ADANNA Season 2 Episode 10


I didn’t know she was even pregnant, that means na enjoy she go enjoy for this one year IT but she still fine sha no doubt.

Me: how far (i said as i approach her).

Faith: i they oh how your people?

Me: fine fine oya make we commot for road first.

Faith: okay.

I took the big ghana must go bag and also carry the small echolac bag, she only took her small handbag, i dont want her to stress herself, we crossed the road together and journey to her house, of course i told you guys her house is not that far from my house, we gist along the way we talk about her IT and my own too, i always like her because shes always nice and cool.

We reach her house and she open the door and we enter.

Faith: thank you very much dear.

Me: no wahala but you get cleanup to do oh (for sure everywhere is dusting and dirty).

Faith: yes and i go they do am jeje no haste.

Me: but how far about the stomach how come, you marry?

Faith: i know say you go ask that question.

Me: for sure na you be my sister and you be my responsibilty.

Faith: no worry we go talk but no be now at least make i rest small.

Me: no wahala make a go house i go return tomorrow for full gist.

Faith: gist for wetin abeg they go joor ameboy.

Me: hahaha take care dear.

I left her alone and i was thinking what happen, Faith no be person wey i know say she they waka waka she be cool gentle girl so how come she’s now pregnant? hmmm this is confusing though is not my business oh but i believe i deserve the right to know because people go ask me for school wetin happen, many people know say we be one because of say we come from the same state.

I got home and warmed my food, i eat the eba wey remain and entered my bed and slept, my phone woke me up around eight in the night, i looked at the screen and i saw my love.

Me: hello dear how we they?

Mercy: am fine oh just arranging my things oh.

Me okay.

Mercy: you don eat?

Me: yes what about you?

Mercy: food they fire i will eat later.

Me: okay make sure you eat before you sleep oh.

Mercy: yes sir,

Me: alright na make i go back to sleep.

Mercy: alright dear. I cut the call and continue my sleep.

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I dreamt that somebody was pursueing me in my dreams with fire when the person wanted to catch me, i woke up only to see thats its a dream, i looked at the time and its seven in the morning, waoh na which kind sleep i come sleep like that na?

I stood up to brush my teeth and also took my bath before i they do everything finish eight don sharp, i wore my clothes and rushed to school, i reach school and head to our science laboratory sharp sharp, i saw my fellow mate having lecture already, i was surprise because i taught the lesson will start next week not knowing that they have already started, i rush to the admin block to collect the form for HND come see as the woman come they do small small, i wish i know na to enter class and later come collect the form na im for make sense pass oh.

After good thirty minutes the woman answer me and i collected the form and rush to the lab, i pass back enter the lab so that our lecturer no go see me, they are doing practical wey i nor understand, of course i wont understand it because i was late, i met my friend Emma and collected his note them never write many things, e be like na introduction them still they do about equipment in the lab and how to maintain them, i was surprise because they taught us those things in ND i wonder why them they repeat am oh.

i wrote the note finish and return it to the guy, seat no they again so i just perch for near window, the class was going on smoothly and i believe everybody was enjoying it like me when somebody distracted the lecturer, somebody walked in, a very beautiful girl with fine curve that you can compare with toolz, she must be between 17 and 18, she came in and gree6t the lecturer, na so all of us they look her,.

Lecturer: you want to see me?

Lady: no sir i want to know if this is HND1 (see trouble oh na lecturer she go go ask?).

Me: yes this is HND1.

Lady: okay thanks sir, am new here thats why am asking.

Lecturer: oh this is your first time?

Lady: yes sir.

I dont know whats wrong with our lecturer if na another person him for don dismiss am because him no they like interruption when teaching.

Lecturer: welcome, look for a seat to sit down.

Lady: okay thanks sir.

She look us wey they look her since, as she they waka commot the lecturer call her back.

Lecturer: whats your name by the way?

Lady: Adaeze sir.

Lecturer: what is the meaning of Adaeze? (our lecturer na yoruba man)

Adaeze: princess of the king

Lecturer: nice name so your dad is a king?

Adaeze: no my mother is a queen.