ADANNA Episode 9


1:00 A.m in the night i dont know how she know, but i believe God is trying to reveal to her that am in trouble.

Me: mercy

mercy: yes dear.

Me: forget about the dream nothing will happen to me, (yes i believe with adanna am save) but there is something i need to tell you.

Mercy: no we cant forget about the dream, tomorow lets fast together and pray, what is it that you want to tell me?

Me: dont worry i will tell you everything in school, is not something we can discuss on phone because i want to see you face to face and tell you.

Mercy: ok no problem we will see in school, and by the way why are you not asleep?

Me: am watching film.

Mercy: you and film eh una be like twince, anyway goodnight i love you. I cut the call, but i knew she will call back, she did but i ignored, she called like six times before she gave up. She was right about the film, i remember that time wey i dey six years, when i go dey enjoy my sleep in the night, my elder brother go carry me from bed go parlour put me for stool make i sit down dey watch late night movie, no where to rest my head so i dont have any choice than to focus on the film, for school the next day when them go dey talk about film, na me go be the narrator, i remember that time wey i mention five element of ninja for inside class, our teacher flog me for buttock five times.

Meanwhile adanna was looking at me, she brought out somethings from her bag and start mixing them together.

Adanna: so you want to tell her face to face.

Me: yes when we started i told her i love you face to face, so i will also end it face to face.

Adanna: hmmm she wont take it lightly.

Me: its expected, what are you doing?

Adanna: trying to mix medicine together for your head.

Me: haha am not taking that, i will rather go to a pharmacy and get myself medicine.

Adanna: trust me this one works better.

Me: how do you know how to mx it, you didnt tell me your father is a native doctor (i joke). She paused for some minutes then she continue mixing.

Adanna: i dont have a father, am all alone in this world.

Me: waoh, am sorry what happen to your family?

Adanna: i dont have any family.

Me: what do you mean?

She finish mixing the medicine, gave it to me to drink, the substance look greenish black, i look at her, she signal her head for me to drink it so i did, the thing taste like white chalk.

Adanna: so you really want to know me.

Me: yes of course.

Adanna: ok no problem but anything you see you bear it, by 6pm this evening come outside your compound and stay there.

Me: stay there and do what.

Adanna: just stay there.

Me: what will i be looking for?

Adanna: you willl know when you see it, time for me to start going.

Me: this night, why dont you wait till morning.

Adanna: i have something to do at home, but before i go, lets bring our soul together, she said laying me on the bed like a pregnant woman, she sat ontop of me, she draw my nicker and boxer downward, she rub my d**k make sure is hard enough for action, she remove her clothes and wanted to put my d**k inside her, i object.

Me: wait, use condom.

Adanna: no condom today

Me: but… She close my mouth with her lips use her right hand to insert it inside her and f**k me slowly.

I woked up around 7am in the morning, no sign of adanna, my mysterious girlfriend, my head don dey heal small small, maybe that medicine works afterall, i took my phone and dial her number even though i knew say e go dey switch off, but e ringed, i was flabbergasted because na the first time be this wey her phone dey ring, she pick.

Adanna: hello durling.

Me: good morning hornie.

Adanna: how was your night?

Me: fanstastic all thanks to you.

Adanna: and how is your head?

Me: getting better all thanks to you too, but when did you leave?

Adanna: am sorry i didnt want to disturb your sleep, i left around 5.

Me: ok hornie, so what are you doing?

Adanna: just trying to put my room in order.

Me: should i come and help?

Adanna: that would be better because i seriously need help.

Me: eyaah am sorry but i have class today, stb212 precisely.

Adanna: no problem darling, just memorize a typical example of rain forest savanna.

Me: i know that and i can even draw it.

Adanna: good.

Me: did you study ecology?

Adanna: why do you ask?

Me: because rain forest is a topic under ecology.

Adanna: well i know more about ecology than you can imagine.

Me: hmmm the way you dey talk dey baffle me sometimes, where did you school self?

Adanna: i will tell you everything today dont worry ok.

Me: no problem take care let me get ready for school.

Adanna: alright bye.

Me: love you.

Adanna: love you more.

I ended the call, i went out to brush my teeth, i took 200 naira and went to buy two indomie and egg, i cooked the indomie and kept it on the table to cool, i took my jerican went out and fetch water, then i took my bath, ate my indome, wear my clothes, took my bag, spray my perfume and set out for school.

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On my way to school i decided to branch my edo sister house close to school in umuojima road, i went to her house and knock.

Faith: who is there?

Me: na me oziegbe.

Faith: come in.

Me: ogbe (how far)

Faith: ofure (fine)

Me: uha’yi school? (wont you go school) ofure: me’le oh ( i will go)

Me: okay wetin you go cook this evening?

Faith: i wan cook black soup but money no dey for obstacle(fish)

Me: how much you want for the obstacle.

Faith: like 500 naira.

I gave it to her and told her that i will come in the evening with cooler to collect my share, i left her and thus she told me she will join me in school later. My phone ring i picked it.

Me: hello

Mercy: sweetie what happen last night (she never even greet good morning self).

Me: what happen as in?

Mercy: you didnt pick my call again after i told you i love you.

Me: am on my way to school, we will discuss when i reach.

Mercy: please be fast because i really need answers cause am confuse.

Me: na which room una dey.

Mercy: in room 102.

I enter school and head straight to room 102 i went to the back seat and sat there with everywhere noisy i sighted mercy at one corner alone, flipping through her note.

Guy 1: oh boy cultist para for my area yersterday night oh.

Guy 2: na so i hear, i hear say none of them survive.

Guy 3: na lie na blackass kill buca i even hear say they cut their leader head commot hang am for poll

Guy 1: yes when we come out the head hang for poll na we even call police, , hmm na wa oh, but the others no even sustain any cut for their body, but they just dey lifeless like people wey them draw their soul commot for their body.

Jesus christ so those guys were killed, i need to call adanna and ask her what happen, everywhere dey noisy we dey wait for our lecturer, then mercy came over to my side.

Mercy: good morning ( with strong face)

me: morning, how are you doing.

Mercy: am not fine, what is going on you are acting weird.

Me: please lets talk after class.

Mercy: no i demand to know now because you are hurting me.

Me: see lecturer will soon come in lets just wait after class.

Mercy: no tell me now (she shouted getting impatient)

me: calm down na see you are drawing audience (she look around and saw everybody starring at us)

Mercy: “i dont care about them just tell me what is it?” I was dumb she has already started crying she stood up looking me straight in the eyes. “Ozes are you breaking up with me?” She ask, oh yeah she read my mind well because i have never behave like that before, if i want to tell her something she will ask me once and i will open up, but this one too heavy for my mouth to talk.

Mercy: tell me are you breaking with me? She asked again with all eyes on us.

Me: am sorry mercy. Gboooaaaaii a heavy slap enter my chick, she took her bag and storm out of the class crying, on her way out she met our lecturer coming, she just pass without even greeting him

lecturer: whats wrong with her.

Course rep: shes not feeling fine sir. waoh at last its over i was happy she took the word out of my mouth, i was a little bit relief, but i nor fit concentrate for study again so i just took escuse and left.

It is regrettably dubious that a girl with a character equivalent with holy mary have to go like that, and guys to tell you the truth i didnt feel guilty about it, me wey e be say i nor dey use eye see or use ear hear say mercy dey cry, na me come hurt her like this na, chai na God go punish satan.

I went to library to try and read so at least my coming to school no go be total waste but for where, i nor even fit read, i sat down for library dey reminisce over the whole matter, i stay in the library for more than 1 hour doing nothing, then blessing walk in, she looked around, she saw me at the extreme end close to the window, she walk over to my side smiling, she went to sit opposite me close to the wall, nobody dey back na only two of us, then i receive a test.

“hello boo what are you thinking about, is it about u and mercy”? I reply her.

“how that one take concern you” she replied.

“come on i just want to cheer you up, i dont like seeing you sad” i replied.

“and how do you plan to do that, by reminding me about mercy abi? She replied.

“ok look over here” i look at her and she open her legs wide, waoh see her fine pinky pant with her fresh lap like turkey am telling you guys that her leg dey shake ikebe (lol). I replied.

“f–k you” she replied.

“you already did and would you like to do it again?” i replied.

“naughty girl, i think say you be holy mama before” she replied.

“yes for other people mind i be holy mary, but for your side am not” i replied.

“Hmmm dont know what to say” she replied.

“follow me” she got up and start moving to the admin, i followed her, she sign out and i did too. She waited for me outside.

Blessing: so na wetin happen between you and mercy, she said as we walk out of the school.

Me: we broke up.

Blessing: why, what happend.

Me: i dont know, can we change the topic please?

Blessing: okay if you say so,

Me: so what happen in class?

Blessing: nothing much just revision things.

Me: what topic?

Blessing: Rainforest.

Me: okay no problem, so where are we going.

Blessing: to my place of course.

Me: no am going home, i need to sleep.

Blessing: come on you can sleep at my place, beside i cook your favorite.

Me: then lets move fast na, she laugh and we continue gisting till we reach her house, she open the door and offered me a seat.

Me: abeg give me food make i chop first before any other thing.

Blessing: you and food eeh, na God go save you oh.

She served me food, i started eating while she undress in my front, she put on a seductive dress that showed her laps and breast, she put on music and started dancing, she will shake her ass then turn and face me and use her right hand to point me in a seductive way, then she will put her index finger in her mouth and lick it. Oboy this girl is tempting, i finished the food sharp sharp, drank water while i continued watching her, she dance so well like maggie q in naked weapon when she wanted to kill her first target.

She knelt down and crawled to me like nicodemus when God change him to an animal, as she attempt to plant a hot kiss on my lips me i don close my eye finish set my mouth to receive the kiss then a thunderous slap from nowhere landed on her chicks, i open my eye and saw her in bed holding two of her teeth with her left hand and her right hand on her chicks, with blood gushing out from her mouth.