“Adey Text” – Episode Four (4) – Lies Gone Bad

Just as she picked, I knew it was her.  Before I could mention my name the stupid computerized female voice went “Sorry, you have no credit in your account, please recharge”
I was like “Ah”. As if I had been robbed or something, I didn’t know why I was surprised that the airtime got finished. I don’t really buy credit, the maximum credit I buy is GHS 2 and even with that, It  will be deducted right upon recharge for borrowed airtime. May be you don’t understand, no need to, I’m the only one who can relate.
I stood there wondering what next to do, the café was closed, the area looked quiet with no airtime vendors around, I had no idea what to do. The phone I was even using was a smartphone for me to consider looking for her on “WhatsApp”. I had GHS50 on but that couldn’t do anything. Money can be invaluable at times.
Pokua on the other side  didn’t even bother to call back to find out who was trying to call her. It was all on me, I had totally run out of options. I had nothing else to do than to head back to my house. When I was on my way to the café, smiles was on all over my face but my return walk was full of  sadness.
Eventually I got home to meet everything the same way I had left it. My mum was still fast asleep, I went into my room, lay  on the bed and began to think of my next move. With this money on me, I knew I will definitely get in touch with her the following day. I will just have to tell another lie to make up for this evening.
Notwithstanding all what I had been through that day, I still lay on the bed day dreaming. All things being equal, I will never spend on a lady not to talk of stealing for a lady, I will rather end up spending your money. This isn’t me, Pokua is driving something from me, something I don’t even know.
I didn’t know when I slept that night,only to be awakened by  what seemed to be quarrel involving my mother and a stranger. It was already morning, around 5 am. I quickly went out to see what was going on, only to find out the my mother was being embarrassed by one of our neighbors. I know they are very good friends so it was surprising to see them at each other’s throat.
Apparently, this friend of my mother, gave my mom some money to be kept for her. Now, upon her return for the money, the money had gone less by GHS 50ghc. Right then and there I knew I was the cause of this. I had the money on me alright but owning  up will mean that I have to find a different means to contact Pokua. Again, my mum and the neighbor will notice that I stole the money but I couldn’t also see to it that my mother should be embarrassed that way with no fault of Hers .
Before I could make any attempt or think of what to do next, the neighbor left in anger gave my mother the end of the day to pay back the money. Right after she left, my mum turned to me and asked if I had taken the money. With her angry tone, all I just did was to deny it.
What happened that morning made my mother sad the whole day, all I thought of was to get in touch Pokua that morning with the very money I stole from her purse. That was how selfish I was, looking out for my own desires. App Available on GooglePlay “Tales Of Elton” Download for free (www.thetalesofelton.com).
I went out to the café that morning as though nothing at all had happened. This time around the café was open with very few people  there. I got myself credit hours, I quickly logged into my fake account, until I got to facebook. I checked  and noticed that Pokua was active about an hour ago.
I didn’t waste time at all, I sent her message immediately. Within some few minutes, the message was read and then she eventually came online.
Destiny: Sorry about yesterday, I tried calling but I had a quick emergency I needed to attend to.
Pokua: Oh is that so, I didn’t notice it was you, but hey don’t worry. How did the meeting go?
She seemed to very understanding, I didn’t have hard time apologizing. But this is where I began to mess up big time.
Destiny: Meeting?
Pokua: Yea, the meeting you told me about?
Destiny: Oh yeah, the meeting with car dealers, they disappointed me!
Pokua:  Car dealers? Thought you said  you head an NGO which supports Street Children?
I couldn’t keep up with the lie, usually, I used scam my victims that am into car dealing, I had completely forgotten what lie I told Pokua, and now it seems she has already caught me.
To be Continued.
© 2017