A Cry For Love Episode 8



“Doctor is she going to be okey?” I asked the doctor after seeing him coming from the ward where my mother was.

“Yes, she will be okey my dear. Your father is in there right now and I can tell you certainly that she will recover though it might take a little bit of time” he explained with a smile I felt relieved.

“Oh, thank God this is a relief” I told him honestly and watched him leave before I went to Join Sam seated on the bench.

“What did he say?” he asked me as I sat next to him.

“She will be fine though it might take time, her leg has a small crack and with her age, the doctor said it will take a bit of time for her to stand straight on her feet. Her wounds outside will heal faster though” I quickly narrated the explanation and he too sighed in relief.

“Well thank God. That bas***d will hear from me, he was lucky I had concentrated on rushing mom here and I let the police get to him first, what is wrong with people, drinking this time of the day?” Sam spat angrily I patted his leg to calm him down.

“Don’t worry yourself too much, she will be okey.”

“By the way your girl called and I told her what happened to mom, she must be on her way here” he handed me the phone I grabbed it and before I could call back, I saw Ketty and Sera rushing to where we sat.

“Baby! Am so sorry, how is mom? What happened really? Is she going to be okey?” she asked one question after the other.

“Yes, yes baby, she will be okey. The doctors said she will recover eventually though she is still being observed for a couple of days or so to help her with the small crack on her knee bone.”

“My God! That is a relief, I was so sick worried, where is she now? Can we see her?” Ketty looked around stepping away from me.

“Yes you can go in now” My father is the one that responded walking from my back I turned to look at him.

“Go on and see her, she asked for you Mario and since Ketty is here too, she had mentioned your names.” My father shrugged and we wasted no time walking in to see mother. She lay there her eyes half closed and beamed up in a smile seeing me walk in which faded the moment Ketty walked up front following me.

“Hey mom, how are you feeling?” Ketty found her voice first and smiled at mom who shook her head.

“Am very much in pain, my legs hurts so much I cannot bear it. I don’t think you two will get married this Saturday. There is no way my son is marrying without my presence” my mother uttered without giving both of us a chance to say a thing.

“what?” was the first word that came from Ketty`s mouth and am sure she regretted it the moment she realized how my mother eyed her.

“am, sorry mom, but how can we cancel the wedding when all the things have been set, the venue, the cakes, the dance group and the food, let’s just say everything is in place. We cannot just cancel it” she tried to reason with her and I nodded my head to support her.

“She is right mother, the doctors said you will be okey, we will have someone push you even on a wheel chair for you to be present, it’s not a big deal you know” I added holding her hand and she pushed my hands away,

“You don’t care about me anymore Mario, am sick, I was hit by the drunkard fool and my legs are so much in pain I cannot even move. I have bruises all over my body and all you can think of is your stupid wedding? Go out of here then stop pretending you care for me! It’s alright my husband and son will take care of me you go on and get married whilst I rot in the hospital bed” my mother started crying her eyes filled up I felt guilty,

“Mom please, it’s not like that, you know I love you. Please don’t do this to me, please” I begged her sitting down beside her Ketty remained standing her face truly sad I felt bad my mother was pushing me too much.

“I have not stopped you from getting married Mario, all am asking is that you wait till am well enough to walk to your wedding, it’s a big day in my life and I need to be there in good health. I cannot guarantee I will walk in 3 days you know, but since you insist, go on and get married without me” she added and looked away.

I tried to talk her out of it but as stubbornness was her nature, she refused to bless me and let me get married. Ketty wiped her tears and walked closer to my mother I looked at her and held her hand to comfort her. The look in her eyes made me feel uncomfortable my mother was too harsh on her.

“Mom, am sorry that you are hurt, I know this will be a big loss on our part but we will postponed the wedding till you are well. I want to marry your son with your blessings and I cannot go against a mother`s wish.” She spoke and I stood up to her.

“No, baby come on we cannot cancel the wedding.” I shook my head but she shrugged dismissingly,

“We need her blessings baby and if what it takes is to wait till mom is fine, then its fine by me” she swallowed hard I saw she was almost crying,

“Thank you Ketty, I appreciate you understand my pain” my mother looked at her and back at me.

“Ketty can I talk to my mother alone?” I asked her and she walked out leaving us. I looked at my mother who was watching her leave and turned to look at me.

“What is going on mother?” I finally asked her seeing how pleased her face was.

“What do you mean? You cannot see am injured and needs healing?” she responded carelessly,

“You know what I mean mother, what is wrong with you? Why are you bent on hurting my fiancé? “I asked this time seriously.

“Look here Mario, that girl is a spoiled brat, she is rich and all but she is not good for you, haven’t you heard of how badly her family ended? You want the same for yourself huh?” my mother frowned.

“no, stop with that mother, I have known Ketty for over 2 years and she is nothing of what you say about her, she is a decent woman with morals, she does not boast about her wealth and she is hard working. What is it now? All she has done since I introduced her to you is try to impress you even when you push her so hard” I lamented but by mother shook her head.

“you cannot see it because you are blinded by what you think is love, come on Mario, every person is something from her family and that girl’s true colors will one day come out. Just…”

“Enough mom, huh! Enough! what is this? Am going to marry Ketty on Saturday with or without your blessings, just get well soon am leaving now” I stood up and stormed out ignoring her call for me to go back in.

Ketty was standing outside besides her car the time I went out her friend close to her she was whispering something I could not clearly get.

“baby, am sorry about that back there, don’t mind her though, we are not going to wait for anyone, everything is set and the wedding is on this Saturday” I stood in front of her trying to loosen her hands which were folded to hold her.

“Mario, we cannot get married like this, no. your mother has spoken so we shall do as she wants I love you so much Yes, but if we have to live better lives together it’s important we have everyone on board with one heart for us to be together.” she cried her tears falling her cheeks I hugged her close.

“No baby, we are not …”

“Enough, Mario please! We both know whatever your mother means to do will pass so just drop it, let’s call the people we can manage to get in touch with and inform them about the changes, we can try negotiate with the venue owners for a push up of dates and other things too” she added sniffing in her friend kept shaking her head.

“Mario, just drop it already, just try to sort this out the two of you and find the way forward” Sera looked at me.

“will see you later Ketty, let me get to the matron`s and tell her you will talk to her later and let the dancing guys go back.” she patted Ketty’s hand and walked away after Ketty nodded her head to agree with her.

We drove to her house our vehicles following each other. Sitting inside the house, we both were silent each one lost in thoughts.

“Baby am so sorry about…” I almost spoke but she raised her hand at me.

“it’s okey, we will start making calls this minute and see how we can push things forward” She spoke trying to sound okey but I knew she wasn’t.

An hour later we argued until we decided to push it forward by two months, the main reason was that the weeks after our set wedding date were all taken at the venue, so we decided to get the only free day after 2 months, of which we thought was okey since by then we assumed my mother would be well enough to attend.

I was disappointed with my own mother but I didn’t want to get married with people having different undesirable thoughts. I wanted all things well done and my father later on told me to hang on as mom wanted, he told me his effort to reason with her had failed and since that was my last hope, we all settled for another date.

“Thank you for understanding my Son, am sorry with how I reacted to your girlfriend but since you two love each other, am not going to stop your marriage only that I want to be there when my first born son gets married” My mother smiled that evening when I went to check on her.

“Mom, she is not my girlfriend, she is my fiancé, my wife to be and the minute you decide to look at her that way the better for all of us. “ I shook my head at her.

To be continued