ADANNA Season 3 Episode 2


I dont know what am doing but i know something inside me or something possessed me and there is nothing i can do, it was like my head is not mine anymore but someone else own, oh yeah am right am not in control of myself anymore, Adanna now controls me.

I woke up the following morning and started preparing to travel to Edo state to meet Mercy, i dont know why am going there but i know it something bad, Adanna said i will kill Mercy with my own hand because she cant kill her because of her God, if she believe her God is stronger than her own then why wont she repent?

I arranged my things that morning and walked out, i sat in front of my room and started thinking. My neighnbour Joshua came and asked.

Joshua: ah ah this one you sit down here this early morning hope all is well?

Me: yeah all is well.

Josh: so wetin you they do here this early morning?

Me: thinking.

Josh: thinking about what?

Me: about my life.

Josh: haaa somebody die?

Me: not yet but people go die.

Josh: wetin they worry you this morning self, you drink sleep last night abi?

Me: you want know wetin they worry me?

Josh: you nor well na me you they open eye for?

Me: me no well? just wait. I left him there and went inside his own room.

Josh: hey weti you they find for my room? Come out now.

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I looked at the back of the door and saw a big cuttlass, i took it and as i wanted to open the door to come out, i saw his hand at the door trying to open it too, i raise the cuttlass up and cut his hand, he shouted loudly and ran back, i open the door and started pursueing him with the cuttlass.

Josh: he has run mad oh, he has run mad oh, make una help.

Everybody came out and started watching the guys chase after me to hold me from slaughtering Joshua, i still pursue him with his hand bringing out blood, i even cut off three of his fingers and still chasing after him to finish him completely, he ran outside to main road and i continue chasing him with my hands still raised up to cut his head off, the guys caught up with me and as they want to catch me i wave the cuttlass at them and started chasing all of them, they all ran to different direction until the soldier man came out from his room, he came to me and as i raise the cuttlass up to cut his head, he hold my hands like magnet and hit me on my head, i fell down and faint.

To be continued