ADANNA Season 2 Episode 11


As she dey waka go her sit na so everybody they look her especially her backside, she say her name na Adaeze that means Princess of the King, hmmm thats a nice name from my own perspective, she walk to the third role majestically and stood there (sit nor they again) me i they the forth one, am telling you guys everybody for that back sit just look her because of her beauty, and again her dressing is different from others, she dress like Indian and with the kind of beads she pack on her body you will think shes from india.

Wetin the lecturer they teach no they enter our head again na the girl everybody for back they look and everybody for back role na guys we be, not only us even the lecturer they stare at her sometimes, after like one hour later lecture finish and everybody pack his or her bag, we started greeting each other because it has been long we saw each other, though not all of continue here like Mercy wey they travel weekend am telling you guys if i they remember Mercy e they be like say them they use something jam me for heart.

After the class i decided to wait and buy report book and manual for practical, the lecturer office they back of the laboratory as i go there people too many so i decided to wait at the back seat and charge my phone, the girl Adaeze was nowhere to be found after that lecture i nor see her again, no be say i they eye her oh but i wan just make sure say all those bad guys never corner her go one side because i nor trust those Aba guys at all, was charging my phone and playing game at the same time.

Now let me explain my school for you, we have three big buildings with laboratory for chemistry, physics and biology practical separately, only we science student have access to the lab, we do normally study in normal class only when we have borrowed course, na ND we get many borrowed course like small business unit, citizenship, calculus and other mumu course, i wonder wetin science student they use those mumu courses they do oh?

As people don they reduce for the lecturer office small small i join the remaining ones wey they wait for line, after ten minutes e remain only me. i entered the office only to see madam Adaeze seated there like a madam.

Me: good afternoon sir.

Lect: errh Oz how are you?

Me: am fine how’s the family?

Lect: they are very fine, how was IT?

Me: fine sir.

Lect: we will know that in time of defending.

Me: we go defend am?

Lect: no una go offend am.

Me: okay sir i want to buy manual and report book.

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Lect: manual has finish you have to wait till next week oh unless you will buy the report book now.

Me: no i will buy everything together.

Lect: this practical we just did now you will submit it next tomorrow oh.

Me: but sir we dont have manual na.

Lect: but you jot something down.

Me: yes sir.

Lect: then use what you jotted down, you are in HND now so dont expect much things in the manual lik ND.

Me: na wa oh, what of people wey never come?

Lect: na their own be that, infact am doing it to punish them.

Me: okay oh na wa sha.

Lect: na really na wa, are you buying the report book or not?

Me: i will buy it of course.

Lect: better make you nor go spend the money (the lecturer is very friendly, he can joke with you today till tommorow he wont tire)

He brought out a book and told me to write down my name, i did so and gave him the money, he told me to come by four o clock for report book, na wa oh this man no want make i go house be that oh wey e be say i be wan go house go sleep na im they tell me say make i wait more four hours, hmmmm i dont have any choice sha.

I left his office and stared at Adaeze one more time, oh gosh she’s d–n beautiful i wonder wetin she they find for our lecturer office, i left his office and the laboratory and head to the first building, i entered the room and climb the stairs to multipurpose hall, i located one seat and i sat down there charging my phone.

I brought out the HND form and started filling it after filling it i put them on my bag and took my phone to whatsapp, i saw my friend Blessing online and she was asking me about the lecture, i told her it was fine and we are submitting report on wednessday, she started begging me to come to her house so that she will copy what i jotted down, i didnt want to go but after she told me that she will cook rice with pepper and bonga fish omo i gat no choice than to go pay her a visit oh.

Around three thirty exactly i went to the lecturer office again and this time the report book was ready, he gave me one and i bought another one for blessing self, i wrote down her full name on the book and disappeared from his office around after four, i left the school and headed to blessing house, i hope no Adanna this time.