A Cry For Love Episode 5



Looking out the window as I drove back home, my thoughts were fixed on what Mario had told me. I was not the so jealousy type of a person but the look in my Mario`s eyes as he talked about the girl he helped made me worry a little bit.

“Baby, you should have seen this girl, she is so desperate, and she is so broken I could see she has been through so much. What amazed me the most is that she didn’t seem proud of me helping her. It was like she wanted to do things on her own but was at the same time fixed in a corner” He explained.

“Well, there is a lot of things going on around us my baby, but what can we do, you have done your part to help that woman and am sure God will bless you for that.” I smiled at him not really asking who this woman was or what was wrong with her. All I knew was he helped a sick woman to the hospital.

‘Hey so how did the birthday party go? Am sorry I messed it up leaving before it was over after you put in so much to help make it.” he had apologized Kissing my hands.

“Anything for my man, its bad you didn’t tell me where you went but am glad you are here now. So how does being 32 feel like?” I chuckled as we relaxed in his mother`s couch I got comfortable forgetting where I was.

“Well, I don’t feel anything different. Only that am getting married in days” he laughed softly.

“Oh yeah, may I know to whom?” I teased him and he pulled me closer kissing my lips the loud clearing of the throat by someone broke us up. We looked upon to see who it was just to be met by his mother.

“Mom” Mario sighed standing up to her, I bow my head in shame, something about his mother always made me feel uncomfortable so I lowered my eyes to avoid looking into her obviously disapproving eyes.

“What is going on here? You have made my house yours now?” his mother asked staring at me.

“Am sorry mom” I quickly apologized and she clicked her tongue.

“Rich kids” she murmured and I saw Mario squeeze her hand to stop her. But it was too late the damage had already been done. I stood up pretending I didn’t hear her and walked away.

“That girl has no manners at all. The problem with people who have money they never teach their children manners. “I could hear her speak as I walked away but Mario stopped her.

“Mother, say another word and am out of here.” he warned and I rushed out not wanting to hear any more.

Later on we parted ways and here I was driving home.

The moment I opened the front door to go in my phone rung and I noticed It was a strange number, not even the true caller app could identify it so I waited for it to ring till it almost cut before answering it.

“Hello” I answered and stayed silent to hear the voice of another person.

“Halo, it’s me” the person on the other end responded.

“Just tell me who are you. Am I supposed to know you?” I snapped putting my frustration on the person on the other end.

“Am Chisomo.” The voice responded and I stopped in my steps, throwing the keys to the car on the bar table and taking a stool.

“Chisomo?” I asked, not that I didn’t know who she was but I wanted to be sure the right person had called me. Before she could answer the line cut and I sighed redialing it. She responded on the second ring and apologized she run out of air time.

“Chisomo, I never expected a call from you” I told her as a matter of fact.

“Yeah I know, I didn’t expect to call either. But I need the money Ketty. My mother is dying and I need money. Is it too late?” she asked me and I paused for a while trying to check if she was being serious. I had started following another girl the past weeks, but in my heart I felt Chisomo could be the best person.

“What made you change your mind?” I asked her instead.

“Well, like I told you, my mother is very sick and I have tried this whole time to find money but I have failed. Am ready to give you and your husband a child” she explained.

“Well then, meet me tomorrow if you are serious we will talk about it and see the way forward”

“Yes, okey then, where do we meet?” she asked me and I told her it would be okey for her to come to my house so we discuss the way forward at length.

The following day, I informed Mario about the meeting I would have with Chisomo. As always he told me to do what I wanted.

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“Mom, am going to do what that woman asked, she gave me her line and I think its time we considered getting some money for your medicine.” I told my mother after the stranger dropped us at the hospital. The doctor told me if they didn’t operate on her any time soon, I would lose my mother.

So here I was trying to get her to allow me to do as Ketty had asked.

“Chisomo, listen to me. Am not sure what makes you think the only way to get me well is to sacrifice your life for mine, I will not allow you to subject your body to that, giving birth to a child that you will never have? In order to have money?” my mother shook her head.

She went on telling me how hard it would be for me to let go of my child and warned me it was not only immoral but a sin to fornicate. After hours of debating, I just told her it was okey and she assumed I was letting it go so I called Ketty to let her know I was going to do it. I was totally scared of the decision I made but I could not think of any other way of having to save my mother`s life.

I stood in front of a black gate in Woodlands after knocking with a stone, it was silent I was even thinking of going back when the gate opened and a man stood there looking at me from head to toe. From his clothing and altitude, I could tell he was the servant / worker.

“What do you want?” he asked his voice cold I felt so useless.

“Am here to see Ketty” I told him without minding his altitude. He walked back in locking the gate in my face.

“What is wrong with you John? You treat people like I don’t know.” I heard Ketty`s voice from inside and the moment I raised my head to look at her after the gate opened again, she smiled widely and softened her face.

“Am so sorry dear, I should have told John you were coming. Please come in” she ushered me in and I slowly walked in front of her and looked around the nicely done pavers and the surrounding. I wondered if that was her parent`s house or her fiancé`s arguing to myself as to why a rich person would want a poor woman like myself to give them a child.

“What is to miss with all this? What does this woman want a child for?” I whispered in my heart and she looked at me opening the front door for me to enter. Apart from the nice house she had and the great interior, what caught my attention the more was a photo of an old man hanging on the wall, it wasn’t the only one as I noticed two more photos of the same man in the room.

“Your father?” I asked seeing the resemblance, as a way of starting a conversation with her.

“Yes” she chuckled proudly I could see the light in her eyes as she followed my gaze to look at the photos.

“You must be great together, I see the way you smile at the mention of his name. You love him so much huh?” I asked.

“He died 10 years ago” she announced catching me unaware I opened my mouth surprised.

“Oh dear, am so sorry. I didn’t know I thought…”

“it’s okey, it’s been years you know but I miss him. So let’s begin” she changed the subject.

“Yeah sure, so how are we going to do this?” I asked her.

‘Well am not sure you will keep the end of the bargain after I give you the money you need since it seems you want a down payment for your mother`s medication. So here is what we do, you get to spend a night with my fiancé before we get married. In that way I will trust this will be done as planned” she told me and my heart raced as I realized what I was getting myself into.

“What? Any problem now?” she asked seeing how uneasy I had become.

“Yes I have heard you, so when can I get the first payment so I pay for my mother’s surgery and medicine?” I asked her just to get over it already.

“Well first things first, when was your last period?” she asked

“About 6 to 7 days ago, why?”

“Well that is good, we can get you pregnant during this period then. Let me just warn you to keep our promise. You will not tell anyone of this and you will be staying with me in this house till you give birth, my husband and I have decided to stay in this house after our marriage and so will you. For nine months, if at all you will get pregnant. you will stay inside and some arrangement for you to take care of your mother the moment the pregnancy starts showing will be done later on. Do we have an agreement?” she asked me and I nodded my head, hating the feel of what I was subjecting myself to.


To be continued