she has gone to work and I don’t want any humiliation today”

“Hmmm… I don’t understand my mum, how will she bring Linda to the hospital and make her a nurse”

“I heard she has a degree in nursing”

“really?? The worst part is that my mum said I would pay her double of what I pay other nurses”

“Hmmm so what did you say about it”
“I can’t do that, Infact I don’t even want her to work in my hospital”

“hmm so what’s your plans concerning our accommodation”

“well I managed to get a land somewhere at Ikeja and a small construction is going on there, its a mini flat though when we get money we can still extend the building. Roughly in three weeks time we should be packing in”

“(sigh of relief) thank God, hubby I can’t wait to leave this house”

“haha don’t worry soon. When will you start antenatal”

“Ermm two weeks from now”
“very good. I have to go get ready, I have an appointment with prof Mike” Jake said standing up from the bar chair, kissed chioma before heading upstairs…

“Ahh thank God” chioma muttere,

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“good evening baba”

“Ahh evening my daughter, did you come with the blood??”

“yes Baba this is his blood” Linda said bringing out a small plastic can from her bag and gave it to baba

“Hmmm consider it done. Immediately you get home, buy a small calabash, garlic, lemon, white fowl, black soap. Kill the fowl and pour the blood inside the calabash with the garlic, lemon and black soap and keep it in a four corner junction this midnight by 2 then tomorrow night bath with this substance, then go meet him in his room and see what will happen” baba said giving Linda a white substance…

“thank you very much baba am so happy. This is my appreciation” she said giving him two bundles of one thousand naira notes.
“it will be well with you Omo mi”
Linda got home that day very happy to the extent that Jake, chioma and Cindy were wondering the source of her joy…

“why is she this happy” chioma ask Jake who was rubbing her stomach

“hmm that’s none of my business, I don’t know”

“OK.. My husband there is something I would like us to discuss”

“OK am hearing”

“I would like to support you in the building of the house from the little saving I have”

“oh, don’t bother my queen. Keep your money I will try my best”

“Plssss we are one. It’s our investment, the money is quite big so don’t think it’s a small money”

“hmm how much is it??”

“five hundred and twenty thousand, it can go a long way”

“wow, I love your type of woman. No problem you can send it”

“that’s my husband”

Chioma quickly made the transfer to one of Jake’s account and he was alerted immediately…

Jake came back home the next day very tired and weak since he was returning from his building site. His queen wasn’t around though she informed him that she would be going to see her sister who will be going to Abuja the next day for her new job. He got to his room unclad and went to bath before coming out to freshen up, he was tying a white towel and applying cream when the room door slightly opened….

“who is there” Jake asked

“it’s me dear”

“hey what are you doing here,”

“(forming tears) my husband I don’t know why you hate me this much, what have I done to you” she said walking slowly to where Jake was standing

“(confused) Ermm… I don’t like you, pls leave”

Linda got to Jake’s standing point and quickly dashed to his chest and rubbed it slowly. Jake felt a huge powerful force acting on his head and brain and he was losing control, he was brought back to reality when Linda spoke into his ears

“what does that fair witch have that I don’t have, love me as your wife and let’s build a happy family” she whispered into Jakes ear before giving a sharp kiss. Jake couldn’t hold it as he grabed her face and they engaged into a passionate French kiss making different romantic morns. In few seconds Jake was unclad and seriously sucking Linda like a hungry baby who hasn’t eaten for a whole day.


Different sound were coming out of the room making chioma puzzled, she gently opened the room door only to meet the biggest disappointment of her life, Jake was on top of Linda driving her like a mad dog….

“Jake!!!!!!!!” she cried out in tears but she wasn’t even noticed as they were still engaged in their act…..

Chioma left the room with tears and immediately went to her room to pack her belongings…


“sister chioma what is the problem, why are you crying and where are you going to with your bags????” surprised Cindy ask chioma but got no response as she was busy crying

“common sister whats the problem, is it Linda, my mum or dad??”

“(shedding tears) it’s your brother, I caught him having sex with Linda on my matrimonial bed”

“what?? Are you kidding me??? Jake!!!! Jake!!! ” Cindy shouted and was about going upstairs when he saw Linda and Jake coming downstairs hand in hand…

“bro so this is true, you witch what have you done to my brother, I know this is not my brother” Cindy lamented

“Cindy will you shut up!! Shut the f–k up!!. How dare you talk to my beloved wife in that manner” Jake shouted at his sister
“I won’t take such rubbish from you next time” Linda added

“and you where do you think you are going to” Jake said referring to chioma

“am highly disappointed in you, this marriage between us ends today, you can go ahead and marry her and pls don’t look for me. I will give birth to this child and bring him or her up by myself and don’t come looking for this child” chioma said and was about to go when Jake rushed towards her and gave her a dirty slap.

“where do you think you are going you witch, you will suffer for everything you have made me pass through, my honourable father and my beautiful mother turned against me because of you”

“sweet heart Pls let her go, send her away” Linda said to jake

“no dear, she have to suffer” Jake said removing the belt he was putting on as he used it to Flog chioma mercilessly…

“Jake stop stop, you have been charmed” Cindy said trying to pull Jake away but rather she also received some flogging from jake

“you this witch, I will kill you today, thank God for making me realize who you are” Jake said slapping and beating chioma mercilessly.

No one to help, Cindy was on the floor crying while chioma was already brutally beaten. Jake later stopped the beating after he has derived enough satisfaction. He instructed some maids to take back chioma’s belonging to the maids room, ceased her phones before journeying back upstairs with Linda …

“Ahhh, my stomach, my waist, my stomach, am dying” chioma cried out in pains with blood gushing out of some part of her body. Cindy couldn’t help but went to help chioma with her last strength…….

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to be continued…..