“Adey Text” – Season II – Episode Three(3) – “Strictly 18+”


I stopped her by rooting my lips onto hers, i knew she was surprised but she didn’t hesitate. She kissed me back.

It wasn’t just a kiss, we didn’t stop at any point. I felt her tongue moved inside my mouth and so did she. I knew she was into it even than me, i could tell from her slight moan.

I found my hand stroking her thighs, i could even tell that was her sensitive part. Suddenly she pushed me back, opened the door and went to the back seat. For a moment I thought she was leaving but she making that move, I knew what she meant.

I had to join her at the back seat. Before i could even settle down, she met me with a kiss. This time around, it was more intense than earlier. To be honest with you, aside all my bragging and everything, this was the first time I’m being that intimate. I had not even felt the warmth of a woman before.

I found myself lying on my back with her on top of me still busy kissing each other. Luckily for us, there was no one around. The entire place was just quiet as we would have want it to be.

The kiss was so deep that even our breathing pattern synchronized. That’s wired right, but believe me or not, thats just what happened.

We both didn’t know where to even stop, it went on and on. I felt her tongue on my neck, then it got to the tickling part where she placed her tongue in my ears like she was sucking.

I can’t even explain that feeling, from how i see it, Pokua was one hell of an experience girl. At this point, decency and privacy were not in our dictionary. We were unethical and we both liked it.App available on Google PlayStore “Tales of Elton”. Or check out www.thetalesofelton.com

My hand was just rubbing her back, back and forth. She needed more than i was doing, she held my right hand and dragged it along her waist straight under her skirt. Just as i was an expert in watching porn movies, i knew what she was asking of.

I found my hand rubbing her clit, she was so wet in no time, she on the other hand feeling so hyper, held my cock which was so hard like a hand break.

Before i knew it her panty was off and was in my hand, the aggressive in me woke up, i turned her over, and just like in the porn movies, i tried to penetrate her.

It wasn’t an easy thing, i didn’t know if it was me or her, it was as if there was no way to penetrate. At one push she screamed, it was painful. She told me to take it easy, I freaked out as she began bleeding.

I wanted to stop, that was when i knew it was also her first time. There was no holding back, we had already gone extreme. I finally succeeded in penetrating. Right from the first push, i felt her, it was so sensational. She held me tight, it was so good. Even as i banged her, i could tell how hard it was as the car kept bouncing and jerking up and down.

Something rushed through me as i was beginning to reach my climax. Everything was at its peak and epic. I began hitting faster than usual and she on the other hand opened up with her moan.

Then it came, i held her tight as it was coming. I virtually even moan harder than her. Before i could catch my last breath, a flash light was shown on us from outside by a Police patrol team.


To be Continued