ADANNA Season 3 Episode 1


I was shocked to the bone and not just the bone but to the marrow too, my heart even fly from my chest to my heart, I fell back instantly and started shifting back slowly. They walked in like the ghost they are.

Adanna: what, not happy to see me?

Adaeze: I think he is too happy to admit.

Me: ad a a ad ada ada adanna (I stammered). they walked in and close the door behind them, they sat on my bed and continue watching me.

Adanna: when you cool your temper down then we can talk.

I still remain on the floor looking at the them as if I don’t know them before, I move backward and relaxed my back on the wall and then I summoned courage and ask.

Me: what are you doing here?

Adanna: what do you think?

Me: to kill me?

Adanna: no no no death will be too quick for you, I wont kill you because I still love you, the only person I will kill is Mercy, I heard she traveled to Edo state,

Adaeze: that will even be easier right Mummy.

Adanna: of course we have more friends there than here sweetheart.

I knew I can’t escape this no matter how I plan to do it, for her to return I know my life is over and am ready to surrender my life to her since there is nothing I can do but what I can’t take is the fact that mercy is involve. I knelt down and move to her with tears on my eyes.

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Me: please adanna take my life and leave mercy out of it, I beg you with all my heart I will do anything you ask without second thought please I beg you (I continue begging her and also holding her hands, am not afraid anymore because I know am going to die)

Adanna: am not going to kill her sweetie because I can’t, I visited her before coming here.

Adaeze: really mother?

Adanna: yes, the God she serve is really protecting her that’s why we wont near her.

Adaeze: so how are we going to kill her?

Adanna: we won’t kill her, he will.

Me: what?

Adanna pushed me to the floor and lie ontop of me, she open my mouth wide and blow a heavy breeze inside my body, I started feeling some kind of energy in me, she got up from my body and then I started rolling on the floor as if something is walking on my body.

Adaeze: mother what did you do.

Adanna: I just confessed him, that’s how he will kill his lover.

Adaeze: if you confess him how you resurrect your lover?

Adanna: when she kill her lover my spirit will leave him.

I stopped rolling and stood up, I bend before her and said.

“command me Mistress”..