ADANNA Season 2 Episode 13


I sat down for inside house i don finish one plate of rice na the second one i they now, heavy rain they fall for outside and the time say six thiry in the evening,

Blessing stay ground they watch movie since nothing to do na so fan they blow and light they shine for up, sometimes i nor they understand Nepa oh, when rain they fall no be e them suppose take light? But na now light they scatter for ground well na them sabi sha na them know how them they run their thing.

Me: Ble how far.

Ble: i they oh you don finish am?

Me: yes oh abeg you fit bring come again.

Ble: Jesus Christ na tank they your belle?

Me: no be my fault na the food sweet na.

Ble: me i never chop oh food don finish for pot.

Me: abeg na you go cook another one na.

Ble: just carry the pot for there and pack stew put.

Me: thanks love.

I went where she put the pot and took it, i annex stew put and went back to my seat and sat down consuming the food like say no tomorrow, i dont really know whats wrong with me anytime i see food wey sweet i nor they think of tomorrow, i just want finish that food that day.

I finished everything in the pot you wont blame me now would you? after all i never eat afternoon food so na afternoon own and evening own i eat so, na only night food remain (i believe 80 percent of nigeria student eat night food).

After consuming everything i kept the pot for her, i looked outside and see saw the rain don they stop small small, i went inside and sat down again looking at her big ass like that of Mercy Johnson, her own nor too big like Mercy Johnson own sha Mercy Johnson own na Elephantiasis.

I joined her on the floor and we watch movie together, she’s watching one old American film titled Tarzan, wey Jane go they call Tarzan e go be like say she they call cowbell (na her tongue sha).

We watched the movie till 7, 8, 9 before rain gree stop, i wanted to sleep but i know Blessing wont agree so the best thing na to enter this kpotokpoto road they go house, she escorted me reach her street road before she turn back, everywhere don dark as if na twelve midnight we they though light they shine for everywhere but i still they fear.

As i come out from Blessing street i met two roads, the one on my left leads to my school and kpotokpoto go they road well well, the one on my right lead to main road that’s MCC road, so i decided to follow that road because light they that road and the road them tile the road also, na there Adanna first for meet me when i they go come Blessing house, now i they commot for Blessing house and i hope and pray no more Adanna, any Adanna in my life i rebuke in Jesus name Amen. (did i hear you say Amen)

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I was walking silently to the main road, i cant walk fast because i will fall, i use my infinix phone as torch, i walk for two minutes before i reach MCC road, as i reach there i turn left they go the junction na before the junction you go meet my house because the road they tiled, i begin waka fast though kpotokpoto still they enter my leg and rain still they shower small small, na to reach house and enter bathroom sharp sharp.

I was walking fast till i got to burkingham college everywhere they quiet and no sound anywhere apart from that of owl and the raindrop, as i was going to my house at my front i saw people coming towards me, though them they far i never near them at all them be like five to six guys like that them hold something for hand, i nor know wetin e be i wasnt afraid because na guys like me, though that boldness disappear when i saw that the thing they hold on their hand is gun, i paused then i jejely they waka go back small small, them they waka fast come meet me, omo i gat to run oh e be like say na me them come for, i ran inside between two building and i hear them say

“stop there” thank God say i know this area well well, i entered one corner for there and burst out for one big compound wey i fit follow go umuojima road, i began they go Omuojima road where that big erosion they.

Just as i they come out from the third building i saw another guy with a heavy gun standing in my front backing me, i quickly turn back but as i don pass the third building they go back i they hear the footstep of the guys wey them they follow me they come, omo i dont know what to do oh, i they between one big building and one small one like student building though before them fit see me them need to search five houses wey they that area and e no they possible, so i decided to hide in the back of the second house, as i they waka they go somebody for the first house open door.

“come inside” I was shock like hell because i dont know the person.

Unknown: if you want to live come inside now.

I dont really think i have a choice oh i have to take the risk so i followed the unknown to the room, i enter the room and the room they very nice, she on her rechargeable light and yes i remember her face. the new girl.

(This Is Just The Beginning Of The Story)