ADANNA Episode 27


I dropped the bag on the table and lie ontop of adanna.

Adanna: whats inside the bag durling.

Me: i dont know, but i believe its my property, i started kissing her, using my left hand to rub her left boob, but she wasnt interested again.

Adanna: come on check what’s inside the bag.

Me: oh forget about it after we are through i will check it,,,. I said as i gave her a wet kiss, pulling her tongue out of her mouth and s—–g it like vampire, i continue kissing her, smoching her, rubbing her, but one thing is disturbing, there is something in that bag, thats making her lose her concentration, i stopped what i was doing and look her in the face and ask.

Me: whats wrong sweet why are you not concentrating?

Adanna: i dont know i feel something bad is coming, i try to see it clearly, but a dark cloud is covering it,.

Me: ok then clear the dark cloud out of the way na, and focus na.

Adanna: thats it, i cant focus because of you, if i try to focusing, you will distract me.

Me: ok i wont disturb you again, so try and focus because i love you so much and i cant risk anything happening to my darling angel,.

She sat up, cross her leg like muslim, and join her palms together as if shes praying, i didnt disturb her, she stay like that for 30 minutes, then she look at me and said.

Adanna: i still cant see it.

Me: then forget about it, nothing will happen, after all you said only one thing can kill us, right?

Adanna: yes, but sometimes miraculous things do happen.

Me: miraculous things like what.

Adanna: miraculous things likeeee……..(she pause for sometimees lookup and said) check the bag.

I quickly stood up and open the small bag, i saw my wristwatch that i bought for her, my 2 android phones, my beautiful handkie (that handkie before she carry am she fight me well well because the handkie thick and fine) and one olive oil, when she saw the olive oil she said.

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Adanna: miraculous things like that ( standing up with hands akimbo ),

Me: what do you want me to do with it?

Adanna: go and throw it away of course, if possible burn it. I took the olive oil outside i look at the cover and saw that the olive oil is not a sealed one, maybe mercy open it, i throw it in a deep pit, then i return inside arrange the other things, i kept the phone in my private bag, (tommorrow i will go to st micheal and sell them) while i just throw the handkie ontop of my bed close to my laptop.

Adanna: wont you burn the handkie too.

Me: no my dear, this handkie cannot be bought in nigeria market, my sister boyfriend from UK purchase it for me, and mercy stole it from me, am even happy she return it.

Adanna: ok no problem, so far you have dispose of the oil, no wahala.

So she cross her hands on my neck in a seductive way and said,.

Adanna: now where did we stop? . .

Hmm so she dey fear the anointing oil, na wa oh, i think say she get power, now that we have thrown away the anointing oil, are we really safe? Or there is another miraculous thing i overlook.