ADANNA Season 2 Episode 4


I saw myself in a big hospital with beautiful design, it was dark in the night so i cant really capture the colour of the room but i know am in a hospital because of the medical equipment and the way i was bandage also, i dont know why they off the light. oh everywhere come they scary, i tried to move my legs but i couldn’t because it was as if i couldn’t even feel it, i try to recall what happen all i remember is that i was on my way to Aba when suddenly……..oh an accident…..i remember now, but na who come carry me come here.

Thank God say i still they alive oh, because with the way that motor do summer slam who would have thought anybody will survive it, i believe its a miracle and Gods doing, hmmmm but what of my phone? i guess thats not really important now, but i need it to call my people, and i really need to call Mercy and explain things to her oh, i was thinking deep inside the room alone, i wonder why them no assign nurses to watch me.

I tried to shout but i cant because i was too weak like dead person, i cant even move my leg or my hand, na only my head i they manage move small small, i wonder wetin make that tire burst, but the tire they old na so its expected, abi na Adanna wey i mention cause am? E fit be oh because that girl is a demon even though she’s gone she’s still tormenting me in my dream.

Talking about Adanna somebody open the door and walked in, the girl wear white gown maybe na nurse, but as the person came closer she look like my mysterious Adanna (god forbid not my),

Me: Adanna? “i ask already afraid”

Nurse: sorry?

I look well and saw that she’s nothing like Adanna, maybe na my mind don they play game with me.

Me: sorry nurse.

Nurse: am Nurse catherine, how are you feeling now? “she said and touch my cheeks to feel my body temperature”

Me: i cant move any part of my body except my head.

Nurse: you are even lucky you are moving your head, when they brought you we thought you wont even make it.

Me: who brought me here?

Nurse: by a good samaritan, you were involve in a terrible accident.

Me: yes i remember that.

Nurse: oh Good you have quick memory, though am not interested in that?

Me: what do you mean?

Nurse: what am interested in is how come you are the only survivor?

Me: i dont know oh, so you mean everybody die?

Nurse: not just die but got burnt to ashes, you were found far far away from the accident.

Me: waoh thank God for my life oh.

Nurse: oh yeah you really need to go and do thanksgiving when you leave here.

Me: where is the person that brought me?

Nurse: she left after she brought you in.

Me: hmmmm thanks alot nurse.

Nurse: she also paid for your bills, so anytime you recover you are free to leave.

Me: okay thank you.

Nurse: you welcome.

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She changed the drip and gave me some drugs to swallow, i swallowed the drug and after like two minutes i slept off. I woke up in the morning and was surprise to see my loving Mercy at my side, she was smiling as if she win award.

Mercy: hello dear.

Me: sweetheart.

Mercy: bless God for your life and am so sorry.

Me: sorry for what?

Mercy: for not telling you on time.

Me: thats no issue dear, what we should be doing is thanking God that am alive.

Mercy: yes oh, when you didnt pick the call again i was very worried that i continue calling, i didnt sleep at all last night, is this morning i hear the news and when i heard that only one person survive i believe it was you because GOD wont let me down.

Me: am sorry for making you so worried.

Mercy: thats not important dear, when are they discharging you?

Me: i dont know maybe next week or more.

Mercy: hmmmm, i will stay here till they discharge you before i leave

“i look at her face and i believe something is disturbing her”.

Me: what is it dear?

Mercy: am just so happy to see you imagine if it was worse than this?.

She stood up from where she was sitting and knelt down on the ground and raise her two hands up as she look at the sky, she started praying and thanking God for my life, i look at her and i started shading tears of Joy, i really dont deserve this kind girl, she’s is a heaven sent.