ADANNA Episode 17


We finish our meal, and i arrange my room keeping the indomie close to the wall, i raised my curtain up because of the heat, i closed my door and lock it with padlock meanwhile my heart sit at the edge of my bed looking at me in a mysterious way, she started moving her head left and right slowly like say she want eat me, then she crawl to where i stood, she remove my nicker, brought my d**k out and start s—–g, waoh i didnt see that coming, i think say she want chop me, she s–ked me hard then stood up ontop my bed, draw me closer to her, she face the wall, with all her body touching the wall still ontop of my bed, then she bend her ass and said “enter me” omo, see free visa.

I quickly remove her pant and raise her skirt up, i

She f***d me for close to 11minutes before we both came, omo see sweat, she layed on my body, then from nowhere i look and saw my fan rotating, without light, it started slowly then e start going faster, faster and faster till i slept i nor know wetin happen.

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I dey our road wey we dey follow go farm for edo state, with me, i took 30 balls of black stone and a catapult only me dey waka gently, e be like say i dey go farm something like that, but am not with cutlass or hole, i just took only catapult, i put the catapult around my neck, while i blow weesow like willow.

I continue to nowhere in particular, i saw one big bird, i took my catapult and shoot it, remaining 29 stone, i saw another black bird i shoot again and i miss, thats how i continue shooting till e remain 15 black stone, then i walk to a mountain and started looking for birds to kill, i waited for 2 hours no bird, then on the south i saw a white dove coming, like the one from my dream coming towards me, i wanted to shoot at it, but something tells me to hold on, the bird continue flying toward my direction, then from nowhere another big golden bird came and smash the white dove.

The white dove manage to fly away and landed on a desert, the dove tried to standup but was took weak, then the golden bird flew to where the dove was, i ran down from the mountain to view everything clearly, when i got down, i saw the golden bird wanted to pin down the white dove, then from nowhere tears started falling down my chicks, the golden bird look back and saw me crying, then the bird flew away, then i went to meet the dove, i look at the bleeding feather, i took tathered rope from the ground and tied the feather, then i throw the dove up and it flew away to the south then i woke up

I woke up sweating, i looked my side no sign of adanna, i looked up and the fan no dey rotate again, then i took my phone and called her number, first she didnt pick, the second rang and she picked.

Me: hello sweetheart.

Adanna: my durling why are up so early?

Me: well i had a mysterious dream, but why did you leave i thought you will spend the night.

Adanna: thats what i thought too, but i had to take care of something, anyway i will call you later, bye for now love u. She cut the call, i didnt understand the dream at all, so i lay on my bed, after 20 minutes my phone rang, i look the caller unknown number, i pick it

me: hello

caller: hi am i speaking with ozila (girl voice)

me: yeah you are on with ozila, to whom am i speaking with please

caller: am anita, mercy’s neighbour.

Me: so how may i help you

Anita: am calling you on behalf of mercy.

Me: uhun what happen to mercy.

Anita: she had an accident this evening when returning from anambra.

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Me: what?

Anita: yes she had an accident.

Me: how? when?? where???

Anita: she was coming back from her journey when the accident occured.

Me: so where is she now and i hope is not critical?

Anita: she’s at home here, no is not critical.

Me: didnt she go to hospital?

Anita: she did, but shes back home now,.

Me: well why didnt she call me?

Anita: well she said you refuse to pick her calls.

Me: ok am on my way.

I stood up, wear my clothes sharpaly and burst out of my room, wait! I forgot something, i went back carry my chain and put it on my neck, then i catapult myself to mercy’s house at midnight. Does this relate with my dream, because i’ve always been seeing that dove in my dream, and the first time i saw it, she changed to mercy, and who is the golden bird, i dont understand, because i know adanna cannot do something like that, she cannot, no she cannot, but what if she’s responsible, can i do anything? No.

I continued disturbing my head with the whole issue, then something struck me “what am i even going to do in her house self, her friend said the accident is not critical” then i turn and started going back home, on my way back i saw two people like lovers holding their hands, coming out from a pharmacy, then i remember when i was ill when mercy use her money to go and buy drug almost 3000 naira for me, i look back and i look front, i check my wallet and i saw small money, i went inside the pharmacy and purchase body pain medicine. I got to her house, i called her phone and that her friend anita pick it up, i told her am outside the gate that she should come and open the door.

After 3minutes i was inside the compound following anita from behind, we reach her room, and i knock, i heard come in, so i open the room and saw my little angel lying down with bandage on her head, immediately she saw me she stood up surprisely and ask.

Mercy: where did you get that chain from?(pointing at it)

Me: i got it from my friend.

Mercy: but i told you not to collect any chain from anybody.

Me: come on relax, i just came to see how u are doing and you have already started bubbling, i got the chain from my lover, not just my lover but the love of my life. gboooaai a heavy slap landed on my face

mercy: how can you be so stupid, are you so blinded with love that you cant think straight, do you know what that chain mean.

Me: since you are not in your right mind, let me start going.

I dropped the drugs on her table and as i was about to go out she said.

Mercy: you are dying ozes, the chain is a 30 days incarnation. that caught my attention so i stop, i turn back.

Me: how do you know that?

Mercy: God reveal it to me in a dream, that was why i tried to call you but u didnt pick, how long have been putting it on

me: 15 days now.

Mercy: ozes, you have 15 days more to live, that girl has bewitch you, dont you see she is a witch gbooooaii, i landed a thundrous slap on her face and she fell down (i nor even mind say she get accident): dont ever talk to my adanna that way in my present, she’s my love and i dont care if i die or not, so far am with her am satisfied. I said as i storm out of the room, she just shake her head in disbelief.